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April 26, 2022

The Place de la Concorde and its beauties!!!

I, again, written before on the Place de la Concorde, but been so an integral part of Paris, it needs more from me. Anyway, I worked not far from it and my lunch walks were done here too, not to mention my civil duties having the USA Embassy just by it.  So much on its history,and things in it, but forgot that the beautiful fountains and statues needs more. Therefore, take another post from me on the Place de la Concorde and its beauties!!! Hope you enjoy it as I.

The Place de la Concorde is located at the center via the Pont de la Concorde which crosses the Seine towards the 7éme arrondissement, on the Palais Bourbon (Assamblée Nationale).  Administratively, the square itself is located in the Champs-Élysées neightborhood of which it is the eastern end. But the two buildings that border it to the north, on either side of the rue Royale, are in the Madeleine neighborhood, in the 8éme arrondissement, while the Tuileries garden which adjoins it is located in the Saint -Germain-l’Auxerrois neighborhood /quartier of the 1éme arrondissement. All gorgeous!

It first became Place de la Concorde under the Consulate in 1795, then “place Louis XVI” in 1826 on the initiative of king Charles X, in honor of his late brother. It was finally in 1830 that the place (re)takes its definitive name: Concorde. The exact location of the guillotine in the Place de la Concorde was at the entrance to what is now Avenue des Champs-Elysées.  The development of the Place de la Concorde under the July Monarchy at the end of the 1830s. In fact, it takes up part of the plan drawn up by Ange Jacques Gabriel in the middle of the 18C, with embelishments showing the geographical direction corresponding to the cities they represent in relation to Paris.

The decoration of the Place de la Concorde was carried out between 1833 and 1846 by the architect Jacques Hittorff. Around the obelisk framed by two fountains, eight statues, representing eight different French cities, have been installed on pedestals located at the corners of an octagon, You see eight statues placed on the corner sentry boxes representing eight French towns. Lyon, Marseille, Lille, Strasbourg, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux and Nantes, On either side of the obelisk,(see post) are place two large cast iron fountains, called the Fontaine des Mers or Fountain of the Seas and the Fontaine des Fleuves or Fountain of the Rivers. 

paris pl de la concorde obelisk fontaine de nantes et eiffel afar nov19

These 8 statues each rest on a small pavilion, called the gatehouse of Gabriel, in memory of the architect who laid out the square under Louis XV. Several characteristics give them this beautiful homogeneity: a crown representing a castle tower, a very richly done hairstyle, a draped dress, a seated position, looking towards the center of the square attributes to each hand representing the wealth or arms of the city represented, It is thus, an economic wealth of the whole country, posed in its stature which is represented close to those provided by the rivers and the seas through the fountains.

paris pl de la concorde statue Lille et jeu de paume mus nov19

The statues of the cities of Lille and Strasbourg. They are the only ones in the place who hold a sword in their hands and whose crowns on their heads are square, The statues of Lyon and Marseille are in the spotlight. On either side of the first, notice the two amphorae that let their contents flow out. This is how the Rhône and the Saône are represented. It is from these two emblematic rivers of Lyon that the city has drawn all its power. Marseille is sitting on a boat whose prows you can admire to the left and right of the statue. This highlights the importance of the port of Marseille in the history of France. Finally, in his right hand is an olive branch, symbol of the Mediterranean. A bowl of fruit, including grapes, in the left hand and the city’s coat of arms in the days of Richard Coeur de Lion in the right hand… You recognize Bordeaux! Nantes is above the latter with the city’s coat of arms in her left hand. And as for Marseille, on both sides of its base are represented the prows of a boat, a symbol of the influence of the city in the maritime domain. The statue of Brest and the one whose Normans will be able to recognize the coat of arms, Rouen ,closer to the Crillon and Marine hotels, The anecdote here is that they all look towards the center of the square!

paris pl de la concorde statue Rouen et Brest eiffel jan13


You have the fountains both done in 1840, such as the Fountain of the Seas , Architect: Jacques Hittorff ,and several sculptors such as Jean-Baptiste Debay fils (The Ocean and the Mediterranean), Desboeufs (Fishing for pearls, Fishing for shells, Fishing for fish, Fishing for corals), Jean-Jacques Feuchère (Astronomy, Commerce and Maritime Navigation), Antonin Moine, Elshoecht and Merlieux (the three Tritons and the three Nereids), Hoegler (ornamental sculpture).


