Some news from France, CCCXLVIII

It’s time again for my series dear to me since the start of my blog back Nov 2010! Thank you for reading me over these years! It has been a pleasure!! In this Automme (Fall) day in my beautiful Morbihan, lovely Bretagne and belle France; let me tell you about some news from France! Hope you enjoy reading as I.

The Musée des arts décoratifs brings to light in the exhibition “Cartier and the arts of Islam”, visible from now to February 20, 2022, one of the sources of inspiration for the Parisian house. The tiara, a platinum structure on top of which beautiful diamonds burst, is made of rock crystal engraved with sophisticated windings. But these did not fall from the sky and the Cartier house, which created the object in 1912, was not struck by the divine thunderbolt of the creation the Museum of Decorative Arts (MAD). Cartier and the arts of Islam. At the sources of modernity, at MAD, 107, rue de Rivoli, Paris 1éme. webpage:

With the exhibition “Ettore Sottsass. The magic object “, presented at the Centre Pompidou, in Paris, until January 3, 2022, parades from room to room throughout the creative life of the architect, designer, painter and scenographer. a remarkable exhibition bringing together four hundred works (drawings, paintings, objects), five hundred photographs and two hundred unpublished documents which retrace the career of the maestro (born in 1917 in Innsbruck, in Austria, died in 2007, in Milan, in Italy), the “guru” of the avant-garde. webpage:

The famous brand of chocolate drink Cacolac, installed since its creation almost seventy years ago in Gironde, should inaugurate, in summer 2022, its first factory entirely dedicated to canning … wine!! oh well…. Since 2012, the family group has already discreetly sold around five million cans of wine per year, mainly in the United States (of course). A great diversification for the group. If the first chocolate drink from Cacolac was born in 1954, the family dairy was installed in Bénauge, on the right bank of Bordeaux, at the end of the 19C. Over the years, the business grew, and from the late 1970s the famous aluminum can supplied to supermarkets. At the start of 2000, the Bordeaux factory was relocated to a larger site in Léognan, about 20 km from Bordeaux.Can’t imagine folks drinking wine from a can, but as the world turns… And who is Cacolac well read webpage in English:

A wonderful book now in French but also in Spanish. “Dictionnaire Cervantes” or dictionaryi, by Jean Canavaggio: an obsessive presence. An antidote against any biographical illusion affecting the author of “Don Quijote”, signed by one of his greatest specialists. More than other writers of his time, Cervantes left in the works born of his imagination traces what Jean Canavaggio characterized as an “episodic and fragmented autobiographism . Until the discovery of archives documenting certain episodes of his life, it is the presence in the works of this split self that has nourished the biographies of the author. Deduced from the texts or enriched by the archives, they chained the successive lives of Cervantes, who was, over the years, a soldier in Italy, a captive in Algiers, munitioner and tax collector, imprisoned in Seville for debts to of the Royal Treasury, precocious poet, unhappy playwright and, ultimately, the author of short stories and stories which invented literary modernity. In 1986, by publishing his biography of Cervantes (Mazarine), revised and reissued several times, Jean Canavaggio gave the masterpiece of an inexhaustible genre.More info in French:

Twenty-six objects soon to be returned to Benin by the Quai Branly Museum!! yes plenty spread around museums not belong to them! The historical pieces of the kingdom of Abomey, from the collections of the Musée du quai Branly, are due to be transferred on November 9,2021. They are exhibited on October 31 as a temporary presentation is planned after the return, probably in Cotonou, until the place planned for the city of Abomey, in the south of the country, is ready to receive them. The war began in 1890 with the battle of Cotonou. The French seized Abomey, the capital, on November 17, 1892. It was then, during the sacking of the royal palaces, that the three bocio statues, which are the emblems of the last three kings, Ghézo, Glélé and Béhanzin, and are supposed to protect, as well as furniture and court objects. The Gen Dodds who took them (stole), donated it to the Musée du Trocadéro, in Paris, in two installments: eight pieces in 1893, eighteen in 1895. Now back to Benin at last. webpage:

