Blois-Chambord train station!

Aha and here I am telling you about a train station odd but indeed I have been to a few if only ridden in fewer. We were visiting Blois, (see posts) and staying at a hotel nearby and decided to walk by it. The idea is that you can go from Paris to Blois by train same day! Here is my take on the Gare de Blois-Chambord!

The Blois – Chambord train station is on the Paris-Austerlitz line to Bordeaux-Saint-Jean, located in Blois, about 20 km from Chambord, in the department of Loir-et-Cher, dept 41 in the region Centre-Val de Loire. Until December 14, 2013, it bore the name of Gare de Blois train station.


The new station is built slightly downstream from the old line of 1846. The works lasted from 1890 to 1893 and the new station then cut the avenue de l’Embarcadère (now avenue du Docteur-Jean-Laigret).  On June 12, 2015 a footbridge overhanging the tracks was inaugurated in order to allow users to cross conveniently to the train station and access to passenger platforms.

This Gare Blois-Chambord train station, has a passenger building, with counters, open every day. It is equipped with automatic machines for the purchase of tickets. The two main tracks (1 and 2) of the line from Paris to Bordeaux are bordered by platforms. To these are added two other platform tracks, one of which is bordered by two platforms (tracks 3 and 4). An underground passage connects platforms 1 and 2. The third platform (for tracks 3 and 4) is connected to platform 2 by a underground passage. The platform tracks are partially covered by a steel roof.

They offer service of the regional trains from the TER Center-Val de Loire network. The offer of the latter consists of omnibus or almost omnibus missions to Orléans and Tours, semi-direct missions between Orléans and Tours, semi-direct missions circulating between Paris-Austerlitz and Tours, and the Interloire between Orléans and Nantes, Saint-Nazaire or Le Croisic. So is not a train station of great use due to this connections and bus service instead of trains.

However, things are coming along only slow down by the pandemic but the Gare Blois-Chambord is moving up.

The Bloist Gare district, located in the heart of the city, is one of the major gateways to Blois. Five minutes from the Medici roundabout, and the Royal Castle, the Gare district extends the project of Carré Saint-Vincent and the ACVL to form, as far as the Vienne river, the backbone of the urban development underway in the heart of the city. In addition to the Ducoux block, the first stage of the project was the design and installation of the footbridge and its rotunda the forecourt of the station, which will be completely redesigned to offer a beautiful space open to the new district, of which it will be the heart. The flow of cars will be limited in front of the station, in order to give back their place to people on foot and by bicycle, with clearer routes. The forecourt was to be completed by the end of March 2021, but they have been some delays. Drop-offs and a car park managed by Effia with 200 spaces are also planned. Finally, the station being a privileged interface between urban and interurban coach lines, a real bus station will be created and completed at the end of March 2021, (again some delays) making the square an intermodal exchange hub (railways, bus station, public transport, etc. taxis and gentle traffic). However, all should be done by this coming summer.

The city of Blois on the Gare district project in French:

The SNCF Gare et Connexions on the Blois Chambord train station

The TER Centre Val de Loire on the Blois Chambord train station

This is a pretty train station or gare de Blois Chambord, really!  we park just in front in square Pasteur and corner of avenue du Docteur-Jean-Laigret for free! Always nice to visit Blois even if we have come by car, the train station is quant pretty nice should be worth the trip. Hope it helps your choices.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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