Goh Lanno sports park of Pluvigner!!!

I have written many posts on my town of Pluvigner and glad to do it, as not always should be places visited far away but up close and personal as my blog is, In the running, also written on the parc Goh Lanno, which is not far from my house ; so much we walked our dog Rex there every day, This time went to see how the new stands are doing and took new pictures, therefore, this is the time for an update on the Goh Lanno sports complex of Pluvigner. This is my town in the beautiful Morbihan breton dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne and my belle France.

plu goh lanno main complex entr oct21

Surely, for a small town of about 7.5K folks , this is one of the best sports complex around and we are very happy about it and even more so because it is walking distance from my house. The parc Goh Lanno is not to be confused to the adjoint collége Goh Lanno or middle school. One of my sons plays for the football/soccer team but today were playing away in Mendon, and I did not go,,,,not in every game lol !

plu goh lanno entr complex parking oct21

In my previous post, told you about the history of the park and even a bit on Pluvigner but this time will base it on the new construction with new pictures. There is a new basketball court, a renovated petanque (a sort of open air bowling with precision throws) , a huge sports complex for indoor basketball/volleyball, and others like judo etc, A rugby field and the best 3 football/soccer fields.

plu goh lanno basket courts oct21

plu goh lanno petanque field oct21

One football/soccer field is a training ground and jogging conditioning. There is a second artificial grass field for official games, and the main stands field with sports booth. On the main stadium there are changing rooms and showers as well.

plu goh lanno main stade upper deck closeup oct21

plu goh lanno main stade to chg rooms oct21

plu goh lanno secondary stade field oct21

plu goh lanno training field oct21

For a recap, the facilities there in two halls green and blue were put into service between 1975-1984, this sports space is of the multisports hall type, it has a synthetic floor ,and has 100 seats in the grandstand. The development area is 1484 m2 on the main stadium, You can practice 9 sports activities at Complexe Sportif De Goh Lanno: handball, mini hand, beach handball, basketball , track running, other dances, karate, karate jutsu , goshin jutsu, kobudo, nihon tai-jutsu, taijitsu, nambudo, ninjutsu, nunchaku, …also, indoor hockey, field hockey, badminton, shuttlecock game , volleyball, beach volleyball, green volleyball, and tennis.

The city of Pluvigner on the parks and Goh Lannohttps://www.pluvigner.fr/equipements-sportifs/

There you go folks, a nice walk from my house to showcase the wonderful Goh Lanno sports park of Pluvigner. Of course, if you stop by , this is a nice place to meet and there are even picnic tables there…! A nice rest stop on your way to the beaches south. Hope you enjoy the personal sports post!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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