The coastal A Coruña!!!

In my travels to my dear Spain, I have the great opportunity to visit many towns and regions over the years once left my Madrid in 1974. I am lucky to be close and visit every year except with the virus. I have written plenty on Galicia as well in my blog and this was hidden in an older post that I decided to bring out on its own and show you a bit of the coastal A Coruña of Galicia, Kingdom of Spain!

I needed to visit my branch there and took advantage to go out eat with the management and then taken a ride around town. Very nice opportunity to see something new of my dear Spain. Therefore, we went to the nice coastal town of Sada!

I took a peek of the marina and drove around sort of like in my road warrior trips, and can tell you the best in Sada is the port marina. The Marina Sada aka as the Port Sada or Puerto Deportivo Sada located right in the main town of Sada, Other things to see are the Museum Carlos Maside, and the Church of Santa María de Sada, dating from the 18-19C. Sada has several beaches but only saw afar, they seems to be very nice, here is the town of Sada on its beaches

I had my lunch at the Cafeteria Restaurant Al Paso; you get your buffet style place with a drink and dessert and coffee for about 15 euros; nice local ambiance and quiet family place. Located at  Carretera N-VI, km 582 N1, Espiritu Santo, Sada. You can eat here after 13h and recommended if by the town; only a Facebook page not kept up to date but they are open ok:

Sada cafeteria al paso Carretera N-VI, km 582 may15

Then, we followed the coast to be at nice Oleiros.  The town of Oleiros is located within the province of La Coruña, in Galicia, Spain. Together with the town of Sada, it forms the strip of land that separates the Betanzos estuary from the bay of La Coruña.

The town has numerous beaches, including Santa Cristina, Bastiagueiro, Mera, Santa Cruz, Naval, Lorbé, Dejo and Santa María de Canide. The one I went was Santa Cristina and it is very nice with great hotel/restaurant to relax and see the ocean, Other things to see are the Castle of Santa Cruz, located in the nearby town of Porto de Santa Cruz, on an islet in the Santa Cruz cove. It was ordered to be built to complete the defensive system of the Coruña bay in the 16C. The Museum of the Oleiros or Potters Museum is located in the nearby town of Santa Cruz forming part of the Cultural Center As Torres de Santa Cruz, one of the most important schools of popular Spanish ceramics. Inside it houses a unique collection in Europe of popular ceramics and is the venue for one of the most important fairs of traditional ceramics in Spain, which every year welcomes hundreds of potters who exhibit their work.

Oleiros city center over bridge and cross jul12

The city of Oleiros on its heritage :

Last we went to the beach of Santa Cristina , a nice area in Oleiros, which is full after June; for now we had it all for ourselves and had a beer and tapas at the restaurant Pereiro terrace overlooking the beach in the Santa Cristina Hotel.  Now part of Alda hotels, webpage:

Oleiros hotel santa cristina resto pereiro terrace apr17

Oleiros santa cristina beach apr17

More on the beach at Santa Cristina and others in Masmar guides:

Oleiros santa cristina beach promenade apr17

Oleiros santa cristina beach sidewalk apr17

The Galicia region tourist office on Oleiros heritage

The Galicia region tourist office on Sada heritage

There you go folks, a wonderful road warrior ride in coastal A Coruña in wonderful Galicia, Always looking forward to a return and more sights such as in Oleiros and Sada, Hope you enjoy the ride as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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