Some news from France, CCCXLIII

The most favorite monument of the French was unveiled in a special program presented by Stéphane Bern on France 3, while the 38th European Heritage Days are taking place this weekend 18-19 sept 2021). Built between 1751 and 1755, Place Stanislas has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983, for the whole it forms with the Place de la Carrière and the Place of Alliance which extend it. It was previously open to traffic, before being made fully pedestrianized in 2005 for its 250th anniversary after two years of construction. And you thought there are other monuments, this is voted by the French! The complete ranking is this:1 Place Stanislas in Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle 54 ) 2 – The Château de Falaise (Calvados 14 ) 3 – The Towers of La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime 17) 4 – The Pont-Canal in Briare (Loiret 45) 5 – The Theater antique d’Orange (Vaucluse 84) 6 – The Hôtel-Dieu in Beaune (Côte-d’Or 21) 7 – The Château de Pierrefonds (Oise 60) 8 – The Pont du Gard (Gard 30) 9 – The railway rotunda of Chambéry (Savoie 73) ) 10 – The Caillebotte Property in Yerres (Essonne 91) 11 – The Balata Garden in Fort-de-France (Martinique 972) 12 – The ramparts of Saint-Malo (Ille-et-Vilaine 35) 13 – The Citadel of Bonifacio and the Staircase of the Roy d’Aragon (Corse-du-Sud 2A) 14 – Passage Pommeraye in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique 44)

Marks & Spencer closes more than half of its stores in France because of Brexit, The British brand Marks & Spencer is forced to reduce its presence in France and in Europe. Eleven stores are affected. It continues to downsize, more than 140 stores have been closed around the world over the past two years.

Quinze.bis, a multidisciplinary concept store divided into several spaces. 550 m2 dedicated “to words and writing”, spaces curated by Gibert booksellers and highlights, meetings and dedications are therefore announced. There will also be the Music Store, a music space designed with the Balades Sonores record store, which provides a precise selection to complete the general offer. The stationery / gifts area has been revised to highlight “French, artisanal, eco-responsible or ethical brands that do not yet have physical stores Quinze.bis 15bis, boulevard Saint-Denis 2éme opens September 30 2021.

Next weekend Sept 18-19 2021 are Heritage Days, so little-known treasures to discover in Ile-de-France and in the regions, For example, Viry-Châtillon (Essonne 91). Behind the gates of the Piédefer estate, hides the Nymphaeum, or shell cave, a jewel from the end of the 17C, The Beauvaisis steam train is a metric-gauge tourist railway created by the Museum of steam tramways and of the French secondary railways (MTVS) on part of the old line from Saint-Omer-en-Chaussée to Vers. More on the Heritage Days or journées du Patrimoine here:

The Nuit Blanche 2021, artistic-sport hiking version of the program of the 20th edition of the Parisian meeting, scheduled for October 2 to 3 2021, The artistic walk will take place on the Grande Randonnée trail around Paris, and will be followed, for the first time, an exhibition across the city. This will start from the Trocadéro !

The first rail line of the Aéroport-d’Orly metro station is welded. A sympathetic and decisive step was taken this past Wednesday morning for the creation of the future station for lines 14 and 18, which will link Orly airport to Paris , Orsay (Essonne 91) and Versailles (Yvelines 78), Also, “Céline”, the first tunnel boring machine on line 18, will dig 6 km between Palaiseau and Massy, ​​it was necessary to dig a 14-meter-deep case and extract 23,000 tonnes of backfill. Officially named, the tunnel boring machine will begin its nibbling work around November 15. Before that, the second tunnel boring machine, the one that “Céline” is to join in Massy, ​​will be baptized in a month, on October 16, during the open doors of the Grand Paris express. And it will start digging the 6 km from Massy towards Orly airport in mid-December 2021, More expansion more people using public transports into Paris !

While around thirty French territories have chosen to opt for free public transport, Paris has just made the metro and Vélib free for all people under the age of 18. This new measure will be exclusively reserved for young Parisians residing in the capital and having a Navigo Imagine’R and / or Vélib ’Métropole“ V-Plus Jeune ”mechanical package. To obtain the free Navigo pass, all you need to do is fill out a form on the City of Paris website. The request will then be processed within a few weeks. Webpage:

And for the low cost traveler in you, good news, From October 31, 2021, Ryanair will offer two return flights per week (Thursday and Sunday) between Brest-Bretagne airport and Lisbon (Portugal). Check out the airport webpage or Ryanair.

