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November 5, 2021

Concarneau by night!!!

And on my local outing of the week we came back to magical Concarneau in the Finistére dept 29 of the lovely region of Bretagne. We have been here before, but during daytime, and now we came at the fall of the night for a different look at this magical town. It is about a 45 minutes drive from our home. Hope you enjoy it.

concarneau harbor to city nov21

I am taking back into time and a fortified city with ancient walls and full of life now. Lovely and enchanting all around it. This is the Ville Close of Concarneau The walled city of Concarneau is a fortified city of the 15-16C built on an islet. It is the historical heart of the city,

Concarneau ville close clock tower front nov21

Concarneau ville close entr nov21

Concarneau ville close inside entr nov21

Inside you have many quant medieval looking town with plenty of shops, restaurants, and even a fishing museum ! (see posts), There is a nice well done in 1880 by the cour du gouvernement this was taken from the Château de Keriolet (see post) and put here in the 20C.

Concarneau ville close rue vauban nov21

concarneau ville close rue vauban shopping nov21

Concarneau ville close well fountain by entr nov21

Also, the nice Chapelle de l’Hôpital de la Trinité done in the 15C.  in the 16C Concarneau had a Chapel Hospital.  It was dedicated to the holy trinity. Its two halls could welcome several sick men and women. The halls gave direct access to the chapel, and from their bed could do their daily routines, it was to care for the homeless ,however by the 19C the hospital was in ruins. Only remained the wooden door facing rue Vauban. We can today admire the door in pillars and cap in stones and on top the blason or idenity shields of the founding lords. To the right of the door, there is a modest statue of St Guénolé done in 1954.

concarneau ville close chapelle de l'hopital nov21

In town the covered market or halles a sight not to missed. Plenty of hôtels and restos all along the bay makes it nice for choices the covered market or Les Halles! wow;;; this is always a stop for us here!! The Friday market in front of the Halles de Concarneau is one of the oldest and most important in Bretagne !

Concarneau covered market halles nov21

For nostalgia sake, we passed by the Les Grands Voyageurs Hôtel at 9 Place Jean Jaurès, We have eaten here with my dear late wife Martine, and brings back nice memories each time by even if did not eat tonight. The hotel is well place short walk across street to the Halles or covered market, 200 meters from the beach, 100 meters from Port de Pêch or fishing harbor, and 100 meters from the pleasure boat marina.

concarneau hotel les grand voyageurs front nov21

The Foire Saint-Martin (Fair) is back this year and a great event for the city, we took some during our visit last night, Riding school for everyone, young and old. Chichis, donuts… Open Wednesday from 14h to 20h, Friday evening, Saturday from 14h to midnight. And on Sunday from 14h to 20h. The Foire Saint Martin is until November 28! This year, two attractions are installed for the first time in Concarneau: The Gravity and the Move it Access to the fair is not subject when checking the health pass, only access to the thrill-seeking attractions must be made on presentation of a valid health pass at the entrance to the attractions concerned. Wearing a mask is compulsory, except for children up to 12 years old.

Concarneau pl jean jaures forain festival nov21

In all was a short memorable walk this time at night by the Ville Close of Concarneau, always nice and we enjoy it fully, you too will when stop by I am sure, Hope you enjoy this short walk with new pictures of Concarneau.

The city of Concarneau on its history

The Concarneau-Pont Aven tourist office on Concarneau

There you go folks, another dandy beauty of my lovely Bretagne, and so close to us we do come often. Concarneau is nice and the Ville Close is sublime like going back to better times. Hope you enjoy this night tour and do visit , recommended.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

November 5, 2021

Canal Saint Martin of Paris!

Ok so need to update this one another memorable spot in my eternal Paris ! We cannot be too far away from Paris ,even if not the same as when I came here first in 1972 ! Even thus my new duties will take me less coming to the city the memories will be memorable from wherever I will be… I like to touch on something that have come several times, and especially with the family for fun times along its banks.

