Hospital Virgen de la Luz!

Looking over my blog and updating some older posts taking advantage of our times, I have notice some missing memories that even if hard need must include in my blog. After all, my blog is a history of my life put together in travel and anecdotes. One sad moment was the first recognition something was wrong health wise with my dear wife Martine. This is the missing part of the story. Bear with me please.

I have mentioned the ordeal from the last hospital in Vannes, and the checkup she had at the health clinic in Villalba de la Sierra in the Serrania de Cuenca. I like to show in my blog her second checkup at the Hospital Virgen de la Luz of Cuenca. This is the Province of Cuenca, in the Castilla de La Mancha region of my beloved Spain.

This is a memorable town if writing brings to life sad moments in my life. For the soul is good to have it, for the memories, for the good times we spent together as a family with my dear late wife Martine. And we came down the mountains of the Serrania de Cuenca to visit the main city , Cuenca. Unesco World Heritage Site! Indeed is worth the trip and as we rented a house nearby , we came often here in our trips but not since this sad last trip of August 2017.

The sad story is that my dear late wife Martine was treated for pains in the medical center or Centro de Salud in Villalba de la Sierra while on our summer vacation, the first signs of her terrible cancer. Not knowing what it was yet, we were told to take her to the main area hospital Virgen de la Luz in Cuenca. Here she went thru more tests still not pinpointing her problem until we reach home in Vannes in Sept 2017. She went April 30 2018 but will never be forgotten.  So even if it brings back tearful memories, I have to have it here as this blog is the soothing time for me over time, and have many memorials to her and pictures that will stay with me forever. She was a great wife and one heck of a mother, my Martine.

The main webpage for the Hospital Virgen de la Luz in Cuenca in Spanish:

The health directory of the region of Castilla La Mancha on the hospital:


My Martine goes in in black right

The Virgen de la Luz Hospital in Cuenca is a health center, dependent on the Castilla-La Mancha Health Service (SESCAM), since its inception in 1964. I must add quickly the hospital was very clean , fast friendly service, very nice folks who took care of us very well. I did then, and I say it again very thankful for the service given to my wife there; a group of great professionals.

The emergency room we got int was in sector B building on the lower level. The hospital is at  Calle Hermandad Donantes De Sangre 1 or brotherhood of blood donors street. For a modern twist the local newspaper reported April 4 2021 that there are no more covid19 patients in intensive care in the hospital , good!

However, there is a new hospital coming.  The new hospital complex being built in Cuenca by the Government of Castilla-La Mancha will have more than 114,000 square meters built, of which 74,800 square meters will be for hospital use, distributed in four large blocks: surgical, hospitalization, consultations and general services.  The future university hospital in Cuenca will have a total of 502 beds, 13 operating rooms, two of which will have special dimensions to house the so-called “smart operating rooms”, a maternal-infant block with Pediatric ICU, specialized consultation modules and even a thousand parking spaces for vehicles. More in Spanish in the city of  Cuenca:,61488

Ah forgot this one, after the hospital visit the medications were taken at the pharmacy Graner y Molina on calle Fermin Caballeros of Cuenca. Again nice friendly folks and all rembursed as EU zone. Of course, this did not do anything but nice memories of the treatment given by the folks. I have a picture will include with this post.


There you go folks, I need to have this in my blog for my memories of always. One reason I keep the blog to continue my and my family’s history of travels, and anecdotes! Paris1972 was the first time I saw Paris and stuck, Versailles2003 is when we moved to this beautiful Versailles in gorgeous France. It has been good more so for her spirit that have made us more French, allez les Bleus!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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