Hundreds of two-wheeler drivers marched in procession from the Porte Dauphine to the forecourt of the Hôtel-de-Ville. Passed by the Paris Council on July 6, the measure will come into force on January 1, 2022 for a raise on parking fees. Leaving at 15h from the Porte Dauphine 16C, the roaring procession arrived at around 17h15 on avenue Victoria, in front of the forecourt of the Hôtel- de-Ville (4éme) According to the price list of the Hôtel de Ville, motorcyclists will have to pay from January 1, 2022, 3 euros per hour to park in the first 11 arrondissements (zone 1) and 2 euros in the others (zone 2). Monthly cards at 90 euros (zone 1) or 70 euros (zone 2) will be set up for regular visitors who will also pay 1.20 euros per hour in zone 1 and 80 cents in zone 2. As for Parisian residents, the annual card will cost them € 22.50 to benefit from a daily rate of 75 cents.Oh well next will be cyclists!

24 works of contemporary art are exhibited at the Jardin des Tuileries garden. As part of the international contemporary art fair (FIAC), these works are presented in the open air and free of charge between the Louvre Palace and the Place de la Concorde. This outdoor exhibition of 24 contemporary works of art, open to all and without reservation, it’s great!Indeed

Following the relaxation of social distancing rules in amusement parks, Disneyland Paris has announced the return of two of its iconic shows as well as the launch on November 13 of the new Christmas parade. The sanitary pass remain compulsory within the grounds of the park. The first of the shows to make its return this Saturday, “The Lion King and the Rhythms of the Earth performed daily at the Frontierland Theater. The” Disney Illuminations “night show will return on December 21st 2021. This sound and light show projected on the facade of Sleeping Beauty castle, which combines water jets and pyrotechnic effects, will once again transport visitors every evening in Mickey’s wake. The main novelty is the arrival, from November 13, of the Christmas parade called “Mickey and his sparkling Christmas parade”, this unprecedented parade will be composed of five luminous floats, each representing scenes and decorations typical of the Christmas holidays and featuring Mickey and his friends, as well as the Disney princesses and Santa Claus, accompanied by Tinker Bell and supervised by the performers, dressed in luminous costumes designed for the occasion. So welcome back Disneyland Paris!

It was Zola’s paradise: completely restored, his house in Médan reopens after ten years of closure. It is here, in his house in Médan (Yvelines 78), that the father of “J’accuse” wrote many of his novels. A very beautiful museum dedicated to the Dreyfus Affair is inaugurated. The house acquired by Emile Zola in 1877 is the cradle of most of his writings. More info official webpage:

For the fourth year, Chinese lanterns illuminate the park of the Château de Thoiry from October 31. A nighttime show entirely redesigned for this new edition: pandas, whales, zebras … a luminous fairyland at the Thoiry zoo . The park of the Château de Thoiry will once again become a marvelous, brilliant and shimmering garden for the 4th edition of Wild Lights. A fairyland based on the principle of Chinese lanterns, in the heart of nature, where you walk around at your own pace. webpage:

It is a Gallic tidal wave which is about to sweep through bookstores around the world from this past Thursday October 21 with the release of the 39th Asterix and Obelix album, “Asterix and the griffon” In bookstores this Thursday, the 39th tome of the adventures of the irreducible Gauls reached record runs. But beyond the incredible editorial phenomenon, Asterix has established itself in recent months on all fronts, from cinema to television.In addition to comic books, Asterix can be found in films, an animated series, a amusement park… And other projects are still to come. webpage:

Fot interest for some coming and locals alike like me let me tell you Real Estate prices are going up everywhere! You think great for your investments but so will be the same for your future purchases!! In Seine-et-Marne,(dept77) houses are popular. According to Orpi,(a real estate company) the number of compromises jumped by + 12% between January and August 2021 and prices per square meter by + 9%. As for apartments, the figures rose by + 14% and + 4% respectively. In the Yvelines, (78) the trend is even stronger: compromises on houses soared by 45% (stable prices with an average of € 3,470 / m²) over the period and apartments by 18% (+ 5% for price per square meter reaching € 3,870). + 73% is the increase in the number of home searches nationwide, between January and August 2021, according to Orpi. In Paris, the market remains balanced with prices around 10,200 euros per square meter. The attraction for suburban homes is growing. The reason ? They not only attract Parisians looking for a new primary residence, but also those who have had the experience of teleworking during confinement and intend to enjoy the great outdoors regularly, over a long weekend. Yes folks are moving out west to Bretagne too, for prices, cost of living, and just plain fun activities in plein air!My town is expected to reach 10K folks by 2025 from current 7.5k!

