Bordeaux, wines? nahh beaches!!!

Let me update this memorable post for you and me of one of my favorites regions of my belle France. I have several posts on the beaches already,and this was sort of an introduction to the beaches of the Bordeaux area so will have it in my black and white series, no pictures. Hope you enjoy it and think about going to the beach in France!

Ok I am on a roll, so let’s update this older post.  Right now is memory lane and reminiscent of the wonderful beaches we vacationed several years with younger boys going back to 2011 and thereafter!  Bordeaux has a mythical name to it, for most it means the best wine in the world and rightfully so, I agree. Extensive (all my life) work in the wine industry from bartender to management and diploma of France and Spain on wine connoisseurs level, even worked for a big multinational with wine distribution division.

However, what most visitors do not know, is that Bordeaux, especially the best wine areas of the Médoc are also,home to some of the best beaches in France, and the summer hangout of my family especially when younger ages. These towns we have zigzag for many years with the kids and beach activities that are second to none in France. These are Lacanau-Océan,Carcans-Maubisson, Hourtin,especially, but also Le Verdun-sur-Mer, Soulac-sur-Mer ,and Montalivet.

The one we prefer of all is Lacanau-Océan and even thus is in French, you can give yourselves a good idea from the pictures to know this is really good beach town. This is the webpage:

Here we have done house rental and camping park rental. The house is fine but for ambiance and group activities the camping are best. Our all time favorite camping is the 5 star Camping Yelloh! village Les Grands Pins just 300 meters from the beach at North side or plage nord; we rented 3 summers. The house was Villa “Gré des flots” more expensive and like I said more isolated even if in city center, we rented once. WE like more the camping.

The camping Les Grands Pins webpage:

The house Gré des Flots webpage:

The camping above is tops you can walk to the city center and the beaches and plenty of family activities inside! As well as cheaper for a family than the house.

The beaches at Lacanau-Océan are 16 km long or about 10 miles and are three south, central, and north (sud, central, nord).  From the city center you go down steps into the sand for the plage Centrale or central beach, and very close to all shops restos bars etc. So,therefore ,the most crowded part. The others are reach on foot from city center too but on neighborhood more residentials. So you still close to all amenities but less crowded. The plage Sud or south has a huge parking for 2000 cars/autos with pines shades, need to cross a dune of sand on wooden trails with a spectacular view over the beach; been the more open nature beach. The plage nord or north beach is the one we access from the camping and is so wide and wild and much less crowded as the part of the camping made it private beach. This is super tranquility and good ambiance with the camping folks.

Enjoy the fact that on the ocean side you have wonderful beaches and on the river side you have the best wines in the world, the center is full of pine trees landscape and farms you have the real France at your fingertips or wheelstip. Plublic transport is available even bus from Bordeaux to Pauillac but here the car is king

By car from Bordeaux you have several alternatives depending on which beach you are going to . Driving by car go into the Bordeaux beltway A630 direction Le Lac take exit 8 on the road D215 direction Sainte Hélène, here take the road D6 Route de Lacanau direction Lacanau and then past the lake Lacanau-Océan, after the traffic circle of the Casino of Lacanau bear right into the next road Pénetrante later boulevard Franchet until the entrance to the Camping well posted.

The place for beaches in France with info on each is  Plages TV on Lacanau-Océan

The special Médoc tourism webpage in French has more on the beaches:

The city of Lacanau on its history/heritage in French:

Bit of an explanation, here there is Lacanau ville , the town and Lacanau-Océan a beach town both are connected by about 2 km.  You, also, will find a great mix of Europeans on the beach side in summers.

Hope it helps enjoy some beach family time in the Médoc, the best wine region of Bordeaux, nd maybe a tour of the Chateaux of Bordeaux/Médoc! I have the best of two worlds here, wine and beach!! Enjoy the post as I did ….

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. One day hopefully I get to visit this beautiful place 💖💖

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