Calle de la Princesa of Madrid!

I have done several posts on streets, squares, etc in my blog on several cities and especially my beloved Madrid. Streets of always with memories walking them and enjoying their surroundings. Each time there brings about family memories of old and always. One very important street as it passes by several monuments is the Calle de la Princesa or Princess street in Madrid. Let me tell you a bit more on it ok.

The Calle de la Princesa or Calle Princesa begins in the Plaza de España and ends in the Plaza de la Moncloa (see posts). It is the dividing line between the Centro and Moncloa-Aravaca districts (up to the intersection with Alberto Aguilera and Marqués de Urquijo streets) and Chamberí and Moncloa-Aravaca (between Alberto Aguilera and Melendez Valdés streets).


The Calle de la Princesa receives its name dating from 1865 from the Infanta Isabel de Borbón y Borbón, known as “La Chata”, (hollow nose) so beloved by the people, and an object of ridicule among the intelligentsia. She was twice Princess of Asturias and died in exile in Paris.

When the left Second Republic was proclaimed in Spain. Doña Isabel decided to accompany her relatives and left for France. Five days after she left Spain, she died of natural causes in a convent in Auteuil, Paris. She was buried in Paris. On May 23, 1991, by order of King Juan Carlos I, her remains were transferred to Spain and deposited in the Collegiate Church of the Holy Trinity of the Royal Palace of La Granja in near Segovia together with those of King Felipe V and his wife Isabel de Farnese. Next to the Parque del Oeste stands a sculptural group in memory of her, in the Calle del Pintor Rosales (painter Eduardo Rosales) at No 30.

The street Calle de la Princesa, before taking the name that it conserves at the beginning of the 21C, it was called Calle del Duque de Liria, because it was located around the palace of Liria, (see post) in the old stately estate of Moncloa (Real Sitio de la Moncloa and before Real Sitio de la Florida).


The Calle de la  Princesa is one of the busiest shopping streets in Madrid. You will find the most trendy brands there, aimed at a young clientele: Zara, Mango, Benetton, Tintoretto and Massimo Dutti. It is a residential and commercial area that has a few important buildings, in particular the Palacio de Liria, an excellent example of the typical 18C neoclassicism, the residence of the Casa de Alba.(see post)

The Madrid tourist office on shopping by Calle de la Princesa

The Madrid tourist office on Calle Princesa

There you go folks another dandy walk in glorious Madrid. The calle de la Princesa we walked and walked , saw the sights and shop and ate see the above sights in other posts in my blog. Hope you enjoy the tour.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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