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December 19, 2021

The new Orly Airport!

I have to update this older post even if not been by it since the new version of Orly airport was open. Just for the memories of my other airport not in Paris but for Paris… Bear with me as I will try to describe the new airport and its four terminals becoming the old west as terminals 1 and 2, and the old south becomes terminal 4. There is a connecting terminal call terminal 3. The pictures are from the old Orly Airport.

I have written extensively on Roissy CDG airport (the other airport for Paris) and its terminals which I have taken profusely. However, I have, also taken Orly even if much less it has been several times over the years. And as by now usual , not written enough on this airport that can be a good value for long haul flights from the Americas at least. Therefore, let me tell you a bit more on the new Orly Airport.(see post on old airport), Orly airport is only 10 km from the city of Paris. Actually , the airport is within the city of Orly in Val de Marne dept 94 in the Ïle de France region. Even thus some of the landing runways are in the Essonne dept 91 as well. Distance wise it is closer than Roissy!

This is the new Orly airport for Paris but not in Paris! The names boarding halls and salles or rooms have disappeared in favor of the name boarding gates. Orly 1 departures registration 11 to 18 at gates A and B.  Orly 2 departures registrations 21 to 26 gate C.  Orly 3 departure registrations 31 to 36 gates D (international) E (Schengen).  Orly 4 departure registrations 41 to 48 gates E (Schengen) F (international). Orly 4 L’Arche or arc registration 49.

The new maps of Orly terminals are:

Orly T4 :

Orly T1-2:

Orly 3 Jonction or connector:—16-05-19.pdf?sfvrsn=1508fbbd_6

Orly west hall 1 ent orlyval dec12

By the road , which I have come most of the time, you have panels on the N7 Evry but you have ,also, panels directing you to the Orly 1 2 3 4 as above. Only the panels names change the rest stays the same as before.  There are free navettes to all parkings. The Inter terminal transport by Orlyval at terminal 4 by RATP counter; T 1 2 3 exit or sortie 14 departure level. Webpage ;

The arrays of public transportation which I have, also, taken are numerous; these are all if not most me think. For instance, the long public transport road to me would be from Orly take the OrlyVal train to Antony, here change to the RER B train to Denfert-Rochereau, then Metro line 4 to Gare Montparnasse, and then TGV to Vannes ! About 4 hours,By car about 5 hours.

The Navette Orlyval links Antony with the RER B stop Orly 4 sortie 48 level 0, Orly 1-2-3 at T1 level 1 sortie/exit 12d departures, From Paris direction Antony take direction Saint Remy lés Chevreuse and from Antony to Paris direction CDG aeroport. Official webpage :

OrlyBus from/to Orly Airport, to Denfert-Rochereau, webpage :

The bus 183 takes your from Orly 4 niveau or level 0 porte 47d arrêt or stop 4 to Pont de Rungis and then RER C to Paris. The RATP line is here:

The Tramway line 7 from Orly to Porte de Rungis and then RER C to Paris or continue to Villejuif-Louis Aragon terminus of metro line 7 to Paris. Map and info here:

The Bus Express 91-10 links with the TGV train station at Massy-Palaiseau from Orly 4 sortie 47 arrêt 3, Orly 1-2 sortie 22 arrêt 18. It connects there with the RER B and C to Paris. More info in French here:

The navette Magical shuttle takes you to Disneyland . It stops at  Orly 4 sortie 47d arrêt 3 ,Orly 1-2 level or niveau 0 arrêt 15 sortie 18a. Webpage :

Taxi stands at Orly 1-2 porte 14a, Orly 3 porte 32a, and Orly 4 porte 48a. Forfait rates posted to Paris rive droite are 37 euros and to Paris rive gauche 32 euros. The best for me are the G7 taxis. Webpage :

Orly airport pipo coming back visit mia 2010

Briefly on services inside the new terminals. The post office is at Orly 1-2 arrivals gate 14a there are mailboxes at various locations. Urgent medical care is at Orly 1-2 street level arrivals porte 10a. Pharmacies are at Orly 1-2   public zone departure gate 21d, Orly 3 reserve zone, Orly 4 public zone first floor (2nd US). My favorites hangouts in the old Orly airport, and still there are at Orly 1-2: Paul, Eric Kayser, Relay, Bellota Bellota, and FNAC . At Orly 3, FNAC, Paul, Italian Trattoria, and La Maison du Chocolat. At Orly 4: Berts, La Maison du Chocolat, ExKi, and Brioche Dorée.   The Buy Paris duty free are ok but you need to know your prices.

orly ouest hall 2 gate 20H the Febles aug13

And by now you know me, I could not leave this post without telling you about bits of the history of Orly airport that I like.

