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January 27, 2022

Curiosities of Dieppe!!

The wonderful memorable city of Dieppe is in the département 76 of Seine-Maritime in the region of Normandie. It has been called the city of the four harbors in the Caux country ,about 170 km from Paris, and north of Rouen; right in the deep valley of the Arques. We have come here often, more when living in Versailles; but still nice memories of Dieppe. I like to tell you more of it with new pictures in my blog. Hope you enjoy it as I.

Dieppe has a beach,right off the bd de Verdun, and yes! Casino 3 boulevard de Verdun , 18 hole golf course, racecourse, harbor with ferry service and very nice complex of thalasotherapy on the beach and near the castle such as the Les Bains, Centre Aquatique et Thalasso , 101 bd de Verdun. Since 1980, it host every two years, the biggest kite event on the beach by Bd de Verdun ,on a site Aire de cerf-volant . This is the Festival International de Cerf-Volant, with as much as 44 countries represented and one of the best world events. Be there Sept 2022. Webpage:

dieppe bd verdun to castle sep07

The Boulevard de Verdun is facing the Dieppe beach, with plenty to do there and around it, There is plenty of on street parking but also an underground Indigo La Plage parking, The street takes you directly to the Castle/museum of Dieppe (see post).  Of course, we have stayed there overnight to fully enjoy the city! At the Hotel de la Plage, 20 Bd de Verdun, just across from the beach and near the pool complex ,and castle. Great normandy welcome,friendly, excellent price for a family and great views. Inter Hotels chain we use all over too, webpage:

And lastly, we have eaten in a couple places in Dieppe over the years, and for a while the Créperie Ty Breiz was a warm welcome managed by the owner-family with a good feel of the Bretagne. However, they have closed a while back, nevertheless , just for the memories of always will leave a picture.

Dieppe ty Breiz creps front jul09

You cannot leave this town without going to the fish market, even if not buying, and we have! This is around quai Henri IV facing the marina. Open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 7h30 to about 13h. The scallop is king here. It has more than one trick in its shell and you will appreciate it in a thousand ways. It can seduce you naturally, raw in carpaccio, or snacked, accompanied by small candied vegetables. It goes great with strong alcohol, preferably a shot of Calvados. This is the white gold of the Dieppois, an institution, an emblem that has stood the test of time. Try it of course from Dieppe! You will see plenty of painters and painters to be around quai Henri IV, lovely spot with a view of the boats, the sea and the cliffs of Dieppe!

dieppe pleasure marina to ch st jacques sep07

dieppe quai henri IV sep07

The city of Dieppe on its heritage

The Dieppe tourist office on the beach and its activities

The Dieppe tourist office webcam on the beach

There you go folks, a memorable town with the whole family for several years, and we have good visits enjoying fully marine Dieppe. Hope you enjoy this new post and the older pictures as I. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

January 27, 2022

Café Brasserie La Bourse of Saumur!!

We came for the wonders of the Loire river and my belle France, continuing our road warrior trips and enjoying the best of the country. There have been many but I am choosing the most memorable times with my family.  We came to Saumur!

I have written on Saumur wonders before but let me give you a brief introduction to the town ok. Saumur is a sub-prefecture of the department of Maine-et-Loire, No. 49 in the Pays de la Loire region. It is particularly known for his cavalry school, castle and wines.

Saumur is located in the natural region and former division of the province of Anjou. Nearby towns are Angers ,and Chinon, and  Tours (Indre-et-Loire).(see posts). The town of Saumur has five associated towns since February 1, 1973: the city of Saumur itself in the center ,on the left bank of the Loire and the right bank of its tributary Le Thouet, Dampierre sur Loire , half of the island of Souzay which it shares with the neighboring town of Souzay-Champigny), Bagneux , Saint-Hilaire-Saint-Florent and including the village of Terrefort and the aerodrome of Saumur – Saint -Florent), and Saint-Lambert-des-Levées . Saumur is located in the heart of the Loire-Anjou-Touraine Regional Nature Park, of which it is the largest town.