And your friendly French taxpayer is awakening as Ile-de-France Mobilités, the transports arm of the Ïle de France region has suspended the payments to the SNCF and RATP ! Without the 1.3 billion claimed from the State (our taxes), Île-de-France Mobilités believes that it will have to give up certain infrastructure works and orders for rolling stock, reduce the supply of transport, or even increase the price. Navigo oh well this is the new Paris.

Since August 1, 2021 for non-resident motorists in Paris, the hourly rate in the street has increased to 6 euros in zone 1 and 4 euros in zone 2. In some districts, it is more interesting to park in the underground parkings in Paris. Paris is by far the city in France where parking your vehicle in the street is the most expensive. Since August 1, the city has introduced rates that are dissuasive to say the least. For visitors, it now costs 6 euros per hour in zone 1 (from the 1éme to the 11éme arrondissement) and 4 euros per hour in zone 2 (from the 12éme to the 20éme). As for the “FPS”, the post-parking package, that is to say the fine set for non-payment or exceeding the time, it is now set at 50 euros or 75 euros, depending on the area. Be aware the idea is to get the car out of Paris indirectly but this will fail too, can’t cover the volume with the ageing public transports network.

The inauguration of the Johnny Hallyday esplanade began with the inauguration of the statue ,The 6-meter-high statue represents a pole in the shape of a guitar neck, with a Harley Davidson at the top that belonged to Johnny in front of the Accor Arena (ex Bercy) and ends with an exceptional show in his favorite hall, (ex-Bercy) started at 10h20 in front of Bercy with a mini-concert bringing together the last five musicians of Johnny Hallyday, including Yarol Poupaud (guitarist) and Yvan Cassar (sound director of symphonic albums) , joined by 150 bikers and their motorcycles, some of whom had escorted Johnny’s coffin to the Madeleine on December 9, 2017, for the funeral. And at 21h, on the stage of Bercy, the concert “Johnny Hallyday that I love you” will begin, in front of 10,000 fans and live on France 2 television (saw it!!). Organized by his widow, this show aligns headliners such as Florent Pagny, Patrick Bruel, Catherine Ringer, Louis Bertignac, Calogero, Gaëtan Roussel, Patrick Fiori, Julien Doré, etc.

As a side kick, the Johnny’s Bar opens its doors this past Tuesday, September 14 next to the arena, perfect for a drink while toasting in memory of our national Johnny. Ultra comfortable leather sofas, subdued lighting, terrace, rock and stage music to host lives and, of course, flowing alcohol; good taps, excellent whiskeys and a menu of our Johnny’s favorite cocktails. To be enjoyed while singing its greatest aperitif hits until the end of the night. It can even be accessed without a ticket for the concerts in the hall. It is at the heart of L’ACCOR Arena that we discover the new homage to Johnny Hallyday: an eponymous intimate bar with a well-filled whiskey menu, one of Jojo’s favorite spirits served in a room where he has played over a hundred times. A winning combination. Johnny’s Bar, ACCOR Arena, 8, boulevard de Bercy 12éme, webpage :

The new Bouillon Pigalle à République for the greatest pleasure of your taste buds. 160 years after the creation of the first Parisian bouillon, they are still there in the districts of Pigalle, Grand Boulevards or Strasbourg-Saint-Denis, all of Paris is in a hurry to devour good French cuisine while enjoying the conversations of neighbors. Luckily, a new kid is settling in today in the République district. Bouillon Pigalle République 39, boulevard du Temple 3éme

For the first time in France, a history museum traces chronologically and thematically the history of the persecution of gays and lesbians under the Third Reich, drawing on a rich selection of documents, most of which have never been presented in France. Gays and lesbians in Nazi Europe at the Shoah Memorial, 17, rue Geoffroy -Asnier ; from the 4-6 March 2022 Info webpage;

There you go folks, another dandy series of some news from France from yours truly, a pleasure all the time to talk about my belle France! Hope you enjoy the post and again thanks for reading me since November 2010!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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