Maison Diocese of Vannes!

Well this is not a typical tourist destination but as I love the history and architecture of cities and no doubts Vannes has a bunch; will introduce you to a unique building here. This is on the upper level facing the harbor and with views over the Gulf of Morbihan, of the Maison Diocese of Vannes!

The Maison Diocese of Vannes is located at 55 rue Monseigneur Trehiou or at least this is how it was called.  It is not visited per se but you can inquire about renting a room at the new Montcalm association.

vannes maison de la diocese de vannes feb20

A bit of history on this venerable building from the link webpages cited tell us the following, The Capuchin convent of Vannes was built in 1614, with a cloister and a chapel, in the district of Calmont-Haut. Yvon Nicolazic spent a few days there in 1625, during the investigation of Keranna.(proving the voices he heard of Sainte Anne (see basilica post).

In 1806, the Ursulines bought the buildings to open a free school with a boarding school. They were evicted in 1907 by the state, which appropriated the buildings under the 1905 law (separation of State and Church). The bishop of Vannes, Monsignor Gouraud, buys back the buildings confiscated by the state. In 1909 he set up the major seminary there, In 1914, the buildings are requisitioned by the army and 500 soldiers reside there. The small seminary part becomes a hospital. The Monsignor Tréhiou rebuilt three quarters of the seminary in 1935, in order to accommodate more than 200 candidates for the priesthood. Despite the occupation and an attempted fire by the Nazis in August 1944, the premises received new generations of seminarians.

The Vannes seminary joined the interdiocesan seminary in Rennes in 1998: the seminarians are no longer trained in Vannes, but they meet there every year during Holy Week for a diocesan retreat. The building was given to the Montcalm association, which now manages the buildings and allows their sustainability by developing the activity of renting rooms, halls and meals.

Located in the former seminary of Vannes, the Maison du Diocèse hosts various Church services, movements and associations. There is notably the diocesan library, RCF Sud Bretagne, Secours Catholique or a religious bookstore, etc.

The Vannes Catholic diocese on the Maison du Diocése:

The Montcalm Association on the Maison du Diocése:

Part of the heritage, historical and architecture fabric of our capital city Vannes. I ought it to have in my blog and feel better now. Hope you find it useful, interesting, off the beaten path treasure. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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