Etap, Findel ,and Luxembourg!!

Here I am updating older posts and finding some nice stories missing from my blog. Needless, to say it has been blast on the revising front. One item missing from my blog is the fact of the anecdote in a way of finding a cheap hotel in Luxembourg. This is the story of Etap, Findel, and Luxembourg!! Hope you enjoy it as I.

I am inspired to tell you about one of my favorite countries that have not live in yet. Visited several times always in family trips and many memorable moments, we love to visit more. I am talking about the beautiful country of Luxembourg. Oh yeah, there is the country and then the city….Luxembourg and Luxembourg ville.

Well if you have been reading my blog (and I thank you), you would have notice I have been visiting this small country of Luxembourg for quite some time now, and it has become one of my favorites in Europe. Let me tell you one nice anecdote of my travels me think.

We drove once as in many to it, and after walking all over Luxembourg ville we end up very late and not wanting to return so late, we look for a one night hotel. Well in the center of Luxembourg was not easy and always looking for new thing we look up the Accor French chain hotel of Etap (now all coverted to Ibis). However, the one here was all the way out in Findel by the airport!

lux etap hotel by findel airport next to ibis jan11

Findel is a village in the in the town of Sandweiler.  As said, Findel hold the Findel international airport of Luxembourg. It was at Findel, that the Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg returned to the country after its liberation at the end of WWII. The airport even if we never came by plane here , and the time was cold!!! webpage:

Lux airport findel pedro et boys dec05

Well this Etap hotel was there ! We found out that we could even leave our car nicely park underground there and come into city center Luxembourg ville by bus!  And we decided to try it!! By the way next to it there wa an Ibis hotel and we have tried it too. The Etap is now the Ibis Budget (one star) and the former is now the Ibis Airport (3 stars)  hotel. The hotel webpage now:

The connection by bus 16 to the city center,was nice and easy, also bus line 29 get you in. From Luxembourg ville  as we were driving we got on the beltway A6 exit 7 or 9. However, last year they change the laws where the bus is free in Luxembourg!  More info on the Public Transports Mobilité webpage:

And the official public transport of Luxembourg Ville mobilitéit with bus schedules in French:

You will love the run very nice puntual and clean and now free, the bus is it and above ground to see it all!! Hope you enjoy the hotel, the bus , Findel, and Luxembourg city or ville.

The City of Luxembourg tourist office

The Luxembourg tourist office on Luxembourg Ville

And there you go folks, a nice anecdote me think and great stay again in Luxembourg. Hope you have enjoy the post and visit. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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