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February 6, 2022

Château Turpault of Quiberon!!

Well been a beach resort and playground of all, you would not guess it has a castle, it does. However, before you get excited to come do not bother as it is private! Nevertheless, it is a city icon and one we see each time we approach Quiberon by the côte sauvage (see post) along the ocean or wild coast! As for the marquee and to not missed seeing while in town, we all go to see it locals and tourist alike, so jot it down to see when in town, remember Château Turpault of Quiberon. Hope you enjoy it as we do.

Quiberon castle Turpault closeup aug12

We like to come by the ocean side for its wonderful views and riding along the ocean is a super adreline for me anyway. Once at the city limit you see the  Castle of Turpault, very nice out into the sea just before entering Quiberon. Since 1967, the then owners the , Richards lived there well. For the anecdote: when Johnny Hallyday  and his young wife Laeticia  knocked on their door in the hope of acquiring the premises, they received a categorical refusal.

The Château Turpault in Quiberon was last sold in 2014 to current owner  Alain Bensoussan . The buyers succumbed to the charms of this manor of the early 20C on a stormy day. Its very particular silhouette, the focus of many photographers, marks the entrance to the côte sauvage or wild coast at Quiberon. Located on the Pointe de Beg er Lann or pointe de la Lande, the castle has an  Anglo-Medieval-style mansion was built in 1904 by Georges Turpault, a spinner from Cholet, who christened it the Château de la mer or the castle of the sea. It was then renamed Château Turpault by the local Quiberon folks. The castle of 500 m2 of living space is located in the center of a park of nearly 5000 m2.

quiberon castle turpault C 2011

The Castle of Turpault is like the emblem of the city. On stormy days, the waves crash on the windows of the third floor. The sand rushes into the living room. A fantastic home, evoking the Middle Ages and English-influenced period. Open on all the wild coast, it is a pure jewel whose architecture must be appreciated and at the foot of which it is necessary to come to admire the view of the pointe de Beg-er-Lann to which it adds a little majesty and a fantastic tone. You cannot get close to the castle as it remains a private property, but it is enough to admire the beauty and be hypnotized by the atmosphere it gives off. Indeed it does!!!

Quiberon castle Turpault Beg-er-Lann aug12

The movie “Martin Soldier“, with Robert Hirsch, and several German films were shot here!. Fittingly, from 1940 to 1945, the property served as a staff for the Nazis. It is fortified and all windows are walled. It will come out very damaged. Today, two bunkers bear witness to this era: one at the rear left of the castle and the other at the front of the property, camouflaged under the lawn. The sites of the old machine gun turrets, still visible all around the building, serve today happily as flower boxes.

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Quiberon:

The City of Quiberon on its heritage

There you go folks, a private castle but easily seen from the street ,and have a souvenir photo as well as marvel of its architecture and see the bunkers. There is parking very near before entering the city so easy walk to it, The Château de Turpault is indeed an icon of Quiberon!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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February 6, 2022

The markets of Quiberon, part I

Going down on the peninsula of Quiberon and all the way to the tip at the town of Quiberon is a delight for us, so many times there, our favorite spot in the area, and we love it. This is of course a peninsula with beaches on both sides and marinas. However, the best for ambiance, sights and be seen and great produce are the markets. This is an update of an older post and subsequent there is another market post. Hope you enjoy it as I.


We come often and early for the market and at any time afterward ! The market day in Quiberon is huge in Summers with visitors abound, then it reduces to just a trickle of locals in the coming winter months. Very seasonal but nice in high season Summer months. Anyway low or high season we come here for the ambiance and have a pint leisurely with locals and the merchants we know. It’s a escape from the house too! Below is my Dad  (black jacket) wandering about lol!


Every Saturday morning from 8h to 13h on a large area that starts in the Place du Varquez parking and spills over the Esplanade Hoche just facing the Grande Plage or big beach! The big one and nicest is at the Varquez/Hoche. Offering local products by local producers or sedentary traders from the Morbihan. You will find gastronomic and artisanal products there of very good quality and prices.


There is a Bio market on Mondays from 16h3O to 20h30 at Place Duchesse Anne until end of summer . The Wednesdays from 8h to 13h there is food market at Place de Port Haliguen.

The City of Quiberon on its markets

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Quiberon

There you go folks, an introduction to the markets of Quiberon, and a great walk from the grande plage or big beach , Hope you plan to be there when in season and take advantage of a great event; there is always activities around it and plenty of restos and bars too!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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February 6, 2022

Quiberon is worth coming back!

If you have been reading my blog, you know have written plenty of posts on this beautiful peninsula and main city of Quiberon. I will update the text and add new old pictures to the post. Quiberon is in the Presqu’île de Quiberon peninsula in my beautfiul Morbihan dept 56 of the lovely region of Bretagne.

In summers the city is popping with activity been a beach town, while in winter the tourists are gone and the whole is for us! Of course, less crowded and businesses adjust their hours ,but our favorites are open . It is about 40 km from home at the tip and one road the D768 takes you all the way with a bit of incursion into the expressway N165 or voie express, and then continue on the D768. The time varies according to the season and the crowds but always less than an hour from home. It is our beach area town central since coming to live in this part of the world in May 30 , 2011 to start my job on June 1st.

Oh yes there is a Gare or train station in Quiberon (see post) use only in Summers call the Tire Bouchon or corkscrew line and a bus line 1 from the train station in Auray , the rest is by car. There are things to see but already done posts on them such as the Church of Notre Dame de Locmaria (see post) in old town city center is always imposing upon arriving in Quiberon. We did as what we like best, park for free at the train station or Varquez near the Grande Plage or big beach ,and walk all the way in seeing all these wonderful places of forever!


Well , don’t you know it, there is cinema in QuiberonLe Paradis or paradise indeed on Rue du Phare or lighthouse street. And four screens to boot! Lovely near Place Hoche and the big beach or Grande Plage. The best combination after a movie is to walk on the beach or vice versa!


Above is place Hoche looking towards Place Varquez and the spot of the market or marché!  And The view on a winter day from place Hoche towards the Grande Plage or Big Beach!


Of course, even our favorite hangout is closed before Christmas at Place Hoche, the wonderful L‘Esplanade Café (see post) of our friend who did lived in New York City once !  And once you are around the big beach, why not walk a bit further and see the Gare Maritime (see post) or marine terminal for our wonderful cruises to the outlaying islands in the Gulf of Morbihan and even the Atlantic Ocean!

And just of course by the marine terminal see thru the building of Port Maria and see the green lighthouse! Just up from the cinema Le Paradis at 11 Rue du Phare.


And on a round tour of the city center we came back to the train station passing by the downtown or city center or centre ville at place de la Duchesse Anne .The square is next to the post office of Quiberon.  Another nice day in nice Quiberon.


The city of Quiberon on its heritage 

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Quiberon

There you go folks, another nice walk tour of coastal beach Quiberon. Hope you enjoy the brief tour and do see my many other posts on Quiberon. You can always let me know and have a drink lol !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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