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December 20, 2021

Jardin de la Perrine of Laval!

Ok today will update this older post for you and me of something not an expert but enjoy very much with the family going to all of them. A change of pace from monuments and museums. This is off the beaten path garden in Laval, Department of the Mayenne 53, in Pays de la Loire region. I passed by the city all the time on my trips to Paris, and have done stops and visits of it; this is a nice place to visit by all!

There is a wonderful must see Jardin de la Perrine, with great views over the Mayenne river and the city. I like to tell you a bit more on it as just briefly touch on it in my previous posts on Laval. Enjoy it with the family a nice walk to relax between sightseeing!



The Jardin de la Perrine is a public garden located at 10, Allée Adrien-Bruneau. Possibility to park in the parking of the multi-purpose room next to it. Salle Polyvalente in French.  The land of the Perrine is quoted for the first time in 1293. From the 18C onwards, the garden belongs to the Foucault family of Vauguyon.  In 1885, this owner lost it in the game of fortune, and the city of Laval bought it. The town then implanted the Museum of Fine Arts , and then, in 1920, the Rosaires (rose garden).


Things to see in the Jardin de la Perrine garden are :

Wonderful cultural centers such as the musée Adrian Bruneau, and the Espace Alain Gerbault. and here lies the tomb of Douanier (Henri) Rousseau, the great painter ; on which is engraved an autograph poem by his friend Guillaume Apollinaire, The engraving made possible by the Committee of Friends of Henri Rousseau on October 12, 1947.



The garden houses sheep, goats, pigeons and exotic birds, fish, rabbits, guinea pigs. In addition to the hundred varieties of roses planted in the Rosaires or rose garden, there is a green oak, camellias, an alley of lime trees, a giant redwood, cedars and perennial plants.  Rare, a Ginkgo biloba is also found in the park. Do not miss the La Roseraies, French gardens, L’Orangerie, the wonderful trees plants flowers, and animal park (ducks, rabbits, and pigeons etc. This area of Perrine is first name in 1293 and it was created in 1920 as the garden. There is the old laundry boat Saint Yves in the garden, bateau-lavoir.  Fountain of the three Crosses, Statue of young girl made in 1870.


Some webpages to help you enjoy this wonderful park with great views over the city too are:

The city of Laval on the Jardin de la Perrine

The Laval tourist office on the Jardin de la Perrine

The Mayenne dept 53 tourist office on the Jardin de la Perrine

There you go folks, a nice garden park for something relaxing and nice in a pretty old town of my belle France. Enjoy the Jardin de la Perrine in nice Laval with the family, and its wonderful views over the city,

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

December 20, 2021

The great CDG airport not in Paris!

This is a question hard to convince as for most visitors folks tend to say the airport of Paris and the officials name it that way. However, as my dear late wife Martine (9 years) and I as recently as November 2019 worked in it, we know better.  There are about 10 towns that are within the territory of the Charles de Gaulle aiport and none is Paris! I like to tell you for the credit not before in my blog, the towns we were based as part of the great CDG ; these are Roissy en France and Tremblay en France!! I was last in Tremblay en France dept 93 of Seine Saint Denis and the region of Ïle de France! However, my wife worked in Roissy en France, dept 95 of Val d’Oise , same region…!

Me, while there was put up for free at the Holiday Inn by Terminal 1 and did my shopping and eating at the Aeroville shopping center, and its super and really enjoyed the Big Ben pub there  company paid!. I have also venture into Paris Nord II shopping center too a huge spread out place. I was setup in charge of the EMEA zone Finance with all the trimming including a Europcar VW Tiguan car!  And of course so close to Paris went there almost every night and had dinners with old friends!! nice indeed! 

tremblay wfs my office nov19



tremblay hi-resto-dining-room nov19

I like to condense as much as possible a bit info on the towns of Roissy en France and Tremblay en France next. My sightseeing were strickly to Paris (see posts), so here is town info for perhaps future trips. Hope you enjoy it as I!

