Surzur and its cider!!!

So on this cool sunny day in my beautiful Morbihan at home and resting waiting to go out for my next adventure in life, let me bring you back to a memorable town. I have written on Surzur before in my blog, and it was one special spot where I took my dear late wife Martine for natural cures; forever memorable.

However, I like to start by a brief introduction without repeating much of what I have already written and bear off to the subject of this post, the ciders of Surzur. Hope you enjoy the ride as I.

The town of Surzur is crossed from east to west by the D 20, the town’s main road. It divides the town into two distinct parts: The D 195, which links Noyalo to Le Tour-du-Parc via the town of Surzur. The D 183, which connects the expressway from Vannes to Nantes, the N 165, but also the connection with the villages located inland, such as La Trinité-Surzur, Sulniac or Le Gorvello. by Kicéo, Vannes transport company line 22 Vannes Liberation – Surzur centre.

The town of Surzur has an oceanic feeling crisscross by several small creeks and rivers. It ,also, has several chapels and manors or big homes almost like castles all over the territory. These are written elsewhere in my blog but briefly here are the Chappelle de Sainte Hélène ,located in village of Brarun, part of Surzur. It has a nice simple façade with nice main door dating from the 17C and on top a small bell tower in stone.  We syphon the city center seeing in the distance the Church of Saint Symphorien  a Roman style church from the 11C. The Chapelle de Notre-Dame de Recouvrance. Also called Notre-Dame du Bas-bourg. The chapel dates back to the 14C, but only the foundations remain from this period, the whole dating back to the 16C. The Chapelle Sainte-Anne-Grappon (or Graz au Pont): 17C altarpiece and painting, unique in Brittany. It was rebuilt in 1690.

The city of Surzur on its heritage sights in French:

Therefore, we go to the Cidrerie Nicol with it’s wonderful cider products already tasted here. Near the Gulf of Morbihan, for three generations, the Nicol’s have been making on their farm a traditional cider which has the particularity of being fruity and slightly acidic. It is made with apples from their 13 ha orchards and apples from south Morbihan farmers exclusively to preserve the wine which is linked to the land and their high level of sunshine. The farm has 13 hectares of orchard, four of which have a red label, the cider house harvests and buys apples of local varieties. It processed nearly 1,000 tonnes of fruit in 2019 for a production of around 800,000 bottles of cider (raw, fruity and sweet), 100,000 bottles of apple juice, 100,000 bottles of Royal Guillevic Label Rouge and 10,000 crab apple bottles (non-alcoholic sparkling juice).


They make an authentic cider bouché (corked) pure juice, exclusively from fresh Guillevic apples, with a fine and original personality to be discovered both as an aperitif in a flute or at the table with a dessert. This top-of-the-range mono-varietal cider, of natural fermentation, of the Royal Guillevic appellation is today guaranteed by a Label Rouge. With perfect traceability, each batch is subject to approval after analysis and evaluation by the tasting committee.

Surzur cidre Nicol brut nov17

Other products are the Rhuys Artisanal Cider (Brut, Demi-sec, Doux) traditionally made in their farm and has the particularity of being fruity and slightly acidulous. It is regularly awarded a medal at the Concours Général Agricole in Paris. Apple juice 100% pure juice made from cider apple juice gives it a fragrant and frank taste. It is of course alcohol-free and without the addition of sugar.

The official Cidres Nicol in French:

The house of ciders of Brittany on Nicol in French:

There you go folks, a bit of the wonderful earthly products of my beautiful Morbihan and lovely Bretagne. The ciders are big items with the Bretons, and goes very well with the galettes and crêpes!!! Surzur is a nice small town to visit at least on you way to the wonderful beaches of the Rhuys peninsula! Hope you have enjoy the ride with me.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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