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October 27, 2021

On the road in Sao Paulo State of Brazil!!!

Ah these are pictures I found not yet in my blog, and reminds me of driving in big beautiful Sao Paulo State of Brazil!!! The post is in memory of those friends who drove me, let me drive their cars, and always there when needed. On the road in Sao Paulo State of Brazil!!!

I had the opportunity over the years to visit many many times the country and once even lived there in the State of Paranà, learning the language. I would love to tell you about my road warrior thrills in the State of Sao Paulo. I visited the capital city of the State , Sao Paulo in one of my first ever visit to Brazil back in around 1988, and of course, always landed at the Guarulhos airport.

The Rodovia Fernão Dias (Highway) is the name given to the BR-381 in the stretch between two Brazilian metropolitan regions: Grande São Paulo and Grande Belo Horizonte. It was only in 1961 that the highway been fully completed, with the completion of works on the São Paulo stretch. The trafic passing through the BR-381, represent an average circulation of more than 15 thousand vehicles , between buses, trucks and cars per day. In addition, 25% of the population of Minas Gerais lives and works in its area of influence.

SP tunnel mata fria on hwy Sul to airport jun12

Arteris, the rodovia management company and the Federal Government signed on February 14, 2008 the concession contract for 25 years for the management and operation of the Fernão Dias Highway (BR-381), with 562 km in length, The main cities crossed by the highway in Sao Paulo State, city of Sao Paulo and Guarulhos (airport) ; while in Minas Gerais State are my Trés Coraçoes, and Varginha. There are others , these are the one I have driven on.

The Arteris road management company on the rodovia Fernäo Dias

Along this rodovia Fernäo Dias we stopped for food at a roasted chicken chain Rede Frango Assado at the location Rodovia Fernão Dias, KM 888, Cambuí – Minas Gerais! Official chain webpage: 

sao paulo frango asado rodovia fernan dias rest stop to tres coracoes may17

sao paulo frango asado dining rodovia fernan dias rest-stop to tres coracoes may17

There you go folks, a nice short but memorable road warrior adventure into country Brazil. The Fernao Dias will be remembered and thanks to wordpress and my blog will be here for a long while to tell you all about it!! Hope you enjoy it as I always will.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

October 27, 2021

Paulinia in the State of Sao Paulo!!

To my surprise I have not told you much about Paulinia one of the off the beaten path towns of the State of Sao Paulo I have stayed several times, This cannot be so therefore, it needs to be in my blog for the memories of always ; here is my take on country town Paulinia ; hope you enjoy it as I.

Paulínia is as said in the State of Sao Paulo, the better known capital city of the same name,only about 119 km away. The town was emancipated on February 28, 1964, but its foundation dates back to the beginning of the 20C. The name is a tribute to José Paulino Nogueira, a well-known farmer in the Campinas (see post) region, a town from which Paulínia emancipated himself and who lent his name to the railway station around which the town developed.

I always came by car here, the best way! The Anhanguera, Bandeirantes and Dom Pedro I highways do not pass through the area of ​​the town of Paulínia, but are easily accessible through neighboring highways, in addition to the SP-332 (Sao Paulo State hwy 332) highway, which is statewide. I have taken the first three and especially the first two.  The Viracopos Airport is located in the town of Campinas, 31 km from the center of Paulinia.

The Ibis hotel in Paulinia was the first hotel I stayed here way back in 2012 and then some,,,, Nice French chain Accor hotel and very much in town, memories forever. webpage:

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

I went again several times to Paulinia and took another hotel, which was better.  There is big nature trails here and an ecological park. As doing trips back and forth ,on the way back late at night stay on the rodovia 332 in the Hotel Victoria Convention. This is a very nice spacious hotel and rooms with a very good restaurant where I ate dinner of meats cuts and beers with coffee rather nice. Vitoria hotels webpage:

paulinia hotel vitoria arriv may17

paulinia hotel vitoria pool area may17

paulinia hotel vitoria resto dining may17

A bit of history I like

During the 18C, the Campinas region began to be occupied due to the passage of the Banderaintes (explorers private individuals) routes that headed to the gold mines in the interior of Brazil. The city is currently located,around these gold mines, one in 1796 and the other, called sesmaria Morro Azul, in 1807.

The inauguration of the carriage section of the Funilense Railroad, on September 18, 1899, changed the economic order of the São Bento district. The José Paulino train station attracted several merchants to the neighborhood and gave rise to Vila José Paulino, in 1906 as a result of the development of the São Bento neighborhood. Around the station came the Rua do Comércio, later renamed as avenida José Paulino, and a replica of the chapel of the São Bento farm, the São Bento Church, which still exists today. On November 30, 1944, José Paulino was elevated to a district with the name of Paulínia

In the mid-1950s, a retired employee of the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo, José Lozano Araújo, founded the association Amigos de Paulínia (friends of ) and started a movement for the emancipation of Paulínia. The movement culminated in the holding of a plebiscite on November 6, 1963, which determined emancipation. On February 28, 1964, the Law creating the town of Paulínia was officially published.