If you are one of those young Parisian workers who work in environments that want to be dynamic and kindly hipsters, you may recognize yourself in the following lexicon, which we found in a book written by Samantha Bailly: Stagiaires : le guide de survie or interns, the survival guide (Éditions Larousse, 2016). We don’t “think”, we “brainstorm”, we don’t “manage”, we “take the lead”,. We do not say that something is “boring” but “challenging”, We do not make a “phone call”, we have a “call”, We do not say “I stole the ideas of a competitor” but “I did a benchmark”, We were not fired, we “started a new adventure” etc. slang à la Française comes more and more English….

This year again, Cadremploi (jobs site) conducted a study on the preferred cities of Parisian executives. The latter, published on August 26, 2021, reflects a real desire to leave the capital, for a cheaper and less stressful lifestyle, and a more lenient climate . Of course, this is ongoing for several years now, and I am glad I did leave! 69% of Parisian executives wish to leave Paris! within 3 years to come, and 33% are actively looking for a job elsewhere or have already started transfer procedures. At the top of the ranking are Bordeaux (48.7%), Nantes (40.7%), and Lyon (30.1%). and Rennes is in 7th place. The trend continues away from Paris.

Blitz Society is a whole new place with a cozy atmosphere, inspired by New York clubs. Inside, 27 custom-designed chess tables, good wine, a background of jazz music. The bar was designed by a chess master Vincent Riff, national youth coach at the Swiss Chess Federation, and the tables by architect Sandra Benhamou. This place aims to democratize the game of chess and is aimed at enthusiasts as well as the curious (open to all, no membership card, internship for children …). Its name “Blitz” refers to high-speed games in which players must play their shot in less than five minutes. Blitz Society, 4, rue du Sabot, 6éme. Open Tuesday to Sunday 11h to 23h. webpage:

How to imagine a Paris without the Canal St-Martin? It’s a must-see, one of our favorite spots, indeed. Inaugurated in 1825, it is the last canal to emerge from land or water and the only one to be located entirely in Paris. It anchors the 19éme, 10éme, 11éme, 4éme and even 12éme arrondissements, where it flows into the port of the Arsenal in Bastille. With its nine locks and its 4.5 km long, it is the smallest of the three small canals, but above all the most famous. A bit of History I like: Inaugurated in 1825, it is the last canal to emerge from land or water and the only one to be located entirely in Paris. Adorned with Eiffel-style movable bridges, the cinema lovers adores it. Between the Place Stalingrad and the port of the Arsenal, between walks, parks, pétanque bars, evenings by the water, a brunch, an aperitif and frenzied nights, we love this little Saint-Martin. And for water lovers, in bottles or in the canal, you can also discover this gem on board a boat. Cruises are organized by Canauxrama and Paris Canal. A good plan to cross the 9 locks and descend the 25 meters deep that the Canal Saint-Martin has to offer. Some place to eat, drink, enjoy life at its best in the eternal Paris are

Meet on the Quai de Valmy for a very sweet hangover brunch at Tiger Milk. The very first to bring out her Mexican brunch which is worth the detour . 37 Quai de Valmy – 10éme. webpage:

Siseng is the neo-restaurant that masters the bao-burger like no other where you can eat Asian burgers, colorful foods, the best steams in Paris but also gourmet dishes. It was even elected among the 18 best restaurants in France! As much to tell you that it is better to book ahead. 82, quai de Jemmapes – 10éme. webpage:

At Les Petits Tonneaux, it is impossible to miss the terrace, which extends to infinity of this good old harbor in the Faubourg du Temple. Pints ​​and glasses not expensive, here nobody takes the lead and the party can last until the early hours with the possibility of putting your own music 15-17 Rue du Faubourg du Temple – 10éme no webpage but info here:

This is an update need to post now. tramway line 13 is coming to the Yvelines dept 78 my former dept. A distance of 18.8 km between Saint-Germain-en-Laye and Saint-Cyr-l’Ecole;30 minutes journey.passing every 10 minutes in rush hours due to begin by Summer 2022! By the end of 2027, the T13 will be extended from Saint-Germain-en-Laye to Achères via Poissy. webpage info:

There you go folks, hope you enjoy the post and do come on over my belle France. Things are moving in the right way slowly does it. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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