The town of Roissy-en-France is located in the Val-d’Oise department 95 in the Île-de-France region. This town was made world famous in 1974 during the establishment of the international airport which bears its nickname and occupies part of its territory Roissy CDG, it is 25 km from Paris.  Roissy-en-France is located at the heart of an impressive road network whose development is closely linked to Charles-de-Gaulle airport (see posts). The territory of the town is crossed in its center by the Autoroute du Nord or A1, and bypassed to the north by the Francilienne (roads N184, N104, A104,.) It is tangent to the N17 road. The LGV North (high-speed line) cuts throught the town. However, there is no train station in the Roissy for short. Buses connect the town to the Roissypôle (see post) bus station located about 2 km from the center of the town, in front of Charles-de-Gaulle Airport T1 station and near terminal 3, accessible only on foot, Roissypôle is linked to terminals 1 and 2 by the automatic and free CDGVAL metro/subway/tube people mover.(see posts).


The history of the town during the great invasions and the Merovingian and Carolingian eras remains obscure, only a few names of neighboring localities are cited in rare writings. It was not until the 12C that the current network of villages in the country of France appeared. The town is mentioned for the first time in 1174 in an act relating to a donation by Matthieu de Roissy, the first known lord, to the Saint-Victor Abbey in Marseille, Roissy was set up as an independent municipality in 1790, The town was liberated on Wednesday August 30, 1944 by American troops,

At the end of the 1950s, the managers of Aéroports de Paris rightly predicted a considerable expansion of air traffic and the rapid saturation of the Le Bourget and Orly platforms. On March 13, 1974, after years of work, the town saw the inauguration and commissioning of Charles-de-Gaulle airport , this is its baptismal name, the largest in Europe in terms of surface area. There is a huge shopping center I like here (see above) call “Aéroville”, this giant 84,000 m² shopping center was opened on October 16, 2013. There are 10 bus lines reaching the center from Charles de Gaulle Airport 1 T1 station.

The things to see here are the Saint-Éloi Church, avenue Charles-de-Gaulle, the 16C church is dedicated to the Bishop of Noyon and advisor to King Dagobert, who died in 659.The church was built around 1560, The remains of the Château de Caramans, at the parc de la Mairie, allée du Verger, Of the classic-style castle destroyed in 1794 in the context of the French revolution, only the eastern wall and the south door of the orangery remain, Also,of course, the Charles-de-Gaulle Airport with a total area of ​​3,500 ha, of which 800 are in the town of Roissy en France, but its surface is actually built on the territory of six towns !!.

The city of Roissy en France on its heritage

The city of Tremblay-en-France is located in the Seine-Saint-Denis department 93, in the Île-de-France region,and only 25 km from Paris as well. The city is mainly accessible by the A104 Francilienne road, the N3, and the D 115 or Route des Petits Ponts ; and the Vert-Galant RER B train station, with a direct connection from the Gare du Nord in Paris. The Charles-de-Gaulle airport has part of its territory in the town of Tremblay-en-France. The town has three RER B stations and a TGV station.

Tremblay en france cdg-control-tower-from hotel nov19

It entered the possessions of the powerful Abbey of Saint-Denis in 834 following a donation from Louis le Pieux. Father Suger built a castle there and freed the inhabitants. Located away from the main axes, most of the events of history hardly reached it until the French revolution. The first important development was the construction of the Ourcq canal, decided by Napoleon I, which then made it easier for the peasants to sell their products in Paris. In 1870 and 1871, during the Franco-Prussian war,in the siege of Paris, the headquarters of the 13th Prussian corps was installed at Vert-Galant and that of the Prince of Saxony was installed at Tremblay. In 1974,the Charles-de-Gaulle airport was inaugurated, which extends to the far north of the town.

