My travels in the Morbihan XCIIII

And my road warrior mentality cannot keep me at home for long. Yesterday, I went back to usual hangouts in Auray, in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of the lovely region of Bretagne in my belle France. This historical city still pretty much in the off the beaten path of many is again worth the detour, This time it was my twins 3rd virus shot and now we are all up to date!!!

Well we went out to do some groceries in the local Super U grocery store and then breads in our bakery Grossard in Pluvigner. This to do things early, And of course, the town was packed with market day. From here we went to Auray to our normal parking in Keriolet and walk to the pharmacy Audouin at 48 place de la République for my twin boys 3rd vaccine shot of the covid19 virus. This made us all up to date and clean ready to travel anywhere ! This is their chain:

Auray pharma audouin pl de la republique rappel twins apr22

While in Auray we encounter ,of course, the market which here is bigger by the place de la République and back of city hall into rue de Barre;lively day, We got to see the old covered market or halle which was under renovation , still. The merchants are spread out in town; more from the city of Auray

Auray market day by city hall apr22

Auray market day by halles apr22

Auray halles covered market renov apr22

On our way back we went by Saint Goustan port but was empty and went on to take a look at the Auray river as it passes by Saint Goustan, lovely romantic spot on the road D768 with picnic tables.

Auray D768 to St Goustan apr22

Auray D768 marshes side auray river pluneret apr22

We came back home and hungry, late lunch we had it at our favorite le Scampi pizzeria restaurant. No reservations just walk in this is the French countryside or rather Breton, We had the carbonade flamande, with a new for us ,an Italian rosé Dell Estate Trevenezie , refreshing ok, dessert of the day a crumble white chocolate, caramel sort of cake that was delicious all for less than 14 euros per person, nice ! You can see the awards as the best pizzaïolos in France! webpage:

Pluvigner le scampi resto front apr22

Pluvigner le scampi resto rosé dell estate trevenezie italian wine apr22


We reach home and after a short break we hit the continue work around the house by spreading gravels stones on our open veranda, cutting some grass, and planning our next job for the week, We plan on spreading red sand on our brick paveway for decoration, and cut the grass in front garden with the lawnmower, Summer like weather is here and we are attacking !!

The long term planning is going back to Disneyland Paris as this year is their 30th anniversary in France with many activities ,and my boys Florida natives are hook on this park, I obliged along and take Dad and Rex ,our dog as well, Right now we are looking at the Disney properties to see the deal we hook up. This is for late September as will coincide with my dear late wife Martine birthday,which the boys chose it to remember their mother as she loved Disney.

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Auray

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Pluvigner

There you go folks, a full day of activities in my dear Auray with a pleasant ending in our Pluvigner. And we are planning Disneyland Paris in a different Disney property than last year ! My boys wins !! Until then, enjoy the visit to Auray/Pluvigner!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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