Also, the Fountain of the Rivers ,Architect: Jacques Hittorff, and several sculptors such as Gechter (The Rhône and the Rhine), Honoré Husson (The Harvest of the Grape Harvest), François Lanno (The Harvest of Flowers and the Harvest of Fruit), Brion ( Agriculture, Industry, River Navigation), Antonin Moine, Elshoecht and Merlieux (the three Tritons and the three Nereids), Hoegler (ornamental sculpture).


paris pl de la concorde fontaine des fleuves hotel marine nov19

The Paris tourist office on the Place de la Concorde:

There you go folks, feel better now to be able to add this wonderful story in my blog on the gorgeous Place de la Concorde of Paris! and to show off its beauties ,sentry boxes, statues, fountains etc. Love it!! This is Paris!!

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all!!!

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April 26, 2022

The Pointe des Emigrés of Vannes!

I have many many posts on Vannes and deservently so, however I feel this important historical spot deserves more (see other post) , besides it is now my favorite hangout with my dog Rex! In addition a great walkers, bicycle trails into the Pointe des émigrés, bordering all the Gulf of Morbihan area around Vannes starting from the Parc du Golfe to Conleau peninsula along the promenade Paul Chapel. This is a very nice nature walk and you see plenty of people here including dog walkers like me! I was just by there again on Sunday, and inspired me to do this post ; hope you enjoy it as I.

Vannes pointe des emigres Rex in parking apr22

The name of Pointe des Émigrés recalls the execution of the Émigrés or immigrant Bretons who came to fight the French revolution from England and executed at Vannes in 1795 after the unsuccessful landing of Quiberon. The trail is name for them, as around here not to be forgotten.

The Pointe des Émigrés is crisscrossed by several hiking trails of over 4 km. It is made up of several landscapes: marshes, moorlands, pine forests, salt meadows, mudflats, meadows and there are many species of birds: gray heron, common snipe, etc. The characteristic plants of the site are St. John’s Wort, musk mallow, marsh buttercup, wild orchids, rush, willow, etc. Of course we did all 3,5 km along the Promenade Paul Chapel today !! with Rex our dog lol !! And came back home to spend the rest of our Sunday as in the morning I voted in the French Presidential Elections !!

vannes pointe des emigres stone apr22

The Pointe des Emigrés with the banks of the Vincin ,near the Conleau peninsula form a protected peri-urban area of more than 70 hectares. A former agricultural mecca, this area has been protected by the Conservatoire de l’Espace Littoral et des Rivages Lacustres (Conservatory of Coastal Space and Lake Shores) since 1986 The site is traversed by more than 4,500 meters of trails, mostly accessible for people with reduced mobility and with educational information on natural environments.

vannes vannes pointe des emigres to Conleau apr22

vannes pointe des emigres trees to conleau apr22

From the Pointe des Emigrés you can see the ferry boats coming and going into the Gulf of Morbihan and the Gare Maritime of Vannes as well see across the pointe de Kerino afar. Wonderful sights and great for time and the sea!

vannes pointe des emigres entering canal afar kerino apr22

vannes pointe des emigres ferry entr gare maritime apr22

Our starting point was the 45-space car park on rue Gilles Gahinet. From there, we follow the cruise ships and Multiplast to join the paths or Promenade Paul Chapel of the Pointe des Emigrés. You can then go to Conleau, go around it and retrace your steps for more than 4 km ! Beautiful gulf bordering natural environment with benches along the way to sit and indulges in its beauty.

The official Conservatoire de l’Espace Littoral et des Rivages Lacustres

The Morbihan dept 56 Tourist Office on Vannes

There you go folks ,hope you enjoy the walk and a bit of history. The Pointe des Emigrés is a nice park now good for the whole family in my capital city of Vannes, just 30 minutes from my house !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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