The city of Paulinia is not gear to tourism per se, even if there are some things to see in town. The Municipal Theater, part of the Paulínia cinematographic pole, are important tourist attractions. The Praça Paul Percy Harris square is known for having the greatest Rotarian symbol in the world. The Historical museum, the São Bento Church and the Praça Sagrado Coração de Jesus (Sacred Heart of Jesus square). 

The city of Paulinia on its history in Portuguese :

The Brazil tourist guide on Paulinia in Portuguese :

There you go folks, another dandy memory lane post from yours truly! This is great, one major reason I started my blog back in November 2010 (which I thank you for reading me since); this blog is my life story hopefully to stay here for my sons to cherish with all for many years to come. Hope you enjoy this latest found spot in the world for me; Paulinia in the inland State of Sao Paulo will now be better remembered.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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October 27, 2021

Descalvado in Sao Paulo State!!!

I have written couple posts on the city of Descalvado, with many memories of my travels there. A city in the off the beaten path definition per se of Brazil in general. I happened to come here on business, and made several trips over the last few years, to get to know the town well and still many friends.

Looking at my previous posts on the city realise had some pictures not shown yet, and they should. Therefore, came up with this post of mix in new and old text with new blog pictures as my hommage to Descalvado. Hope you enjoy it as I.

Descalvado is located in the center-east region of the State of São Paulo. Today, Descalvado has several agricultural activities such as sugarcane, citrus, corn, soy, coffee, dairy farming, etc… and industrial activities, highlighting: mineral, homemade sweets, poultry and agricultural implements, metallurgy, poultry and livestock feed, artistic ceramics and others, One of the reasons I came to know this town of by now many nice memories and friends.  A bit of history on the mayor’s office tells us that the town came to be by 1809, and the name come from the Morro de Descalvado or hill of Descalvado.

Some of the touristic things to see here are :

Salto do Pântano or falls as the tourist attraction located 7 km from the city center, The waterfall is 42 meters high, Salto do Gasoso is about 20 meters high and is just a few km from Salto do Pântano. Castelo de Almansa (see post) is a replica of a castle built in the city of Almansa, Spain, this tourist spot is one of the most beautiful and surprising just outside city limits. In addition to the architecture, the building also preserves objects similar to those found in the Spanish castle, such as clocks, sculptures and works of art. Pitangui Rapids are located on the Mogi Guaçu River, the rapids are ideal for canoeing and rafting, also serving for tourists who want to enjoy traditional fishing. Cachoeira dos Índios , this waterfall, approximately 12 meters high, is located in the Butiá district, 6 km away from the city center of Descalvado.

On the way by car from Descalvado to Paulinia (see post) ,we passed by a secondary road where we saw a replica of a Spanish castle of Almansa very nicely done. They have a Facebook page:


The main road and the one I always took to get here is the SP-215 – Rodovia Dep. Vicente Botta , it changes names and number in its long traject to other cities in the region,

I always stayed in town across from the Church Nossa Senhora do Belem (see post). A nice Church with a double tower front and nice decoration but simple inside. Of course, the hotel Descalvado dates from 1888 and the only one in town; simply the best lol! A local joke they put you here as the best when in reality is the only hotel in town! The hotel is very basic but clean and great family service with a good breakfast right in the park city center:downtown!  My home away from home from 2011 to 2018!!! I am already missing it…! More on the hotel webpage:

Descalvado Church Nossa Senhora do belem front jun12

Descalvado Church Nossa Senhora do Belem church back jun12

descalvado hotel Descalvado inside nov15

The eating places were many but the ones remembered kindly were the Baro steakhouse and brewery right in city center Descalvado. The food , service and of course homemade beers were great, to be revisit and good luck with the business. They have a Facebook page:

descalvado baro bar brewery resto may17

Another regular hangout was the Churrasqueria Cabana; nice food, great ambiance, and all home made locally done; just on the other side of the park from my hotel! You take your food and weighted at the counter ,than go to eat and pay on way out. All kinds of meats and fish, entrées, and dessert wash down with good brahma local beers. They have a Facebook page ;but ,also an official webpage:

Descalvado churrasqueria Cabana going out resto may17

descalvado churrasqueria cabana resto dining nov15

There is a nice park and rotunda across from the above hotel and the above church are located; this is like city center central, nice ambiance and nice quant town. I spent many times waiting for my rides here and walking all over every year for many years. Memories forever!

Descalvado parque central city center may17

The Descalvado municipal on its history webpage:

The Brazil tourist guide on Descalvado

There you go folks, another memory lane post , always remembered the good times and friendly folks here. Glad have wordpress to keep these memories alive, Descalvado in deep State of Sao Paulo is one of those to always remembered. Hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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