The coastal town of Ploemeur!!

And this is one of the nicest coastal town here for the off the beaten path traveler and road warrior like me. It is south of my home on the coastal Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne! I will update this post again a wonderful past time I have tremendously enjoyed , and thank you for reading me since Nov 2010! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

So I will tell you today about Ploemeur a coastal town in my Morbihan very close to me. I have passed by there and done some wrap up on the Morbihan posts but never really walk around like yesterday. So much to see here and all wonderful I keep telling you ….::)  We did a homemade Paella!  from ingredients purchase at Ploemeur!!

We went off the N165 to Ploemeur and took a ride by the little airport that already receive big planes at about 9 km from Lorient (see post) and a mix use of civil and military. The naval base of Lann-Bihoué is here too since 1938.

There are some of the natural things to see in town or around it, I must say the Point de Talud and the Atlantic Wall (WWII) are very worth seeing. The beauty is to go along the coast on the D306 road and see the beaches such as Plage du Fort Bloqué ( 1 900 meters long), many menhirs or stones, and chapels, as well very nice quaint city center. Also, beaches at Kaolin, Peréllo, Port Fontaine,  Anse du Stole, Kerpape, Kerroch and Lomener. What most people at least in my area come here for ,are the beaches / plages in season of course. they are wonderful and if here around July-August they are very much worth visiting. Fort Bloqué built between 1747 and 1758 after the English invasion of 1746, and it was integrated into the fortification network defending Lorient. During WWII it was part of the Atlantic wall done by the Nazis. Fort Bloqué with the fortress right in front of you out to sea is very nice, as well as the  Kaolins.  Although with small children, the one at L’anse du stole in nearby village of Lomener is very nice too.

Ploemeur has a very picturesque city center with shops around the Place de l’Eglise and their main St Peter’s Church or église Saint Pierre.  Here the first known Church dates from 1037. The additional worth coming here, is that it is in the middle of the shopping area of Ploemeur with plenty to see, eat and buy lol!!!


The story of the Church square or Place de l’église is interesting. The Church  area was becoming small so in 1846 it was surrounded by a square , initially to be called Market square but then change to Church square. Early in the 20C a water pump was installed providing water to the residents . There is an original memorial to the fallen of WWI . In the 1950’s the area served as fruit stands were set up to direct sales to the public.  Renovations in 2005 took away the water pump and now there is a fountain set up there. The north side of the Church was destroyed by allied bombings in 1943, and rebuilt.

As we continue our walk, all around the St Peter’s Church ,we thinking of doing a paella what better way than to buy fresh ingredients from a coastal town on a reputable fish shop that everybody there seems to know each other!  This we did our fish whiting, shrimps, scallops, and clams!!! loaded home and now cooking ,can’t wait ::)  Ah the place Aux  Délices de l’Océan ! webpage:


And to complement, a bit over 50 meters we came to the other delicacy we cannot be without the chocolates so we shopped at Les Délices d’Anvers , stores at several places and known to us of very good Belgian chocolates (Anvers is the French way for Antwerpen, the Flemish). Here we got a 500 grams box and a stick of sweet dry fruits delicious  as always. Webpage look down Ploemeur


For the geographical curious the town of Ploemeur is surrounded by the towns of Lorient, Larmor-Plage, Guidel, and Quéven for which I have written posts before. It has 17 km or about 10 miles of sea front . The name comes from Breton language meaning a grand parish as in one time it was the largest in the area given away slowly to the other adjacent town as far back as 1925.  The town and area has great concentration of mineral kaolin still today.

The city of Ploemeur on St Peter’s Church

The city of Ploemeur on things to see in English:

The city of Ploemeur on the beaches in English:

My fav beach plages tv webpage in France on the beaches of Ploemeur

The Lorient Sud Bretagne tourist office on Fort Bloqué of Ploemeur in French:

The Lorient Sud Bretagne tourist office has more on this region and the town of Ploemeur in French:

Like , I said, we live very close and we do walks around these towns on the weekends when we are not away so far we have seen hundreds but many more hundreds to see lol! Ploemeur is one dandy we have come back to. Hope you enjoy the post and the beach town of Ploemeur!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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