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September 25, 2021

Curiosities of Guehenno!

Oh well started writing updates on Guéhenno and as in many times found old pictures in my vaults that are not previsouly shown in my blog. Therefore, this is as good as any time to showcasing them in the blog, a bit more on nice historical architecturally stunning Guéhenno in my beautiful Morbihan of my lovely Bretagne and in my belle France.

Let me tell you briefly as there is not much information on the wind mill and chapel of Guéhenno! Hope you enjoy it as I.

There is the Moulin du Mont or old mill tower, remained unused for a few years, located at a place called Le Mont, near the chapel St Michel and one km from the town of Guéhenno. From this place, a nice panorama can be observed. And a nice walk indeed. And,  it is nicely restored for all to enjoy it. Worth a detour to take an opportunity to walk in nice sights of the valley below.


The Chapelle Saint-Michel dates from the 15C as evidenced by the two doors of the church and the tympanum. Changes were subsequently made in the 17C. It is located on the village of Le Mont about one km from Guéhenno, From the top of its 147 meters above sea level you have beautiful views of the valley. The chapel was restored in 1890 and 1972. It is a rectangular shape, with flamboyant windows and gables . Outside, above the southern portal, is a 15tC carved tympanum with a statue of Saint Michael slaying the dragon. The polychrome wood statue of Saint-Michel dates from the 16C.  At the start of the 20C, the Le Mont village still had two chapels, side by side. The one dedicated to Saint Mark, in ruins, was dismantled and rebuilt in Callac (one of the three parishes of Plumelec-see post). This is why there is a statue of Saint Mark in the choir of the chapel dedicated to Saint Michael, in the hollow of a Renaissance-looking niche.


The city of Guéhenno on its heritage

The Central Morbihan tourist board on the wind mills includes of Guéhenno:

The Central Morbihan tourist board on the Chapelle St Michel of Guéhenno

There you go folks, niceties of country road warrior trips in my beautiful Morbihan and gorgeous little Guéhenno. Hope you enjoy my off the beaten paths places, and again thanks for reading me since November 2010!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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September 25, 2021

Guehenno in my Morbihan!

Moving right along in this fast pace world of travel in our days,  I take you once again to the my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne. We will go into off the beaten paths that needs to be known!  Today , I will tell you about  Guéhenno,unique close by town. I love to update these older posts for you and me, great memories, Hope you enjoy it as I.

The battle of Mont-Guéhenno took place during the Chouannerie (the wars against the French revolution and for king). In 1799, a Republican (French revolutionaries) detachment was surprised and was destroyed by the Chouans near Guéhenno. The fate of the Republican prisoners is not known with certainty. According to some witnesses , the prisoners were shot.

The Church of St. Peter and St. John the Baptist  of Guéhenno. Externally, there remains a gable with hooks, a door with braces, hooks and cabbage. On the left, touching the transept, a butt fort has been preserved, at the top of which is a stone Virgin. Inside, giving in the Choir, there remains an altar pool with crest appearing accompanied by a butt. The Church of St. Peter and St. John the Baptist done from the 16C up to the 19C. This church, which dates from 1859 , replaces an older Church of the 16C which was burned in 1794 during the French revolution. From the ancient Church of the 16C, the sacristy was preserved, and It’s pretty flamboyant door as well. Inside you can see, besides a 16C basin, a stone bas-relief from the old porch and depicting various scenes of the Passion and a Virgin to the Child in polychrome wood dated from the 18C. The cowl dates from the 19C. There is also a cranberry credence of the 16C which was updated during the restoration work in 1957.




The Calvary of Guéhenno, which was one of the most beautiful Breton calvaries, was ransacked during the French revolution. The Calvary of Guéhenno is one of the seven monumental calvaries of Brittany and the only one located in the Dept 56 of Morbihan. At the time of the reign of terror, in 1794,during the French revolution, the architectural ensemble composed of the 16C church , the Calvary erected in 1550 and the ossuary, was devastated by the Republican revolutionary troops. It is only fifty years later that the church will be rebuilt and the Calvary restored. It will be necessary to await the arrival of Abbé Jacquot in the parish in 1853, so that the restoration actually begins.



An Altar, where the descent to the underworld is carved, is dominated by a pedestal where the scenes of prayer are depicted in the garden of olives, the flagellation, the crowning of thorns and the Entombment. On this pedestal rises a triple Cross from 1550, to the right and left the two thieves, on the central Cross, at the top, Christ with the Virgin and St. John, below a character crowned and half-lying, further down a Virgin of Pity. At the foot of the Cross, on the pedestal, is depicted Jesus carrying the cross between soldiers and Saint Véronique: at the angles are the figures of the four evangelists. The Entombment dates from 1853, and is composed of seven characters in 19C costume. The resurrection, dated 1853, appears on the two bases of the Calvary: we see the risen Jesus Christ appearing to the Holy women. In 1855, the perimeter of the Calvary was paved.



The city of Guéhenno on its heritage

The Central Morbihan tourist office on the Calvary of Guéhenno

The 7 Calvaries of Brittany webpage on Guéhenno

And again, you see simply beauty before your eyes, these are monumental examples of mankind and when you think of Europe devastated by two world wars and see these again brought back and or save is amazing the human spirit can still do anything. You owe to yourselves visiting in Brittany and see these marvels. We love them. Be welcome to Guéhenno in the Morbihan of course!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

September 25, 2021

A wonderful Séné and my Vannes !!!

So, decided to update this older post of a nice one two punch in my beautiful Morbihan, in my lovely Bratagne. Therefore, here is my story, hope you like it. We had to do our normal errands of a family in France but took a side step to another area which even if very close do not recall visited before. This is Port Anna in Séné  next to our capital city of Vannes.

We went to the Saturday morning market in Vannes, just wonderful, where we buy the essential, cheeses, eggs, fruits and vegetables, take out food ,wines etc It is open until 13h (1pm) but we like to go by the end and get better prices ….During the week there is a covered market at pl des Lices where you can buy too but not as good as the morning market in my opinion. See posts.

We went to a new area and toook a charming ride and walk around the harbor, This is the wonderful bay in the Port Anna in the town of Séné. This is what makes this area so nice, so many of these beautiful places to spent a day. The boats on the harbor and the sea road into the La Marle river into the Atlantic ocean passing on one side the Conleau peninsula and on the other side Arradon, and the islands of Boêdic across and further out Arz island . This river ocean La Marle takes you in to the canal and harbor of Vannes and right into city center! Just gorgeous!!!




We came back to have our lunch, at one of our favorites Le Tarmac in rue Ferdinand le Dressay which is the road D199 up the hill towards Séné. We had our gourmand burgers, and great local Breton beer Duchesse Anne 6%. All this overlooking the wonderful canal harbor of Vannes, capacity for 3000 boat berth! Across the street is the harbormaster of Vannes. Oh yes the bill was 25€ per person nice. We have come back here several times.




On this day and on the way home we did our groceries for the misc things we buy here mostly personal care, and household items at our favorite E Leclerc hypermarket and the nice underground free parking. And we headed home for the rugby match France vs South Africa, too bad we had a good game but as lately in the last few minutes almost ending time this time we lost 26-29. It stayed a good effort once again.

There you go folks another wonderful day in my beautiful Morbihan, And to boot it was Sunday nice and easy, The combination of Séné and Vannes is a good one and we had tried it several times, For now, remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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