Jardines Sabatini and a Moro of Madrid!!

Going back to my beloved Madrid again. Many places of youth still revisited every year. Now let me tell you about a wonderful garden not far from the Palacio Real or Royal Palace.  The Jardines Sabatini are a great place to be not only for the location but also, the silhouette of the slopes in it giving you a wonderful view of the Royal Palace and Madrid afar. And then near is the Campo del Moro or moors’ field! a delicate park to enjoy by the families of always!

The Sabatini Gardens in the classicist style were created in 1933 in the spot that occupied the stables built by Sabatini for the Royal Palace (Palacio Real) , hence the name. Located in front of the Royal Palace’s northern façade, the gardens were completed in 1978. It was king Juan Carlos I who opened the park to the public. Located officially at Calle Bailén, 2 , and the best way other than walking to it is by metro Opera lines 2,5 and Radial and Sol lines 1 ,2 and 3.


Today, a large, round fountain with tritons is at the intersection of the two major axes that are surrounded on all sides by quadrants and conifers, with trees arranged along the perimeter. The quiet secluded atmosphere of the Jardines Sabatini is in part due to the lowered elevation of the gardens, the gardens are approximately 10 meters (about 33 feet) lower than the main Plaza de Oriente. The gardens are connected to Plaza Oriente by a grand stone staircase, an appropriate entrance to the royal gardens .The Jardines Sabatini are named after the Italian architect Francesco Sabatini who during the 18C designed much of the Palacio Real (Royal Palace), this included royal stables which were demolished to create the gardens named after him.


Another gem nearby and less visited is the Campo del Moro. The least known and least visited, perhaps because its entrance is on the farthest part from the Royal Palace, a bit far from the tourist itinerary. The adjacent gardens of the Campo del Moro lies behind the palace. You will find beautiful shady paths, fountains and peacocks strolling. It is both romantic style with some English garden features. As for its name, the Campo del Moro (the Moor’s field), it comes from the fact that it was the place where the Moorish army camped before their unsuccessful attempt, at the beginning of the 12C to take over the Alcazar (castle). King Felipe IV was the first to develop this space but the Campo del Moro began to take its form as it is known today that in the 1890’s under regent queen Doña María Cristina of Habsburg.


Both are doable at the same time, and what a thrill you will have amongst so much natural beauty mingle in with beautiful statues and busts. Great for the whole family and I eventually took my boys here since very young to now. Hope you enjoy this bit of introduction as I.

The Madrid tourist office on the Sabatini gardens: https://www.esmadrid.com/en/tourist-information/jardines-de-sabatini

The Madrid tourist office on the Campo del Moro: https://www.esmadrid.com/en/tourist-information/campo-del-moro

There you go folks, a wonderful gardens that are good for the whole family like mine. I have several entries on them in blog but always link with something else or in my Some News from Spain entries. I believe the Jardines Sabatini and Campo del Moro deserve a post of their own even if to expansive this introduction can get you to come and me again. It is worth the detour in my Madrid. Hope you enjoy the post as I. You will be please to visit them

And remember, happy travels , good health ,and many cheers to all!!!

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