Some news from France, CCCXXXIX

Let me get back to my regular series of Some news from France, already in its 339 run thanks to you all! As the weather turns, well it is hot in France this week with in my area up to 32C or about 90F; I went out to sea and got tan naturally lol! There is still a lot going on with the repeated news of the virus pandemic covid19 ,etc I took my second pfizer because its sort of obligatory if want to go to a bar or travel abroad like Spain… We will see when this game ends as now more variants (mutations) and there is talk of a third vaccine shot lol! If they can ever put this effort into cancer yikes! Anyway ,there is my latest news rants all included!

Faced with the influx of bathers, the Calanques ( creeks)  of Marseille want to end free access. To prevent overcrowding in the summer months, the Calanques National Park plans to introduce a daily gauge of authorized people on the site, using a digital reservation platform. The 8,500 hectares of Calanques National Park, divided between the municipalities of Marseille, Cassis and La Ciotat, are home to around a hundred protected animal and plant species. However, overcrowding has a serious impact on the environment. So there you go even outdoors will be limited too! Webpage:

The last guardians of Cordouan, the lighthouse of kings. There are only six gatekeepers left in France, who take turns here in pairs. 7 km (about 4 mi) from any coast, Cordouan has watched over the Gironde estuary for four centuries, the largest in Europe. In front of it, the infinite horizon of the Atlantic. On the right, Royan (Charente-Maritime), on the left, Le Verdon-sur-Mer (Gironde), the two ports allowing it to be reached. Behind it, the mixed waters of the Garonne and the Dordogne, which flow together into the ocean. And at the end of this long notch in the western facade of the country, Bordeaux. A wonderful lighthouse or phare de Cordouan.  Webpage:

At the Bioparc de Doué-la-Fontaine (Maine-et-Loire), Jangali and Makalu, the two little snow leopards born on May 23 in a sort of nest set up for their mother, Junga. Only sixteen of their congeners were born in the last twelve months in an animal park in Europe. In the mountains of Central Asia, the threatened species is estimated to number only around 6,500 individuals. One good reason to visit the zoo park.webpage:

The Provencal city, the Mecca of Photography Meetings, Arles is home to the Fragonard guest house, one of the bedrooms of which evokes the small lounges of yesteryear. Vintage ceramic table, 18C paintings, terracotta floor tiles, etc. The decor of the rooms of this guest house synthesizes the spirit of Fragonard, a family business and historical specialist in Grasse perfumery, which has extended its activity to fashion and to the decoration. which give all their character to the six rooms of this family home in the center of Arles, located a stone’s throw from the ancient theater. Webpage:

At the end of the Tokyo Olympics on August 8, Paris will officially enter its 2024 Olympic event. The city is already preparing for the celebration with, from today and for two weeks, activities at the Trocadero. The festivities will begin each day at noon (exceptionally at 10h on July 23, 27, 30 and August 5). On the program, the retransmission of the events taking place in Tokyo on a giant screen, but also cultural and sporting events, or meetings with athletes. With the French athletes competing in the Games having to leave Japan 48 hours after the end of their events, most of them will come to the Trocadero upon their return to Paris. On Friday, it will be possible to learn 3×3 basketball, judo or BMX. Until August 8, activities are also planned in Île-de-France region, at future Olympic venues. Webpage:

No lead contamination after the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris fire, according to Public Health France. This is confirmed by a survey published  last Tuesday. While cases of lead poisoning have been identified in children living near the building, their contamination is linked to at least one other factor. The Plomb Notre-Dame collective is perplexed. Weird !!!

The Eiffel Tower will offer antigenic tests for visitors without a health pass. The antigenic tests will be carried out at the foot of the tower, they will cost 25 euros for foreign tourists and will be free for the French. Since Friday, this symbol of Paris has received between 10,000 and 13,000 tourists per day, the expected level which corresponds to half of its usual summer attendance. If no sanitary gauge is provided at the entrance, the elevators of the first two floors can only take 50% of their usual load to enforce social distancing. The mask is also compulsory. Its already overcrowded now I am afraid even more be really early!