The city of Saumur on its history

The Saumur tourist office on its heritage

And now to our fav brasserie in town, again as we do just without reservations just pop in as in your house, the real French welcome with real people, and real food. This is special for me as was the last trip I was able to take with my dear late wife Martine, afterward she passed away from cancer RIP ; memories forever, we will be back with the boys,I have to update this older nostalgic post with new text and same pictures.


The Café Brasserie La Bourse, 1 place de la Bilange,  It is an institution in Saumur with its large terrace. Depending on the affluence at lunch, we will be more or less quickly serve and when a big service is on the way, we will cut a little attention. Like all institutions, it must constantly give the desire to return, so the carte menu is renewed according to the seasons and desires of the chef. Traditional Brasserie Saumurois, at the foot of the theater and a few meters from the Loire river, with magnificent views worth it to take a walk along after eating. La Bourse has a large capacity indoors as on the large terrac outside.


It is fast but above all we were impressed by the service of the team. They are fast, efficient with a good memory and communicate with each other to provide water, bread, etc. A nice menu and value for money very interesting indeed. They exchange their role with amazing dexterity. All with a smile always shown; we shall return!


The Facebook page of Brasserie La Bourse in Saumur

The Anjou area tourist office on the Brasserie La Bourse of Saumur

There you go folks, another dandy to try it in your visits or travels in my belle France. Very nice location in Saumur, and wonderful service and food at the Café Brasserie La Bourse!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

January 27, 2022

The Place Royale of Nantes!!

Here is another from the vault, have written briefly on it as part of the Christmas market of Nantes (see post). However, feels it needs a post of its own on the architecture and history on the Place Royale or royal square of Nantes!! Therefore here is my again historical version of it; hope you enjoy it as I.

The Place Royale is located in the city center of Nantes, was designed in 1786 and laid out in 1790 after the destruction of the medieval ramparts, it constitutes the central element of a homogeneous set of buildings responding to classical architecture built for the occasion . It has a monumental fountain inaugurated in 1865. Dedicated from the start to trade, it has housed brands that have marked memories, and in the 21C retains its commercial vocation. It has a symbolic value in the city, and is a popular point of artistic, festive or political gatherings.  The royal square is shape of a rectangle and a hemispherical part, giving it a shape known as “toilet mirror”. A fountain, symbol of the city, sits in the center of the rectangular part. The square, entirely paved with granite blocks, is served by nine streets : rue Crébillon, rue de la Fosse, rue de Gorges, rue La Pérouse,rue d’Orléans, rue du Commandant-Boulay ,rue d’ Arche-Sèche, rue Saint-Julien and rue des Vieilles-Douves, The square is located at one of the lowest points of the city.

Inaugurated in 1865, the monumental fountain symbolizes Nantes‘ river and maritime vocation. Its pyramidal structure is made up of three superimposed granite basins, the one at ground level forming a square. The city is represented by an allegorical statue in white marble (all the others are in bronze) with the features of a crowned woman holding a trident. It stands facing the rue Crébillon,( closer facing resto la Taverne Royale) perched on a pedestal surmounting a circular basin overlooking the lower level. She watches over a series of allegorical statues representing the Loire and its tributaries. The Loire is represented by a woman, seated in the direction as the statue of Nantes, and who pours water from two amphorae. Its tributaries are symbolized by two statues of women and two statues of men, half-elongated and pouring water through an amphora: the Erdre, the Sèvre, the Cher and the Loiret rivers. Other statues symbolize the eight geniuses of industry and commerce: blowing water through shells and perched on dolphins spitting water through their nostrils, they recall the major role of the port in the economy of the city. Behind it the Taverne Royale resto.