Let me tell you a bit about the Canal Saint Martin! And to start right off the bat, let me tell you , recommend you , to take a cruise on Canauxrama on the canal sublime!  They propose several times and tours, the official webpage :

Paris canal st Martin Canauxrama and MK2 cinema

We went always early to walk its banks and basins and even the Rotunda, we park just south of the Bastille tower underground. Precisely 53 bd de la Bastille  Indigo parkings webpage:

Of course, this is for us coming over from Morbihan breton as once in town you can have the metro/bus to take you there or even walk if not far, From the parking we simply walk all over and had an easy in/out as well. Going over the Arsenal and the Rotunda Ledoux or Point Ephémére or Rotunda Stalingrand ,and the basin de la Villette! You will love the walk along this wonderful canal St Martin!

paris canal st martin pl bataille stalingrad

The creation of the Canal Saint-Martin is decided along with that of the Canals Saint-Denis and Ourcq. The construction of the canals was delayed by the situation in France between 1809 and 1815 (you know the one). Then king Louis XVIII (bro Louis XVI) re launched the project ,and funding must be found with the prefect proposing using private capital. In 1818, the Compagnie des Canals de Paris was created. It won the auction opened by the City of Paris in November 1821 for the construction of the Canal Saint-Martin in private concession, The prefect of the Seine laid the foundation first stone on May 3, 1822. The new canal was inaugurated by king Charles X (bro of Louis XVI and Louis XVIII) on November 4, 1825. In 1860, Georges Eugene Haussmann, prefect of the Seine, included the Canal Saint-Martin in his plans to modernize and expand the city. The canal is then covered in part by vaults including Boulevard Richard-Lenoir. In 1908, the recovery was extended to create the current Bd Jules-Ferry. The Canal Saint-Martin is mainly used to transport passengers for tourist cruises and little for the transport of goods. It is open 363 days a year. Its banks are also popular with Parisians for strolling and even picnicking !

The Canal Saint-Martin is a 4.6 km long canal located mainly in the 10éme and 11éme arrondissements of Paris. It connects the Villette basin and beyond the Ourcq canal to the port of Arsenal (the marina of Paris) ; which communicates with the Seine river. It is a small-scale canal originally intended to provide drinking water in Paris, it has nine locks and two rotating bridges for a total drop of 25 meters. In the network of Parisian canals, 130 km long, which belongs to the City of Paris includes this canal. This canal along its extension is reach by the following Metro stations Bastille, Bréguet – Sabin, Richard-Lenoir, Oberkampf, République, Goncourt, Jacques Bonsergent, Gare de l’Est, Château-Landon, Colonel Fabien, Louis Blanc and Jaurès.

Paris pont sur rue crimee to canal st martin nov11


The entrance to the canal consists of the double lock of the Villette located in the Place de la Bataille-de-Stalingrad, near the Rotunda Stalingrad. In its open-air section, it is bordered by the docks of Valmy and Jemmapes. The Louis Blanc basin is supported by a masonry bed that rests on stilts. When it was decided to bury the canal, the bed had to be lowered, the basement being of gypsum there. Pillars 16 meters deep had to be sunk, about every 10 meters. But the water has gradually dissolved in the ground and the canal now rests on a void.  The Canal Saint-Martin is then covered from Bd Jules-Ferry (Temple vault built in 1907). It then passes under the Bd Richard-Lenoir (Richard Lenoir vault built between 1860 and 1862), and finally under the Place de la Bastille (the Bastille vault made in 1862) to open onto the port of the Arsenal. The vaults Richard Lenoir and Temple are pierced with ventilation vents.They also allow the natural lighting of the tunnel.

The canal Saint Martin has several basins, these are the basin des Morts; Combat Basin; Louis Blanc Basin; Recollets basins; and the Marais Basin. They are separated by five locks, four of which are double such as La Villette lock (No. 1 and 2); Lock des Morts (No. 3 and 4); Recollets lock (No. 5 and 6); Temple Lock (No. 7 and 8); and the Arsenal Lock (No. 9). The crossing of the canal Saint Martin is made by two revolving bridges, two fixed bridges for cars and by pedestrian walkways: they are the footbridge of the locks of the Villette (passarelle) ; Rue Louis Blanc Bridge; Eugéne-Varlin Bridge; Bichat Bridge; Grange-aux-Belles turning bridge; Grange-aux-Belles bridge; Richerand Bridge; rue Dieu revolving bridge; Alibert bridge (passarelle) ; and the Passarelle des Douanes bridge (or pont des Douanes bridge 1860).


Some webpages to help you plan your trip are :

The Paris tourist office on the Canal :

The city of Paris on the canals of Paris :

There you go folks, another dandy and sublime eternal Paris spot. The Canal Saint Martin is one more reason why the most come to Paris and why it is No 1 in most travelers wish list. Enjoy Paris and its Canal Saint Martin!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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November 5, 2021

Some news from Spain CXIII

And back to sunny lovely Spain we go in continuing with my series some news from Spain. Thanks to all for your readership over the years. Winter is back and temps do come down to minus celsius in next few days in my dear Madrid. Let me bring you up to date on some of my favorites tidbits; hope you enjoy it as I.