The craftsmen (artisans) of Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris put their talent at the service of the Château de Vigny. The facade and roof of the Château de Vigny in Val-d’Oise (dept 95 ) are currently being restored by specialist craftsmen. For this exceptional site, the same companies are involved as those working in the Parisian cathedral, in particular for the scaffolding and the roof. The idea is to renovated and save it, good deed!! Webpage:

Some foodie info I like with some interesting places that are popping in popular circles of mine in Paris

If you needed a good reason to set foot in the 7éme arrondissement, it’s Coya, its small garden and its Peruvian menu. Here, we feast on traditional Peruvian cuisine with South American, Japanese and Chinese influences. Le Jardin de Coya,  83 rue du Bac. Webpage :

Laïa is the new little address hidden away . At the end of the dining room, illuminated by the large bay window, we can see the chef working in the kitchen, who offers us good robata cuisine. Improved by the Spaniards, we sit on the vegetated terrace to feast on well-executed Mediterranean cuisine. Laïa 226, boulevard Voltaire 11eme. .webpage :

On this small cobbled lane which lights up with small lights as the sun disappears. The talented gang of Caché treats us with gourmet and refined tapas including the addictive croquetas of Iberian jamòn (ham) and their runny tortilla (omelet). Amagat 23 Villa Riberolle, 20éme. Webpage:

And the beat goes on, c’est la vie!!

From August,2021 professionals in cafes, bars and restaurants are asked to carry out systematic checks of the health pass!! GNI, the union of self-employed workers in the hotel and catering industry is upset. They rightfully claim it is up to the police to carry out systematic checks. In addition to the rush of the service environment, it also argues that the staff of bars and restaurants are not allowed to ask their customers for an identity card, making it impossible to control. Instead, it suggests installing a QR code at the entrance to establishments, which can be flashed to prove that you are in good standing. Good idea. The GNI is who? Webpage:

Disneyland Paris will ask its visitors from July 21 2021! for proof of vaccination, a negative PCR test of less than 48 hours or a positive test proving that the person has contracted the Covid for more than eleven days and less than six months. It’s obligatory right!

The French singers Vianney, Yseult, Patrick Bruel, Julien Clerc etc serve the royal plateau this weekend at the Fontainebleau festival. The first edition of FBLO kicks off tomorrow Friday and ends on Sunday. Organizer Live Nation has seen it big for this first edition. Julien Clerc, Vianney and Patrick Bruel will perform on the lawn of the Grand Parquet ground of honor, accompanied by rising stars of French song like Noraa, Yseult, etc. Info webpage:

The ponds of Yvelines, whims of the Sun King. In Perray-en-Yvelines .This complex, which extends over 310 hectares and concerns eight ponds spread over as many towns, was once used to supply water to the ponds of the Palace of Versailles. Today a haunt for nature lovers, the ensemble has just been classified as a nature reserve. More detail info for nature lovers in French webpage:

Now this is some tips given by the French chefs and used of course very much in France. The 6 things to never order in a restaurant according to the chefs. 1) never order fish on Monday. Why ? Because most restaurants order their fresh fish on Thursday or Friday in anticipation of the busy weekend. 2 ) And if by chance you stumble upon a restaurant that offers Kobe beef just barely more than its traditional steak, no need to stop, it surely is a scam. 3)  Many chefs disavow chicken dishes because they tend to be less creative and yet not cheaper. In addition, the portions are often doubled or even tripled, which encourages us to overeat. 4) it is better not to ask for too much cooking for your meat. If you don’t like rare meat, the chef suggests simply opting for another dish. () never ask that this or that ingredient be replaced by another in your dish. In a good restaurant, the chef masters the combinations of flavours. -) Stay away from pasta in a pizza place, fish in a steakhouse, teriyaki chicken in a sushi restaurant, etc.  Pure logic in itself.

There you go folks, another episode of my France’s odyssey . Hope you enjoy the reading and stay ahead, much needed in our fast moving world. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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