The Jardin du Parc of Vitré!

So I am moving a bit inland now into the wonderful dept 35 of Ille et Vilaine still in my lovely Bretagne. Again, I have been here several times and passed by it even more, there is so much to see in lovely Vitré, see my previous posts on it. However, I again believe this park deserves to be known more, because its beautiful and historical at the time. A perfect excuse to walk it and indulges in its beauty and nature right in the middle of the city. I will tell a bit more on the Jardin du Parc , also serving as the Jardin des Plantes or garden of the park or floral park, all of it!


The Jardin du Parc or Garden of the Park is an English garden located in the heart of the city of Vitré.  The Park was created in 1867 by the French architect Georges Aumont and is referenced by the Committee of Parks and Gardens of France.


The Jardin des Plantes or Jardin du Parc of Vitré covers 7 hectares at an altitude of about 100 meters. It was built on a stream, making it possible to create the pond, in the heart of the park. The land would have been acquired by the city of Vitré in 1867 to the widow of the Baron Henri Charles de la Trémoille and constitutes part of the park of Château Marie., a 17C castle.


The Jardin du Parc includes a Glaciére or ice machine, dating from the 17C, whose inner well allowed to conserve the ice naturally, transformed into fish farming, for nursery in 1904, and renovated in 1989. There is a nice music kiosk, from 1897, destined for the municipal harmony and the music of the 70th infantry regiment. It has the particularity of being in the form of decagon.  A rain gauge from 1885, an Aviary from 1907, a deer enclosure dating from 1887, a statue of Madame de Sévigné from 1911, a garden of aromatic, edible and medicinal plants; and ,also, different games for children are available.

vitre-jardin-du-parc-glaciere-ice-machine Nov14

This Jardin du Parc contains a wide variety of trees, including a ginkgo biloba, a cedar of Lebanon, a cedar of the Atlas, a cedar of the Himalayas, a tulip tree of Virginia, a green oak, a Metasequoia, bald Cypress with their  pneumatophores  and a giant cedar of 44 meters in diameter, appearing in the inventory of remarkable trees of Bretagne (Brittany) and the list of remarkable trees of France since 2012. The park is populated by many species of birds. On the pond you will see  water hens, and mallards ducks.



vitre-jardin-du-parc-pigeons-house Nov14

The entrance to the Jardin du Parc can be done by the Boulevard Châteaubriant, to the West. From Boulevard des Rochers, to the East. Through the Allée Verte or green alley, to the North. By the Avenue des Fonderies, to the South. The entrance to the park is free, all year round and at any time.

Some webpages to help you plan and visit this pretty park are:

The city of Vitré on gardens:

The Vitré tourist office on its gardens :

The Ile et Vilaine dept 36 tourist office on the jardin du parc :

And to add the Parks and Gardens of France  on the Jardin du Parc of Vitré:

There you go now you have it all to visit this nice off the beaten path Jardin du Parc as most folks here go for the castles of Vitré and its ND Church (see posts); this is a nice family alternative. Enjoy it in nature!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. What a gorgeous place to visit. It’s amazing that there’s a place once used to store ice!!!

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