Quiberon always fun!!

Well we are stepping out slowly with the new freedom of our controlled governments allowing us to be out from the virus. I was doing some heavy shopping on furniture with sofabed, dining chairs, and office chair , one of my twins got a new iphone as well and we did the groceries! uff load of things and driving around in two cars! Well we needed a break I thought , so why not go to our favorite beach area bar! I have written plenty on Quiberon and this bar in my blog but this is another stop and more newer pictures. Enjoy it as we always do!

And we went out to see my world and needed to visit my fav place to see it up close and personal again. Quiberon is it!! In case not reading before, this is the Presqu’île de Quiberon , a peninsula stretching out into the Atlantic ocean and the city of Quiberon sits at the end tip. Of course, in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne, and in my belle France!

We parked always nearby coming early at Parking Varquez, and easy not too many cars. And once settle down we walk the beat, all over the city center and the sea boulevard ,however, we end up at the Place Hoche, more like an esplanade really but officially a square Hoche. You have plenty to choose from all around as well as a wonderful promenade boulevard facing the beach and plenty of goodies.


The air of the big beach or Grande Plage (see posts) is cooling you off while you stroll this square full of shops and especially places to eat and drink. We have tried them all! However, our favorite and a great friend by now is the L’Esplanade Café right on Place Hoche.

The spot is great for people watching as folks from the parkings need to walk by it to access the big beach or Grande Plage of Quiberon, simply awesome! We sat my Dad and he got his small glass of beer loving it I let him enjoy it as not supposed to have alcohol with his diabetes.


I have a pint of Belzebuth beer a specialty here only place to have it. It is from the Brasserie Goudale and coming in at 8.5% golden lager is awesome. We love it as my sons follow me lol!!! We had at our fav spot the L’Esplanade Café where by now everybody knows us !!!

quiberon esplanade cafe terrase to counter may21

Again, we took some walks around but no beach picture as plenty already and will wait for beach season here which is by July…even if today was 24C and sunny hot!!! plenty of passerbys !! We will be back of course and if in the area let me know ,this is a great place to meet daytime is for all, nightime is well crazy fun!

quiberon esplanade cafe terrase to place hoche may21

They have no webpage and only the Morbihan dept 56 tourist office has some information public: https://www.morbihan.com/quiberon/bar-esplanade-cafe/tabid/12660/offreid/9d3ecb87-f588-4511-966e-009553b4eae4

Again, just a quick ride out into Quiberon, taking fresh air and a nice cold one for the road warrior! Oh do not worry about drink and drive doing for 45 years and never a problem, not even a point! I learned from my Dad who own a nightclub when I was a middle teen in NJ! Enjoy it life is short if you do not believe me ask the doctor how many years you will be dead! Salut

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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