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October 29, 2021

The good times ,and sights of the Philippines!

I will remind myself of the good night time in the Philippines, and update this older post, I made several trips to the country the last few years, 6 times to be exact from 2014 to November 2018, all memorable with many friends. This post will be on fun and sights of the Philippines, Do see my other posts and hope you enjoy them as I.

At Cebu, (Mandaue city) we went to the Jump Shot Sports Bar, a rather rocking place with a terrace overlooking the main street. Plenty of cheers good beers and friendly company. We had great fun here and came back couple times more to the Jump Shot Sports Bar. Recommended. Yelp reviews webpage:


Then,over in Manila we went to the Road House Manila Bay,and it was rocking live with a good band and friendly nice service. The band was Spank Me Regor and was again very good indeed worth going back for them, very nice vocals music from the 80’s! The Yelp reviews webpage:



We were there by the harbor in Manila, so there was a nice big wheel that remainded me of the one in Paris place de la Concorde.


 All on the road warrior ways ,I like and nice memories of the Philippines. As said, many other visits there and been to several islands, great memories, great friends and many souvenirs. Do not know when back but if long the memories will lingered forever. Thanks Philippines.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

October 29, 2021

Las Majadas!!!

Ok so nostalgia and memories flashing I saw the pictures of the park were not included in previous post on magical wonderful sublime Las Majadas, in the province of Cuenca, Autonomous community of Castilla La Mancha, Kingdom of Spain! Therefore, let me tell you a bit on this memorable spot of ours!

Las Majadas will be in our mind forever, we stayed here with wonderful vacation time renting a home with the entire family ,and using it as a base to see all of central Spain from the coast of Valencia to upwards of Segovia and down to Toledo. The town has an area of 87,25 km2 (about 34 sq miles) with a winter population of 317 folks, at a height of 1393 meters (about 4570 feet).

The town of Las Majadas is part of the Serrania de Cuenca , about 36 km from the Unesco World Heritage site of Cuenca. The thrill each day was driving down and up its winding and zig zag’s roads with gorgeous mountains views with lookout stops along the way to enjoy the scenery even more.


We walked each day to the small garden park at the entrance of the village; along the road CUV 9113 (carretera Villalba de la Sierra) and calle del Horno , around this latter you reach the Plaza Mayor of Las Majadas, continue and reach Calle Atanasio Lasso turn left and reach our reliable nice rental house,Casa Rural Pitu (see post). There is a nice garden here with a fountain and benches, nice to have a cold one and look around the hills in a quant Castilian mountain town! Superb!




As told several times, Spain is in me no matter where I go, or live, and so lucky to found a French women who spoked Spanish and like the idea of vacationing there even were thinking of retirement. Well the luck of the devil it could not be done as she passed away last April 30th 2018 from pancreatic cancer. My hopes were dashed and a new life is slowly coming together. However, the memories ,the souvenirs, the joys of the past with my dear late wife Martine will always be there intact. Las Majadas was a great place to be at. We are always remembering and réminiscences of times past where we had so much family joy here. It will be with me for the rest of my life.

Hope you too can enjoy these off the beaten path of my dear Spain, and remember , you read it here first jejeje! It will be worth your while to visit Las Majadas for the outdoors in us and visit wonderful Cuenca nearby. An excellent one two punch!!! recommended!!!

Some webpages to help you plan your trip are:

The Cuenca province tourist board on Las Majadas

The Cuenca tourist office on places to see in Las Majadas

The Castilla La Mancha tourist board on Las Majadas

The Guia Repsol of Spain on Las Majadas (Michelin of Spain):

There you go folks, a sentimental, memorable place for us, but worth the detour by all. Wonderful unique deep Castilla of Spain. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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October 29, 2021

Schiphol, Amsterdam’s airport!!

So looking at my vault of pictures found some not shown in my blog on Schiphol airport. Even, thus written a post on it, will like to share these pictures and provide more information on an airport  I have taken many times in my travels around the world. Therefore, this post is Schiphol, Amsterdam’s airport!!

I have come most of the time by transfer/connection to Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport located less than 20 minutes by train from the Centraal train station in city center. The best way to get to the city ,and if first time or more, head for the tourist office of Amsterdam just across…


The Schiphol airport has six runways. The airport has a single terminal, which under one roof brings together three interconnected halls, themselves made up of boarding branches from  B to H.  There are hall buildings at Schiphol Airport: Hall 1 for flights within the Schengen area, Hall 2 for flights inside and outside the Schengen area, and Hall 3 for international non-Schengen flights and low cost airlines (also Schengen flights). The airport is the third in Europe in passenger volume.


Most air passengers give Schiphol Amsterdam Airport high marks (me too) because it is extremely easy to reach by public transport, and because of its modern architecture, services and craftsmanship. At Schiphol Airport, besides take off, landing and stops, you also have great opportunities for shopping, going out, relaxing and … even visiting a museum! A branch of the famous Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. You can admire the works of great Dutch masters there between Lounges 2 and 3.


In the fascinating airport buildings of Schiphol, you will find a shopping center, a casino, spas, and several restaurants. Schiphol even has its own library with works from Dutch literature, translated into several languages. From the panoramic terrace, in Hall 1, you will have a fascinating view of the planes taking off and landing. Most if not all activity of any kind is along Holland boulevard in the one terminal airport.



You cross Schiphol Plaza when you leave Schiphol Airport. This hall is equipped with a giant steel roof and a magnificent glass facade. It houses shops, restaurants, the hallway for a hotel, and another for the parking lot and metro station. At Schiphol Plaza you will be able to shop even if you are not a passenger. Under the Schiphol Plaza is the Schiphol Airport train station. The train is the best connection between the airport and the city center (even I said that). It has departures each 10 minutes and the travel time is 10-15 minutes. You will arrive at Amsterdam Centraal train station where a lot of hotels are located. This is also the central stop for the departure of taxi´s, metro´s, tram´s and busses. Take it from Platforms 1 and 2 in the main arrival plaza. You can find the platforms at the main hall (take the stairs down to go to platform 1 and 2). The Amsterdam Airport Express Bus (line 397) offers a convenient and direct transfer from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam city center as an option but never taken it.


The official Schiphol Amsterdam airport:

The Amsterdam tourist office on Schiphol airport:

The official Schiphol plaza webpage:

There you go folks, a bit more on the popular Schiphol Amsterdam airport! Lots of memories by here and eating/shopping on its wonderful facilities. Hope it helps your travel plans.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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