Inaugurated on May 23, 1909, Port-Aviation, located in Viry-Châtillon, on the banks of the Seine, is the first organized aerodrome in the world. This is where most of the air shows of the time were held. The site of the current Paris-Orly airport, the Longboyau plateau, located east of the national road 7 (N7), is then occupied by fields. These fields will be used as relief ground at Port-Aviation, as during the floods of 1910 which made it unusable. At the start of the Great War or WWI, the site, easily identifiable and accessible, served as a rescue ground for Allied planes, and farmers on the plateau frequently saw them land there. In 1918, the War Ministry requisitioned eleven hectares on the Longboyau plateau and built a hangar there. It is the beginning of the “Orly – Villeneuve” aviation camp. More and more planes are sent to the front from this terrain. On March 31, 1918, the Americans established their air base on the Orly plateau. At the beginning of 1919, the department of general warehouses of civil aviation (SEGA) is installed in Orly. It is taken in charge by the American army for the storage of air war material. On this military ground, the French, the Belgians and the Americans rub shoulders until 1919.  After WWI , a civil airport is installed to the north of the site, welcoming civilian passenger planes. During WWII, the land was first attacked by the Luftwaffe (Nazis Air Force), then became a Nazis military base. On August 23, 1944, the US Army Air Forces moved to Orly. It is at this time that the old control tower is built, still visible today, as well as the north-south tracks, one of which is now abandoned, but still present. In 1945, the company Aéroports de Paris was created, responsible for operating the airports around Paris. In 1946, the Americans returned the management of the airport to France. The French army and the American army however continue to sometimes use Orly airport. For example, it was from Orly that the last French troops left for Indochina in 1954. The old south terminal built from 1957-1960 marked a development, it was officially inaugurated on February 24, 1961 by General de Gaulle.

The information is as current as possible but due to current situation with the wuhan virus (covid19) you need to check before coming. In addition, I have not yet try the new configuration as my last trips by here was early mid 2019, when still name Ouest or West and Sud or south terminals.

The official Aéroports de Paris on Orly airport :

The un official Orly Facile or easy Orly webpage :

And there you go folks, another nice airport yours truly has walked and run inside to get to flights over the years and even connecting with CDG Roissy! Hoping the information is helpful for visiting folks , welcome to the new Orly Airport!! not yet Paris but you are near!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health , and many cheers to all!!!

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December 19, 2021

A tribute to friendships and good cheers!!!

And I need to update this post for the memories of always with friends and good cheers. And as this is the season to be merrier, why not now! I have been lucky to have visited 81 countries of our wonderful world , and lived in 6 (Cuba, Spain, USA, France, Brazil, Nigeria, and Swizerland) and able to fluent speak 4 languages (English, French, Spanish,and Portuguese). I have dealt with the internet and travel forums and enjoyed finally even meeting some of the folks ,and even had them visited my home and even stayed in my home! over the years. I am now alone as my dear late wife Martine, who accompany me on many of these trips and welcome these folks to our home is no longer due to the dreadful pancreatic cancer; this one is for her too.

Anyway, here is part of my story, the best I can, Hope you enjoy it as I, Over the years I had the opportunity to meet wonderful folks from around the World that have come over to meet me in France or Spain . I like to pay tribute to their enduring friendship in this humble post. I have had the opportunity to be involved in several travel forums over the years that have been fulfilling to say the least. Encounter folks from many lands who right away established a good friendly rapport with, and it continues for some.

Some of the travel sites were Madridman, Cityvox(now yelp), Slow Travel, Tripadvisor, Virtual Tourist (now part of Tripadvisor), Fodor’s, and Bottin Gourmand (as taster in France). I am no longer with any for reason of time and personal expressions that led me to start this blog, and away from forums. It is my intention to help readers enjoy the beauty of my surroundings and travels, and to help them enjoy their visits to these wonderful places more and better.

I have met them in Madrid, Spain, Paris, France, Versailles,France, Suresnes, France, St Germain en Laye, France ,etc. Some have come and some I have gone over, the general feeling is the same. Our love for travel and the human spirit remains strong attachment to our continuing relationship.




I have met folks in Paris coming from California and Georgia,USA, that have exchange quite a bit on the now defunct Virtual Tourist travel site, and we had lunch at Café l’Impériale. Unfortunaly there were others who came once I am living in the Morbihan breton and our dates could not be arrange to meet as they always (for some reason,,,) go to Paris, I have 3 friends as I write communicating with me via email who are in Paris or will be by this coming Wednesday, Enjoy Paris folks !!




Expats Paris! The anecdote here is that it was an American attorney in Paris (now last I know in S Arabia!) who created this group back in 2005. I was one of the first four who joined the chats and drinks at the Au Trappiste 4 rue Saint Denis every Thursday at 19h30 , It has been my hangout ever since with meeting visiting friends as well, Even thus I am no longer in the group, it is still active with more than 9K members !! if in Paris for long stays seek them out.



It is with great joy that I decide to interject my blog travel writing with this one, a special post in Paris1972-Versailles2003 blog.  A bit of an explanation on the name: Paris 1972 was the first time I saw Paris visiting it from my home in Madrid! Versailles 2003 was my coming to live permanently as a French citizen in France from Florida USA! Two important dates in my life.

