Some news from France, CCCXLI

Back to my routine series some news from France, lovely to share some of the news on travel and not so travel in my belle France with all. Again, thanks for reading me since November 2010! Hope you enjoy the reading as much as I.

We will have less countries to visit and more security issues with what is happening in Afghanistan, The world of travels will be curtailed in some places. The pandemic fears continue and maybe a possible third vaccination against the variants (mutations) of the Wuhan virus those there do not want to explain fully unless you read the Le Figaro where one employee of the laboratory admits been infected first with the leak of the substance there done for biological warfare. Most are quiet thus, the beat goes on,,,And more from the Wall Street Journal:

« The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wasn’t allowed to visit the city of Wuhan, China, or the Wuhan Institute of Virology in early 2020. We’ve been trying to find out why ever since «  Hope this can be read by all :

The health pass, (passe sanitaire) ,has created a more broadly mistrust of the government. We categorize people for a vaccine, whereas we should instead target people at risk who, if not vaccinated, boycott bars and restaurants. The discriminatory effect of the sanitary pass is the straw that broke the camel’s back, As we know by now the State of course lie, see above!

And the beat goes on, the Galeries Lafayette, BHV, Printemps, and nine shopping centers subject to the health pass as of Monday August 16 ! The Italy 2 center (13eme arrondissement), Beaugrenelle, (15éme arrondissement), Vill’Up, (19éme arrondissement), the BHV will be concerned. Marais, (4éme arrondissement), Galeries Lafayette (9eme arrondissement), Printemps Haussmann (9éme arrondissement), Bon Marché (7éme arrondissement), Samaritaine (1éme arrondissement), as well as the Aéroville shopping center, in Val-d ‘ Oise dept 95 near the Roissy CDG airport, All now with the pass !!! Times continue to be the same. As the World turns!

The largest airport in France Roissy CDG, is back in activity close to that of 2019, with the exception of health restrictions and passenger control, reinforced by the implementation of the health pass, While some terminals remain closed, in those that welcome travelers, activity is back to levels close to those recorded before the health crisis, Almost empty for months, terminal 2E at Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport is once again looking pre-Covid. Gently !

The large semi-pedestrianization project of the historic center of Paris announced for 2022 no longer seems so urgent for the city. Engaged on other fronts (presidential, Olympic Games 2024), Anne Hidalgo, the mayor (PS) of Paris, does not need controversy, of course to be politically correct. The establishment in 2022 of a limited traffic zone (ZTL) aimed at eliminating through traffic in the center of Paris (1-4eme arrondissements) and north of boulevard Saint-Germain (5-6éme arrondissements) and the 7éme, the City could postpone the project by one year to 2023? If there is talk it means will be done, they know with people coming this will be overburden to Paris and especially the locals,

The theaters are now open with the health pass as well, Including one of my favorites in the 9éme arrondissement at Place Édouard-VII, overhung by a statue of Edward-VII, opposite the Théâtre Édouard-VII (see post). A well marked territory. Several big names have played there, such as Jean Richard, Louis de Funès, or the young Gérard Depardieu. The most anglophile of Parisian theaters bears the name of the most French of British sovereigns. Above the stage, an entwined “E” and “VII” form the emblem of the place. Both inside and out, the appearance has hardly changed. A small staircase with ornate ironwork leads from the intimate and harmonious hall to the English room with 720 seats. Nice ! Webpage :

The Royal Palace,first stop in one of the most beautiful sites in Paris, whose history dates back to Molière and Lully and which offers a perfect setting for popular triumphs. What is immediately striking is this Eiffel-style emergency staircase which connects three cast iron galleries stepped along this facade of painted bricks and mosaics from the Manufacture de Sèvres , In the 1880s, date of the last major restoration of the palace,a beam and a high large metal door, it is through there that the decorations of the pieces that are played out enter! A place to see Palais Royal de Paris,webpage:

