La Vuelta de España 2022! Bike tour of Spain!

La Vuelta de España 2022! bike race. Something follow for more years that I like to count , La Vuelta!

I have been following the crescendo to the unveiling of the stages tonight and it has been a nice ride indeed. Hope you follow this post and ride along with me on TV ::)

The 2022 Vuelta will be held from August 19 to September 11, 2022 for the 77th edition ! The race will feature nine high finishes, of which at least five will be unprecedented in the history of the event. This Thursday December 16, at 19h30 (saw it live just now), Unipublic will present the route of La Vuelta 22. The Municipal Palace – IFEMA Madrid at Av. Capital de España, 7.

La Vuelta 22
will take off on the 19th of August with a team time trial through the streets of the Dutch city of Utrecht. The second stage will be held on the 20th of August between Hertogenbosch and Utrecht. On Sunday the 21st of August, the peloton will continue to ride through the North Brabant Region in a circuit stage, both commencing and concluding at Breda. The team presentation will take place on Thursday the 18th of August in the center of Utrecht. This act will inaugurate the Netherlands’s official La Vuelta departure. La Vuelta 22 will pass through 34 Dutch towns over three stages!!

There was talk of getting some of the stages by the Pico Jano in Cantabria or Tentudía, an ascent in Badajoz of 8.5 km at 4.8% would join another goal in Piornal so that Extremadura will once again be the protagonist of the race, as happened in the last edition . In fact, the Extremaduran community will be one of the ten that the peloton will cross in this edition that begins in the Netherlands, the only foreign soil that will set foot in 2022.

The Dutch start has already been presented, with an initial team time trial in the city of Utrecht, which, barring unforeseen events, will finally see its commitment to cycling rewarded for being the only city that has hosted the big three, as it was also the venue from the start of the 2015 Tour and was part of the initial stages of the 2010 Giro. Utrecht celebrates 900 years of its founding! too. Two other stages in the Netherlands, these in line, between Hertogenbosch and Utrecht, and the third with the start and finish line in Breda.

Euskadi will be the stage for three days and the three provinces will be the protagonists. The fourth stage would be entirely from Alava and will link Vitoria-Gasteiz, and Laguardia. The fifth, starting in Gipuzkoa in Irún and finishing in Bilbao, the capital of Biscay that in 2022 will be the goal of that day and departure of the next, which would take the peloton to Cantabria, to the goal of Pico Jano. Asturias, which would consist of two days and in which it is not ruled out that another of the unpublished high end of this edition is located. Collado Foncuaya has sounded, a port located in the council of Yernes and Tameza, which consists of almost six km at 8% on average and with ramps that reach 17%. Les Praeres or even Angliru are also shuffled in the local media as points keys to this edition. In addition, neighboring León will also have a day starting in Camargo and ending in Cistierna. Of the rest of the Vuelta 22, a stage between Elche and Alicante is taken for granted, and Andalusia again as the protagonist with stages in Granada and in the Sierra Bermeja of Malaga (the port of Los Reales). The Vuelta 22 will leave Sanlúcar de Barrameda 500 years after the exact day that Juan Sebastián Elcano set foot in Spain after taking the first trip around the world!

My dear Madrid will once again host the final stage of the Vuelta a España cycling race that celebrates its 87th anniversary in 2022 and the 77th edition. After 21 grueling days, the cyclists will arrive in the Spanish capital for the last stage. The El Pozo Factory will play a leading role in Alhama de Murcia in a stage that will be flat. It will, therefore, mean a special day for the oldest leader of Movistar. Alejandro Valverde ,La Bala or the Bullet! It will be 193 kilometers long and will be suitable for sprinters.

There will be a total of 6 flat stages and 2 flat stages with high end / 6 flat stages and 2 flat with high-altitude finals 11 medium and high mountain stages / 11 hilly and mountain stages 1 CRI & 1 CRE / 1 TTT & 1 ITT. Total 3,280.5 kms.

STAGE 1. CRE. An inaugural time trial somewhat longer than in recent editions. 23.3 km in Utrecht.
(STAGE 2) FLAT. A mostly flat stage Utrecht
(STAGE 3) FLAT. Completely flat day with guaranteed sprint arrival, Breda
(STAGE 4) HALF MOUNTAIN. Vitoria Gasteiz to LaGuardia .Stage with a predictable end to the sprint in a squad reduced by half. 15 km from the finish line, the Herrera pass is crowned, which leads to a descent to the end
(STAGE 5) HALF MOUNTAIN. Irun to Bilbao, Beautiful stage: five ports that will be colored with the Basque public.

Stage 6, Thursday, August 25: Bilbao-Ascent to Pico Jano, San Miguel de Aguayo, 180 km (mountain). Stage 7, Friday August 26: Camargo-Cistierna, 190.1 km (medium mountain).

Stage 8, Saturday August 27: Pola de Laviana-Collau Fancuaya. Yernes and Tameza, 154.5 km (mountain). Stage 9, Sunday August 28: Villaviciosa-Les Praeres (Nava), 175.5 km (mountain).

Stage 10, Tuesday, August 30: Elche-Alicante 31.1 km (Individual Time Trial)

Stage 11, Wednesday August 31: ElPozo Alimentación-Cabo de Gata, 193 km (flat)
Stage 12, Thursday, September 1: Salobreña-Peña Blancas. Estepona, 195.5 km (flat with a high end)
Stage 13, Friday September 2: Ronda-Montilla, 171 km (flat)
Stage 14, Saturday September 3: Montoro-Sierra de la Pandera, 160.3 km (mountain)
Stage 15, Sunday September 4: Martos-Sierra Nevada, 148, 1 km (mountain)
Stage 16, Tuesday, September 6: Sanlúcar de Barrameda-Tomares, 188.9 km (flat)
Stage 17, Wednesday September 7: Aracena-Tentudía Monastery, 160 km (flat with high end)
Stage 18, Thursday, September 8: Trujillo-Alto del Piornal, 191.7 km (Mountain)
Stage 19, Friday September 9: Talavera de la Reina-Talavera de la Reina, 132.7 km (medium mountain)
Stage 20, Saturday September 10: Moralzarzal-Puerto de Navacerrada, 175.5 km (mountain)
Stage 21, Sunday September 11: Las Rozas-Madrid, 100.5 km (flat)

I try to highlight my favorite runs from a visitor point of view if I could do that. A magical run for the whole world to enjoy it. You do not have to be a cyclist to enjoy this, just a lover of nature, sports, and plain beautiful scenary of my beloved Spain.

The official La Vuelta webpage:

There you go folks, enjoy once again La Vuelta 2022. Oh yes we are not there yet, but these even are planned ahead for all logistics ,and then some. So plan ahead and come to Spain, everything under the Sun!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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