We will always have Vannes!!!

Oh yes this is Vannes again. Oh yes, I have several, many posts on the capital city of my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne and in my belle France. Too many of it are never enough, as said, we spent more time in it than even in our home town! This was no exception today. This is new text and pictures!

I took advantage had a day off for my working sons and me enjoying already the pre arranged retirement from my company so we we were out and about in Vannes again. Therefore, I took my young men and Dad and took off for the day ,this time we left our dog Rex behind, sadly.

In our cruising we started seeing visitors from England, Ireland ,and Germany in town! This is a very appreciate town and it really needs more visits to undertand what I am saying in my posts. Vannes is unique, quant, medieval and great history and architecture.

WE went searching c army new digital camera, just a basic one for my pictures that my boys would give me as my birthday gift (mine is next week!) I do not want to order it as the trick is most stores show an item ,you like it ,you ordered yikes!!! I like to see what I like and take home right there! So we drove over to FNAC, Darty, BUT, Boulanger, and finally the Espace Culturel E. Leclerc. This is in the centre commecial E Leclerc where we do our groceries sundry items and my boys go into the cultural center, which a store apart in the shopping center. There , they had my Sony digital camera and we got it!!! So now will be able to take better picture as my older camera was 8 yrs old,, and you know technology wise,it was obsolete !!! However, keep it as standby because still works ok. The pictures here were taken with my Samsung mobile telephone thus….

From achieving this search, we went into Domino’s Pizzas store in Vannes as we wanted pizzas pepperoni’s that is extra large and try the new desert banane flambée in a pizza dough! This is take out service only so we load up the car to take it home reheat and eat at the end with nice Corona beers!!!

vannes domino's pizza emporter sep21

From here we went to our fav wine store, Nicolas, where the foire aux vins or wine fair was beginning today. They had a unique sales promotion buying 6 bottles you get 20% off and of course we load up on cartons, 6 bottles cases! Also, Champagne, scotch whiskey, strawberry liquor from Plougastel, and cranberry and orange liquors for mixing my boys love. Here took advantage in the same Place du Poids Public there is the La Belle Iloise store and got us our favorite fish soup!

vannes nicolas foire aux vins 6 for 20 percent sep21

vannes nicolas foire aux vins inside sep21

vannes belle iloise store pl du poids public sep21

To fully enjoy the day we walk a bit around our favorite spots from the Place du Poids Public into the rue Saint Vincent and the Place des Lices. Here we had the chance to see the petit train in action! The area was lively as always. I took some pictures of the Halle aux Poissons or fish market and the Halles des Lices, covered market as well; these are a must while in town.

vannes place de poids public sep21

vannes rue saint vincent and petit train sep21

vannes place des lices sep21

vannes halle aux poissons sep21

vannes halles des lices pl des lices sep21

We then came back home at 16h or 4pm and in our town of Pluvigner purchase the must baguette tradition in one of our favorite bakeries Boulangerie Y & E at rue de la Gare entering the rocade of the D768 to our house direction. Settle at home watching the news and getting ready to stay in touch with family across the pond! Until next round….

Again, giving the Vannes tourist office for information, and do come over, you will be delighted as we. webpage: https://www.mairie-vannes.fr/vannesdecouverte/tourisme/office-du-tourisme/

There you go folks, a day out in the family life of Paris1972-Versailles2003, yours truly. Thanks for reading me since November 2010, appreciated.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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