SelfTourism Paris is specialized in immersive historical entertainment , and provides tours. One of them is a good one, It leaves from the Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés, part of which will be renamed Juliette Gréco by the mayor of Paris, that the visit dedicated to the female artists who have marked the history of the district begins. Many women, from the beginning of the 20C, created in Saint-Germain-des-Prés by writers, painters, actresses, singers ,etc. They embodied independence, life, freedom somewhere, especially after WWII. Through the streets of the 6éme arrondissement, visitors discover the places of life and creation of writers Marguerite Duras, Simone de Beauvoir or photographer and painter Dora Maar. Hotels, cafes, cabarets ..etc ; the different stages allow you to immerse yourself in post-war Paris. Emphasis is also placed on the creation of art galleries such as that of Dina Vierny, inaugurated in 1947. webpage :

The Victor Hugo writer’s house-museum, nestled under the arcades of the Place des Vosges, in the heart of the Marais, has been delighting its visitors and passing customers since this summer in a café with a pretty terrace managed by the Maison Mulot, the pastry-caterer of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Webpage :

Peppermint, lavandin, chamomile: the aromatic and medicinal plants sector is reborn in Milly-la-Forêt, 28 farmers from Gâtinais, Essonne (91) and Seine-et-Marne,(77) are diversifying by devoting part of their farms to the cultivation of perfume and aromatic plants, such as lavandin appreciated for its camphoric scent, which they transform into essential oils, Watch out Provence here comes the Ïle de France !

The new footbridge takes place between Île Seguin (Boulogne-Billancourt) and the future Grand Paris Express station. The last section of the new northern footbridge on Île Seguin was installed this past Sunday. 100% pedestrian, it will open to passers-by in February 2022. Pont-de-Sèvres station (same for bus 171 to Versailles!) , which will host the future supermetro line 15, will therefore be less than 300 meters away on foot. Webpage :

Finally, the Basilica Saint-Denis ; the timetable for the reconstruction of the spire is becoming clearer, From now on, the reassembly operations of this unique site in the world are scheduled for spring 2023, The basilica of Saint-Denis no longer had a spire or tower North since 1847. The refitting of the North tower and its spire should begin in early spring 2023. Good news !! webpage:

Victor Hugo, Paul Cézanne, Willy Ronis … in Créteil, (Val de Marne 94)these secret banks of the Marne river have inspired artists, Créteil, this unspoiled sector of the city is home to beautiful residences in the middle of lush nature. It has attracted many artists, charmed by the tranquility and beauty of the place, throughout the timeless getaway that we share on the banks of the Marne. Nice place for walks and especially biking along the river superbe, I have done some walks here . City of Créteil on its history :

The Nocturnal Nights at the Palace of Versailles. Animations with flames, lasers and drones, the spectacle which was revealed for the first time in front of the public in France And precisely at 20h30 of the baroque music resounded, direction the basin of Neptune. Jets of water shoot tens of meters high. Opposite the sun has disappeared, it is the moon that shines. , While thousands of candles have covered the gardens, on the large green carpet, flames spout out on the large green carpet in front of the grand canal. Synchronized with the music, it’s a real ballet. Suddenly in the pink sky, a luminous rectangle forms. As the sun prepares to set, hundreds of drones spin, twirl and change shape. Purple and green, they come together to represent a rectangle, then a rhombus, a sun and finally a fleur-de-lis. This is back last Sunday, Versailles !!! webpage:

The Great Waters of Versailles, this is 55 fountains, 3,500 cubic meters of water per hour distributed in fourteen groves over 35 km of pipelines behind the scenes of the Grandes Eaux de Versailles , Created 350 years ago by the Sun King, Louis XIV, this 350-year-old spectacle hasn’t aged a bit. The palace/museum famous water games return this summer, every Saturday and Sunday until October 31. The basin of Apollo, this god of mythology embodying the light and the sun that Louis XIV,had at the origin of the fountains show, chose as its emblem. webpage:

The Château de Pierrefonds, out of the imagination of the architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, Built in 1396 then left in ruins for centuries, the Château was extensively restored from the mid-19C. under the aegis of Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, who wanted to implement an “ideal vision of medieval architecture”. Today, it is the second most visited monument in the Oise dept 60. This castle with nine quadrilateral-shaped towers has long been abandoned under the orders of Louis XIII! One of the wonderful castles of my belle France and often overlook, a must to see me think, Webpage:

The Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon presents a collection that highlights the collaboration of the three painters. High quality paintings, but subject to very strict standards. The Flandrin brothers are three: Auguste (1804-1842), Hippolyte (1809-1864) and Paul (1811-1902). They are Lyonnais and painters. Their parents lived near the Saint-Pierre Palace, now the Museum of Fine Arts, where their exhibition is held today. Two of the three Flandrins will have prosperous careers, the eldest having died young. The two youngest came to Paris in 1829 in the workshop of Ingres. In 1832, after two failures in previous years, Hippolyte won the Prix de Rome and five years at the Villa Medici. Webpage :

In the Bordeaux region, hops grow in the shade of the great vintages. Craft beer is increasingly nibbling the wine market. In the Gironde vineyards, breweries are multiplying, prompting some owners to get started. Owner of forty-two wine estates in the world, Bernard Magrez took on his latest idea which has not fail to surprise the world of wine, The Bordeaux businessman is embarking on “craft beer”. This summer, he is setting up a craft brewery in the heart of one of his estates, Château Le Sartre, in Léognan south of Bordeaux. According to 2020 figures from the Association des brasseurs de France, France is the leading European country in terms of number of breweries (and the eighth largest beer producer in Europe): there are 2,300 breweries in all !, The Brasserie Gasconha brewery in Pessac , also south of Bordeaux, is part of the first to settle in Gironde, which today has 61 breweries. In the year of its launch, the brewery was producing 50 hectoliters per year. Today it has grown to 2,400, that’s 750,000 33cl bottles. Soon the best in the world too lol! Magrez webpage:

And Brasserie Gasconha :

Chantilly, its museum with invaluable collections, its majestic park, its vast forest… and its abysmal deficit. To bail out the estate, the Institut de France, its owner, is stepping up privatization operations, such as Nabilla’s wedding in July 2021. Nabilla Benattia is a model and ex-star of the “Reality TV Angels” terrible news indeed! For the Domaine de Chantilly! This needs better management and hope the pandemic is over soon ! Webpage :

The Tour Montparnasse tower for the 2024 Olympic Games, it is getting a makeover and will be dressed in clear and glass. Although it retains its original shape in general terms, the tower changes its skin, its ventilation, adorns itself with rolling balconies and winter gardens on the lower floors. It even unveils a bioclimatic greenhouse dedicated to urban agriculture on the 59th floor, 227 meters above the ground, or 18 meters more than currently. The Montparnasse tower will be multifunctional and will consume 10 times less energy than today. Regarding the rest of the district, pedestrianization seems to be the key word of this transformation, A total change hoping for the best at one of my former work areas of Paris ! Webpage :

The first amphibian bus in France was launched this summer 2021to play tourists in Paris with a good dose of freshness. Called Canards de Paris, this 35-seater bus has the particularity of being able to drive on the roads of the capital at the same time before immersing itself in the Seine river. Trip throughout the hour-and-forty-five minutes, tourists and onlookers will discover both the monuments of Paris such as the Pont Alexandre III, Eiffel Tower, Petit and Grand Palais, etc , then will sail on the side of the Seine Musical and gardens of Saint-Cloud. Nice ! Webpage :

There you go folks, a dandy of my belle France or some news from France, wonderful to tell you about it. Hope you enjoy reading it as I. And we will get there to be able to travel peaceful again. Until then, enjoy what you can.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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