The last Yankee bullfighter. Many were called in that country, from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, thanks to the influx that Sangre y Arena and Hemingway fed, and Tijuana ,a Las Vegas of the early 20C burned, with its offer of gambling, alcohol, women and. .. bullfighting. There, many yankee matadors saw their first fight, as was the case with a boy named Robert Ryan. The Californian lives in Madrid, he is the last of that time, along with the killer Bette Ford. And the documentary 6 Yankee bullfighters 6, which opens on the 7th November at the Seville Film Festival, collects this story. Ryan (Los Angeles, 1944) is the survivor of all Yankee bullfighting, already practically settled, along with his countrywoman Bette Ford, a Hollywood resident, the beautiful model Bette Ford (Pennsylvania, 1927) ,then a supporting actress in Cheers, Falcon Crest o The Prince of Bel Air- fought for years in the Mexican arena with his diamond earrings, receiving creepy gored. The seed was sown by Ernest Hemingway with his Death in the Afternoon (1932), and the film by Tyrone Power, Anthony Quinn and Rita Hayword Blood in the Sand (1941). great figures. And there were no fewer figures on the line: Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, Ricardo Montalbán, Jack Palance, Cesar Romero, Mickey Rooney, Marilyn Monroe, Ava Garner, Rita Hayworth, Lana Turner, Kim Novak, etc. webpage:

At 1,693 meters above sea level, Valdelinares, located in the heart of the Gúdar mountain range, claims to be the highest town in Spain. In the Gúdar mountain range, next to the Javalambre and Valdelinares ski resorts, is Valdelinares, located at 70 km from Teruel, the highest town on the Iberian Peninsula, in a tough fight with Vilaflor de Chasna, (Tenerife) for the title of “highest in Spain”. The Tenerife town reaches 2,484 meters above the sea level, but its population nucleus is concentrated in the urban area, located at 1,414 meters, while the 87 inhabitants registered in Valdelinares usually live at 1,690 meters, with the church door at 1,962 meters.

Just look up from the four-poster beds that house the rooms of the Hotel Convento de Giraldo of Cuenca to contemplate through the balcony the unusual and rugged terrain that surrounds the gorges of the Júcar and Huécar rivers. In each room of this place located a few meters from the Plaza Mayor of Cuenca, it is easy to be imbued with the contrast of this 17C construction with modern decoration. But it is even easier to get lost looking at the rocky terrain covered with snouts. Small orchards that have traditionally been the base of the supply of fruits and vegetables in the area and that, even today, are the pantry of a land with high culinary culture. A food house 21 km from the city of Cuenca (see posts) is the first stop to check it out. The Nelia Inn is located in Villalba de la Sierra,(see post) a town nestled in the Serrania de Cuenca.(see post). Its menu exemplifies the flavors of the land and tradition. Field rabbit with mushrooms, arriero garlic, wine pairings with the native bobal grape or the famous serrano mojete made with onion, olive oil, pickled chicken and blunt tomato. We arrived at the town of Uña (see post). The Abarca brothers, Jairo and Sergio, truffle producers, suppliers and connectors of all those who supply Jesús Segura, together with Jose, the local herb expert, are waiting there. Wild strawberries, raspberries, thyme, hortiga, elderberry or rose hip, and seasonal truffles such as dried senderuela or genea, which he says has a “yogurt smell” moments after his sniffer dog finds one by scratching the ground. Back in the old town Cuenca, we visited the Raff San Pedro restaurant. There, his chef, José Ignacio Herráiz, highlights the roots of his menu to the land with a kitchen garden. Impossible not to see it in their black olive muffins or in the peas harvested that very morning to ensure traceability. More on these culinary delights The official Raiz Culineria de Castilla La Mancha webpage:

There is a place in the comunidad de Madrid where you can visit, on the same day, the Parisian Eiffel Tower, the Berlin Brandenburg Gate, the Belgian Manneken Pis , the Roman Trevi Fountain, the Tower of London and that of Belém Lisbon. And so on until completing a total of 17 replicas of the most recognized monuments of the Old Continent. The place for this cultural tour is the Parque Europa park in Torrejón de Ardoz (see post). Spain has its quota, represented by Madrid’s Puerta de Alcalá. On the other hand, the park offers light shows and fountains, pony rides, children’s boats and trampolines. Free entrance. A wonderful family place off the beaten path away from Madrid city. webpage:

In its 1,560 square kilometers of surface, Gran Canaria hides many surprises. Especially those in which natural spaces play a prominent role and lead this island located in the Atlantic to be considered a miniature continent in which to sign up for activities and experiences of all kinds.Acuario Poema del Mar or poem of the sea aquarium. Three zones (Jungle, Reef-Beach and Deep Ocean) make up a didactic visit in which, at times, it seems that we have moved to far corners of our planet thanks to blue-toned lighting. Also, icon of the island and third highest point , the Natural Monument of Roque Nublo emerges at 1,813 meters as a privileged area in terms of views. On clearer days you can see the peak of Teide, on the nearby island of Tenerife.The final stretch of this route leads to an imposing esplanade known as El Tablon, where the powerful figure of Roque Nublo emerges, which rises to almost 90 meters high from its base and was created from volcanic rock.

Info on the Acuario Poema del Mar:

Info on Roque Nublo webpage:

What to do in Olvera, the fashionable town of Cádiz province after receiving the title of Rural Tourism Capital 2021. Olvera, voted Rural Tourism Capital 2021 by more than 120,000 Rural Getaway travelers, is a white sea dotted by the Arab Castle and the Church of Nuestra Lady of the Incarnation.The Andalucia tourist board on Olvera :

The Olavidia cheese, from the Andalusian cheese factory Quesos y Besos ‘Artesanos de Sierra Morena‘, has been the winner of the final of the World Cheese Awards 2021 held this Wednesday in Oviedo (Asturias). The event is part of the program of the International Cheese Festival that is held these days at the Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Oviedo. Olavidia is made with goat milk from Malaga, it is a cheese that contains a mysterious black line, less than a millimeter, that crosses from side to side. A line of ash from olive bones in the province of Jaén that slightly modifies the texture The most important international cheese competition in the world has had the participation of 4,078 cheeses and a jury made up of 240 people arriving in Oviedo from different parts of the planet. After a first screening, the jury selected 88 cheeses, called Super Gold. The 16 supreme judges then selected the 16 cheeses that participated in the grand final. After more than two hours of deliberation, ‘Olavidia’ has been chosen with 103 valuation points, 5 more than the second classified. Results webpage :

The corner of the Plaza de Santa Bárbara, where the Santander Cafeteria witnessed so many events in the capital since it opened in 1967, has reopened at the hands of the Cañadío group (La Maruca, La Bien Aparecida). Now name Gran Café Santander, and after months of reform, it is presented with a menu where the tortilla skewer, squid rings and the cheese cake that so many joys have given place. Located in the wonderful the Plaza de Santa Bárbara, 4 webpage:

Unfortunately, 1,000 Spanish monuments are currently at risk of disappearance, according to the ‘Red List of Heritage’ drawn up by Hispania Nostra, a non-profit public utility association whose purpose is to defend, safeguard and enhance the cultural and natural heritage of Spain. By autonomous communities and cities, Castilla y León leads the list with 356 monuments, followed by Andalusia (166), Castilla-La Mancha (115), Aragón (104), Extremadura (70), Galicia (63), Valencian Community (62 ), Murcia (47), Cantabria (44), Madrid and Asturias (30), Catalonia and Navarra (28), Basque Country (22), La Rioja (18), Canary Islands (13), Balearic Islands and Melilla (3) and Ceuta (2). In addition to the ‘Red List’, there is also the ‘Green List’, which includes the assets that have been removed from the first, as the risk they presented after having been intervened disappears. It currently has 181 monuments. On the other hand, there is also a ‘Black List’, which collects all the assets that have been removed from the ‘Red List’ because they have disappeared or their essential values ​​have been irreversibly altered. There are currently 11 monuments on this list, which include, for example, the exterior surroundings of the Walls of Ávila or the garages of Cuatro Caminos. Webpage :

19C Spain imagined the history of the country as a great novel, with twists, sayings, tragedies, faces, humanity … To back up this story, the nation used a whole court of artists who glimpsed a past full of emotion and, incidentally, with the odd license. The Aragonese Francisco Pradilla Ortiz, who died just one hundred years ago, is responsible for some of the most iconic works that occupy the Spanish imagination. ‘Doña Juana la Loca’, who received the medal of honor at the National Exhibition of 1878, or ‘The Surrender of Granada’ are two of the most recognized works of a very prolific painter with a facet that goes beyond the historical genre. Thyssen museum of Malaga webpage:

There you go folks, another dandy tidbits of my contribution to the news of my dear Spain. Things are moving up, travelers are coming and places are beginning to be book solid. Be ready as Spain is everything under the sun! And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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