My travels in the Morbihan XCIII

And my road warrior mentality cannot keep me at home for long. Today I went back to usual hangouts in Vannes, capital city of the beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of the region of lovely Bretagne in my belle France. This historical city still pretty much in the off the beaten path of many is again worth the detour, This time it was oldest son’s birthday !!!

Of course, we went for the restaurant he chose as a beef eater par excellence the chosen one was the chain Hippopotamus. The chain was created in 1968 (what a year!) , It is now part of the Groupe Flo that is majority held by the Groupe Bertrand ; these are major players in the restaurant business in France with several brand names.

I kept it simple with the Tuna veggies entrée , Burger Originale, my Tiramisu Caramel, expresso coffee and as apéritif the Martini Rosso, the meal accompany by an Albert Bichot Hautes Côtes de Nuits Burgundy red 2018 bottle, the works wonderful, great service and good food,

vannes hippopotamus albert bichot hautes cotes de nuit burgundy red 2018 mar22

The Hippotamus Vannes resto webpage :

The Groupe Flo restaurants webpage :

The Groupe Bertrand resto/hotels brands :

Then, we had time and my boys errands to do so we drove and walk a bit in Vannes, always a welcome opportunity, Before, passing in Pluvigner we threw away all our discharges to the waste landfill, and we went on to Vannes !

I passed by one of my old stays while arriving late on business trips or housing collegues visiting us from other countries, this is the Escale Oceania Hotel at Avenue Jean Monnet just by the roundpoint of Palais des Arts, This would be a recommended hotel to visitors, Oceania hotels webpage :

vannes escales oceania hotel front mar22

Right around here you have the Théâtre Anne de Bretagne (see post aka Palais des Arts) this is where we held our management convention meetings with 500 attendees, many memorable moments here including the one we arrived at the parking and forgot there is a code to open the gate, We went around until found someone that call inside to have the gate open for us ; I was not driving lol !!! The scéne du golfe on the theater webpage :

vannes theater de bretagne side mar22

And this time I was able to take a pic of the Hôtel de Ville or city hall of Vannes from a different angle, We have two really, the historical one already written on it and this one which is the administrative part, The historical you have the tourist office, and weddings rooms , cultural dept etc, The admin building is for the regular folks like us do their civil needs, This is officially at 7 Rue Joseph le Brix , Let me use this post to tell you about the link for the parkings in Vannes, and see a picture of where I was last post !! City of Vannes on parkings :

vannes city hall admin bdlg back mar22

And why not another wonderful picture of the back of the Collége Jules Simon (middle school) that had recently renovated its Chapelle St Yves (you can visit-see post), This time took the pic from across the above hotel so the historical back of the school, A bit of that which I like tell us that the school was founded in 1574 it was entrusted to the Jesuits in 1629. When the Jesuits were banished from France in 1762 it passed into other hands then, during the revolutionary and Napoleonic periods, its buildings received various assignments. Reopened but in decline at the beginning of the 19C, it came back to life in 1857 at the instigation of Jules Simon and the municipal authorities. It became a state high school in 1948 and became a college again in 1967. The Collége Jules-Simon is the oldest college of the 7 colleges in Vannes: 448 years old !! Well not tourist but worth sending your kids here if in town, webpage :

vannes coll jules simon back mar22

Then, we were by there so why not stop by our friendly Ford dealer in Vannes, Mustiére now part of the Groupe DMD out of Brest. I was looking at the new models, and especially the hybrids and electric cars. Well not impress do not know why the brainwashing but they are overprice and not the reach in km/miles I, the road warrior uses. At least, I am up to date on the movement… Groupe DMD Vannes webpage:

Vannes Ford mustieres DMD revision visit mar22

There you go folks, a full day of activities in my dear Vannes. And its not over this coming Saturday is my wine fair!!! we go every year except when not allow to due to the virus. Looking forward to that again with my favorites folks on foods and wines of France. Until then, enjoy the visit to Vannes in my beautiful Morbihan of my lovely Bretagne and in my belle France!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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