Things to see in Temblay for short are : The Saint-Médard Church built from 1543 but restored several times in succession. In particular, the facade and the first spans were rebuilt in 1785 , The grange dîmière or barn at 9, place de la Mairie, in Aux Vieux Pays district is attached to the town’s church and was fortified in the Middle Ages. It was the seat of the chatellenie of the town. It was built in the t13C and was successively restored in the 15-16C; it has a beautiful oak frame with a height of 18 meters. The well, to the left of the barn, dates back to the 15C and succeeds that built by Father Suger.

The city of Tremblay en France on its heritage

Unfortunaly, visitors tend to take the bus or RER B train into Paris and many times have friends or family call me saying we arrive in Paris!! at the airport, and sadly have to tell them noo you are not yet in Paris lol! sorry needed that. It’s a pity renting a car will allow to see these towns so linked to the Charles de Gaulle Airport! Try it and let me know the outcome ok.

The official Aéroports de Paris on the CDG

There you go folks, another dandy really off the beaten path post for you and I. Stay tune be good, thanks for reading me all these years and hopefully many more to share as some already mentioned, thank you! And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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December 20, 2021

Lanester, so near me!

I have just notice not written a post on this nice town near me. I have it mentioned in previous post , passing, but feel deserves a post of its own in my blog. I like to tell you a bit more on Lanester, so near me! Memories of old always nice to have in my blog!

Lanester is located in my beautiful Morbihan and lovely Bretagne, about 35 km from my house, It was created in 1909 by the dismemberment of that of Caudan, It is in Caudan, or rather Lann er Ster (moor of the river), on the left bank of the Scorff that the shipyards, too much to the narrow right bank, will install their infrastructure. The first building blocks were established in 1755-1757 but the site was not developed until the following century.

Lanester is accessible by the national road N165. The city is served by the buses of the regional network BreizhGo (line 15, line 16 and line 17 (Lorient – Baud – Pontivy) which my boys have taken) , Lanester ,also is served by the CTRL bus network with plenty of lines fast frequencies, It has no train station as it uses Lorient train station which is accessible via the buses of the Lorient region transport company (CTRL).

This is not a tourist town, just very close to me and we go often to shop and eat in our daily routine, the Bonhomme bridge, which spans the Blavet river; and the market day is on Tuesdays from 9h to 12h30 at the Place Jean Maurice.

We have visited this area for shopping and eating out, but sometimes we do our big grocery shopping here in unique Lanester,when coming from the Finistére on our way home, The huge shopping here and it is covered and open air shopping spot; the covered shopping is the CC Deux Rivières with plenty of stores all around it,on a huge shopping area. This has change ownership and has a new name as G La Galerie Géant . The Centre Commercial or shopping center name G la Galerie  with now 75 stores including 5 restaurants, and is the biggest mall in the Morbihan ! We like visiting the Nocibé parfumerie store as well as Yves Rocher, Micromania for the boys , and Armand Thiery for all.  webpage:


The main thing above was shopping for groceries in the huge Hyper Géant Casino supermarket for some sundries and had our lunch in the nice quaint unique restaurant outside next to the parking.  The hypermarket is the main anchor store of the shopping center and also has its own webpage:

The restos are plenty here, from Courtepaille to Burger King, and our fav favorite Oncle Scott (see post), However, we like lighthearted lunches at the à la bonne heure ,(it has been sold new name Ô Restaurant , same concept).  All in bare pine wood outside and nicely done Inside with shade colors , great host, friendly folks who said good afternoon, and great concept. We had several menus here over the years all good price/quality ratio and great spot for families. Indeed ,nice family place , friendly , cosy, looking forward to the new version, Webpage :


lanester A la bonne heure resto inside-feb17

The center opens in 1969 as Rallye by 2001 Géant Casino came in, In 2009 the name was change by Centre commercial Les Deux Rivières , and finally in 2016 took the current name G la Galerie.

The city of Lanester on its history/heritage :

There you go folks a bit of personal errands in my beautiful Morbihan. This is my blog and I like to have it with the full history of my life and family’ life in it. Lanester may not be touristic but it sure packs a lot of family memories since in the area with my dear late wife Martine.  To remember is to live again!! Hope you enjoy this side off the beaten path post

And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all!!!

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