nantes place royale fountain and statue city of nantes my13

A bit of history I like

Originally, the site was occupied by an advanced bastion built around 1500, defending access to the Porte Saint-Nicolas, itself pierced into the enclosure of Peter I of Brittany, and rebuilt since 1444 (it opened between two towers named in honor of the bailiff and his wife: Pierre de Bretagne tower, to the north, and Alix de Bretagne tower, to the south).  This bastion, surrounded by ditches, was demolished in 1773. In 1769, part of the land was given by Louis XV to his new mistress, Madame du Barry. The level of Boulevard Saint-Nicolas is lowered, the old moats partly filled in to give access to the Place du Bon-Pasteur. In 1784, a negotiation led to the transfer of land from Madame du Barry to the city of Nantes, against the payment of a very large sum. The city also acquired the possessions of Jean-Joseph-Louis Graslin (theater see post) in 1789. The city of Nantes,then launched a major urban planning program.

Articulated around the royal square or Place Royale. This is rectangular, and in a semicircle. The rue des Vieilles-Douves and the rue Saint-Julien were created to respect the symmetry with the openings of the rue de la Fosse and rue de Gorges. Around the square, the facades are uniform the buildings have four floors, including an entresol, a first floor with openings onto a balcony, two floors with high windows and a slate roof pierced with dormers. This ordered set is characteristic of French royal squares. The Porte Saint-Nicolas and its two towers (read above) were demolished in 1790, the work planned around the square completed in 1794.

When the project was launched, the existing esplanade was called Place Saint-Nicolas. In the project, the future square must be called Place Louis XVI, a name it bears between 1789 and 1792. But the French revolution makes this name obsolete. The square then took the names of champ de la Liberté and champ de l’Égalité, or place de l’Égalité until 1806. Under the First Empire (Napoleon I) it became Place Impériale. During the Restoration (revolution of 1815) , it could not find its initial name: in fact, it is the Place d’Armes, in the middle of which stands one of the rare statues of Louis XVI, who takes the name of this king. Between 1814, Place Impériale was renamed Place Royale. The Revolution of 1848 brought about a new change, the Place de l’Égalité was once again in the air in 1849. Finally, in 1852, the Place Royale took its final name. However, it has never housed a monarch statue, which distinguishes it from other royal places in France.

The bombing of September 16, 1943 devastated the esplanade , destroying eight of the nine buildings which surround the square. It was decided after the war to rebuild it identically, The buildings were rebuilt, this time in concrete, slightly set back from their old alignments. However, they include some modifications such as the enlargement of the windows and skylights, or the access to the buildings, which is now carried out at the rear to favor shops on the square side. In doing so, the latter, with wide sidewalks, was enlarged to facilitate traffic., The work was carried out in 1961 , The fountain, long confined to the role of ornamental roundabout, was renovated from February to March 2007. The square was changed in order to make it more pedestrian. This transformation was inaugurated on April 6, 2007. Since 2011, Place Royale has become entirely pedestrianized.

For memories of shopping and we come always for the Christmas market held here (see post) you have by the axis of the rue Crébillon, since the end of the 19C, there had been the Café Continental, which offered 750 seats, contained a mezzanine and housed a orchestra. The Cafe Continental became the Taverne de Maitre Kanter and later currently the Taverne Royale. We have been to the later two nice splendid views, Between rue des Vieilles-Douves and rue Saint-Julien, the Pharmacie de la place Royale holds the record of presence on the esplanade, having been founded in 1793, and not having disappeared until 2010. The Grande Pharmacy de Paris, now call the Pharmacie de Paris, founded in 1900, is still the oldest store active on Place Royale. Another memorable spot which just found me a picture in my vault is the Amorino ice cream stand, we love it, the boys die for it and gosh its time it is in my blog and on this post. Enjoy the Amorino Gelato al Naturale ! webpage:

nantes amorino italian ice pl royale may13

No specific mention as a tourist spot but it is really. Leave you with two sites for reference on Nantes.

The Metro agglo of Nantes :

The Nantes tourist office on the green trail of monuments to see

There you go folks, another dandy spot in nice Loire Atlantique dept 44 of the Pays de la Loire region in pretty Nantes. Hope you enjoy the walk to the Place Royale, worth the detour indeed. Thanks for reading me and hope you enjoy it as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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