Thank you very much, and may the relationships and friendships  grow stronger with time. And welcome all new readers and followers to my blog.  La vie est belle en France, life is beautiful in France. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

December 19, 2021

The passages of Paris, a revisit!!

Ok so as told not a shopping expert but indulge on it with my family and friends when going out in Paris or coming for a visit. One of the places I take them is the passages of Paris!!! I have written before on them, but this is a more detail review with short introductions to each. Again, this is on my black and white series.

Paris is full of secret places, testimonies of the history of the city. Discovering them helps to better understand the past of it. Take the covered passages of Paris, for example. In the 19C, thanks to Baron Haussmann’s grand urban transformation plan, the capital had more than 70! Their goal was to protect the wealthy population from the mud and the bustle of the streets by offering them passageways protected from the weather by beautiful glass roofs and bringing together many shops and restaurants in one and the same place.

First, what is a passage? Well best describe as a private lane open to the public, a shortcut between several lanes, whether it is covered or not. A pedestrian space, the passage can house both commerce and housing. Only the abundant decoration and the luxury of the shops differentiate a gallery from a passage. Today, the covered passages and their timeless charm have won back the hearts of Parisians who crowd alongside those that have been tastefully restored, sulking those disfigured by the lack of maintenance or the multiplication of stalls without elegance. . While many of them have disappeared as the city has evolved, many other passages have survive. Here is my take on them; hope you enjoy it as I.

Passage des Panoramas (2éme arrondissement). One of the oldest covered passages in Paris as built in 1799, and undoubtedly the most authentic with its many lights and period decorations!

Galerie Vivienne (2éme arrondissement). The most chic gallery in the capital with its mosaic floor and its luxury boutiques.

Passage du Grand-Cerf (2éme arrondissement). With its 12 meters high and its huge glass roof, it is one of the highest and brightest passages in the capital.

Passage Brady (10éme arrondissement). It is one of the few to be made up of two parts separated by Boulevard de Strasbourg since 1852: one part is covered by a glass roof and houses Indo-Pakistani, Mauritian and Reunionese traders, while the other is in the open.

Passage Choiseul (2éme arrondissement). Today, less traveled, it nevertheless had a facelift in 2013.

Passage Verdeau (9éme arrondissement). Located in the extension of the Passage des Panoramas and Jouffroy, the Passage Verdeau is one of the most charming with its antique dealers and other unusual shops.

Passage Jouffroy (9éme arrondissement). This is the first passage to have had underfloor heating and a metal frame, a revolution in architectural terms.

Passage Vendôme (3éme arrondissement). It is now almost abandoned. This does not prevent it from being part of the list of passages classified as historical monuments.

Passage Molière (3éme arrondissement). Its peculiarity can be found in the building numbers which follow an anti-clockwise progression. Uncommon !

Galerie Véro-Dodat (Iéme arrondissement). From 1966 to 2004, the whole of Paris ran to the shop of Robert Capia (French actor and antique dealer). In 2018, Parisians discovered an equally spectacular store there: that of Christian Louboutin.

Passage du Caire (2éme arrondissement). With its 370 meters in length, the Passage du Caire is the longest in Paris, but also one of the narrowest and above all, the oldest built in 1798, with its fishbone glass roof.

Passage des Princes (2éme arrondissement). In this passage which is the last one to be built in Paris during the Haussmann era as open in 1860. Before it was one here called the Mirés; now there are many stores dedicated to toys (a Toys Club store is located there) and video games; a temple that has something to delight young and old! And of course, my boys ruined me each time here until finally can pay on their own thanks God!!!

Galerie Colbert (2éme arrondissement). It does not house any boutique but only research institutes and laboratories linked to the history of art and cultural heritage. It is no less sublime!

Galerie de la Madeleine (8éme arrondissement). A small, quiet place located near a passage where it is pleasant to have a drink. A sentimental favorite as when worked nearby stop here for a drink many times!

The list does not end above , there are more still accessible to the public. These are the passage du Prado (10éme arrondissement), the passage du Havre (9éme arrondissement ,off gare st lazare and very much visited), the passage Puteaux (8éme arrondissement), the passage Sainte-Anne (2éme arrondissement), the passage du Ponceau (2éme arrondissement ), the passage of Bourg-l’Abbé (2éme arrondissement), the passage Ben Aïad (2éme arrondissement) , and the passage of Deux-Pavillons (1éme arrondissement).

Unfortunately, there have been several who have closed their doors such as the passage Alfred-Stevens, the Cour Batave, the Galerie Bergère (completely destroyed), the Galerie Boufflers, the Galerie de la Bourse , the passage de la Ville-l’Évêque, the Galerie Montesquieu , and the passage du Trocadéro.

The city of Paris going outs on the passages:

The Paris tourist office on the passages:

The Association of passages et galeries of Paris :

There you go folks, hope you find it helpful for your next shopping trip to Paris. Or just browse these wonders of architecture in the most beautiful city in the world, Paris.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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