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May 13, 2022

The manufacture des Tabacs of Morlaix

So let me take back to my region of Brittany and something off the beaten path but worth stopping by especially as it is going thru a transformation that will be super for all to see. I have done briefs on it in my posts on Morlaix but feel now deserves a post of its own. I will be telling you about the Manufacture des Tabacs or the Tabacco Factory of Morlaix. This is a group of buildings located on the quai de Léon. And of course, Morlaix is in the Finistére dept 29 of the lovely region of Bretagne. This is an update with whole new text using same pictures. I have plenty of posts on Morlaix, so check them out.


The manufacture des Tabacs was built in four stages: the main buildings, subdivided into three groups (manufacture, stores, logis) were built between 1736 and 1740 according to the plans of Jean-François Blondel, member of the Royal Academy of Architecture. During the inter-war period, four new buildings were added, crowned by a concrete frame imitating green wood.  

A bit of old history I like

The Manufacture des Tabacs de Morlaix must be one of the oldest in France. It already existed in 1689, because there are records of the hospice, that the children of this establishment worked and made ankles for the manufacture. In 1667, the Monarchy having reserved the monopoly of the manufacture of tobacco, leased it to Sr. Jean Breton. In 1718 this monopoly returned to the general farm; it was then that it was established a factory in Morlaix.  From 1723 to 1747, the East India Company owned the tobaccos, the company was obliged to build a new building, which rose on the Quai de Leon instead called the Clos-Marant. The new Royal factory was completed in 1736-40.

Until the decree of the National Assembly, dated March 20, 1791, under the French revolution, which abolished the monopoly, recognized to all French the right to cultivate, manufacture and sell tobacco. The tobacco factory was closed and a large number of workers were out of work.  The buildings, which were almost entirely rebuilt in 1868-1871, are immense, the courtyards spacious, the workshops vast and well ventilated, but the whole is without architectural character.

The Manufacture des Tabacs produces snuff, chew and smoke until the dawn of the 21C. The advent of the steam induces the construction of new premises between 1868 and 1871. Four other buildings surmounted by a concrete frame, called “the Cathedral”, are erected between the two wars.  At the height of its activity, around 1880, the Manu employs more than 1,800 people. First manual (hence the name of Manufacture), the production is mechanized from the late 19C. Machines are improving and the number of jobs is decreasing. Production begins to be delocalized. It is then that a large fire seriously damages part of the site. The announced closure of the Manu was experienced here as a historical, social and economic wrench.


There is a future for all wonderful beautiful things in my belle France! Here in Morlaix is tops !

The Manufacture des Tabacs that for 250 years was a main motor of fabrication of cigars etc, today it is undergoing renovations for a whole new start with the arts in mind,  A reconversion project was created under SEW . In order to make this project feasible, work is needed to rehabilitate 3600 m2 of this historic monument. This site also includes the restoration of 14 preserved machines and 12 mills to grate as well as the creation of an attractive scenography, Including the installation of “Espace des Sciences”, a unique science center in France . This real palace of discovery will have the mission of promoting the heritage and history of the Manufacture and promoting scientific and industrial culture through exhibitions, workshops, events and conferences for all. The new SEW project stands for : The S for the cinema La Salamandre, the E & the C for the Entresort/Centre National pour la Création Adaptée and the W de Wart, producer of contemporary music and organizer of the Panoramas festival. The new cultural center of Morlaix SEW webpage :


The city of Morlaix on the tobacco factory reconversion:

The Morlaix Bay tourist office on Morlaix :

There you go folks, i hope you have the chance to stop by this wonderful town of Morlaix, we like it and have memorable moments here with the family. As said, we will return to see the Manufacture des Tabacs or Tobacco factory fully restore !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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May 13, 2022

The Blancs Sablons beach of Le Conquet!

This is beautiful seafaring area of my lovely Bretagne. I have several posts on Le Conquet, but looking into my vault do not have these pictures so,therefore, let me tell you more of the Plage Les Blancs Sablons of Le Conquet. Usually do not do a single post on a beach but this one is very nice and worth the post and detour, Hope you enjoy it as I.


The Le Conquet is in the department of Finistère 29, in the lovely region of Bretagne. The presqu’ïle de Kermorvan peninsula, connected by a very narrow isthmus to the mainland, has a fairly rugged cuminant relief at an altitude of 30 meters. The town of Le Conquet is served by the D 789 road coming from Brest, via Plougonvelin (my route), by the D 67 coming from Saint-Renan as well as the D 85 coming from the Pointe de Saint-Mathieu , Plougonvelin.


The magnificent Blancs-Sablons beach, 2.5 km long stretch of white sand extended by a dune area. Exposed to north-westerly winds, this is an excellent surf spot. There is a huge beautiful sandy beach after a long passageway of sand and wood stairs down to the beach. The nice soft white sand beach is awesome and we love it!  The Plage Les Blancs Sablons is a wild place,also conducive to swimming and fishing on foot. You can find mussels, abalones and winkles there. From the Blancs Sablons, you will have a magnificent view of the Kermorvan peninsula and in particular of Fort de l’Ilette.


At the Blancs Sablons, Vauban had to defend the beach from an attempted landing… targeting the arsenal and the city of Brest. For lack of means, the fortification started in 1689, Taking over old defensive works, it is essentially composed of palisades, entrenchments, cannon batteries and redoubts to shelter the men… These works are inspired by standard plans (for the guardhouses, hangars, stores and entrenchments …) and general recommendations established by Vauban commander of the area of Brest in 1694.


The town of Le Conquet on things to do / see:

The fav site plages tv on the Plage Les Blancs Sablons of Le Conquet :

The Iroise area tourist office on Le Conquet

There you go folks, an off the beaten path in glory seas, worth the detour to Le Conquet and the Presqu’ïle de Kermorvan. A beautiful beach of Les Blancs Sablons for all to enjoy it, One of the surprise beaches you will find in my Bretagne.

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all!!!

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