The Vuelta de España at Cuenca!!!

This is a memorable little post I did a while back during our vacations to my beloved Spain. Many memorable moments over my life and very special at Cuenca, province of Cuenca, autonomous community of Castilla La Mancha, Kingdom of Spain. Let me tell you about an event I like.

We were having our vacation in Las Majadas (see posts) and would come down always to Cuenca  (see posts) on our way out as my road warrior instincts tells me. While passing by city center Cuenca we notice preparation for a bike race…it turn out to be the stage of the Vuelta de España or the tour of Spain bicycle race! Therefore, we splash on this opportunity and the first for my sons!


We cruise,walked and climbed by several sites to get in the flavor, the air, the beauty of this in country place. The best travel is often off the beaten path and this we know well.  We set out from Las Majadas up into the mountains by the site of Los Callejones. on the CUV 9113 road and panels lead you there; passing by it, this is a place of nature walkers with plenty of mountain terrain and rock formations from another era ! high mountain and wild animals such as deers abound and were seen!

We came back to Cuenca and saw the preparations and ending of the 7th stage of the Vuelta de España or tour of Spain bicycle race! The whole town was mobilize, really an spectacle to see.


On the way back to Las Majadas we were to see a herd of brave bulls leisurely eaten on the prairies, dare not go in lol!!! We saw a stray young deer on the A40 and needed to zigzag around it !!!no time for a picture yikes!


Another great day in back country Cuenca, and Castilla La Mancha. Really a great vacation time and so hard to think we must come back to work yikes!!!

The Cuenca tourist office in Spanish on the nature wonders including the wonderfully huge Serrania de Cuenca (see post) where we stayed up 1400 meters!(about 4620 feet).

The same Cuenca tourist office on the road and nature trails such at the above mentioned Los Callejones:

The Cuenca province tourist office on trails to see better on foot/bike but car were ok by us!

Cycling news journal on the “historic” stage 7 of the Vuelta de España we saw in Cuenca

There you go folks, a dandy short post on a wonderful family experience. We are missing one a big one ,but looking forward to be back to the area as soon as possible. Cuenca has become a memorable point of many family happy times and we love it. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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