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May 22, 2021

Guérande, Batz-sur-Mer, and Le Croisic , 3 can be a charm!

This was a special post on road warrior visit to a friend from work in Guérande, and while there visited the nearby coastal towns of Batz sur Mer,and Le Croisic. A wonderful coastal trip of my belle France just south of me in old Bretagne now part of the Pays de la Loire region. Let’s ride out this one together shall we!

Of course, this is in dept 44 of the Loire Atlantique and have written previous posts on these towns in my blog. It was a rainy day, cloudy, and cool at 11C or about 55F , but like said we had some friends in Guérande inviting us for lunch and we could not resist. We went to three wonderful towns where of course we got hook and have come back (see posts). These were Guérande, Batz-sur-Mer, and Le Croisic.

We visited before Guérande on our own and had pleasant surprises of the town and its ramparts. We took the expressway N165 to the exit 17 La Baule, La Roche Bernard, and took the D774 direction Herbignac/Guérande. As we got there early we walked a bit before meeting our friends in their house.  In Guérande, we walked around the ramparts and the wonderful Porte Vannetais, Porte Saint Michel, and Tour de la Gaudinais walking into the old town to take a look again at the Church Saint Aubin.


On our way out to Batz-sur-Mer we passed by the museum of salt marshes or Musée des Marais Salants and the wonderful salt marshes you see along the road is wonderful. This is the famous salt of Guérande, world famous. The museum webpage:

Batz sur Mer



We continue our journey now with our friends into the harbor area of Batz sur Mer, and saw the nice Church and tower of Saint-Guénolé built in the 13C of gothic Breton style with a tower 70 meters high and nice views of the ocean. We went to the harbor port Saint Michel where we had our lunch at the Café de la  Plage, wonderful family service, where I had a cassoulet de la mer or sea casserole of shrimp, scallops and fish with a nice vegetable lettuce and a bottle of Kerisec cider, the others had different servings from mussels with Roquefort cheese , tagliatelles bolognaise, and four cheeses pizzas, desserts from bounty coconuts ice cream to banana splits , and of course another bottle of Kerisec cider brut.  The price we could not know as our friendly friends lol!! went ahead and pay for all five of us the bill !!! yes nice friends!



We , then continue on by car to Le Croisic the end of the peninsula where the sea is king and we just the servants.  There was an exposition going on at the house of the rescue or Maison du Sauvetage right by the harbor. The fishing harbor and the pleasure boat harbor are sublime picturesques beautiful. And the colorful train station or gare du Croisic right by the harbor!




Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are:

The  Guérande tourist office

The Batz-sur-Mer tourist office:

The Le Croisic  tourist office

We found for a Sunday plenty of parking for free in all the towns.  In all, a short but pleasant trip to the beautiful old Bretagne.  The sea at its best, nice area we have been back!!!! See my other posts on these towns and more pictures.

And remember happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all!!!

May 22, 2021

Going shopping in Vannes!!!

This is one of the wonderful things we do here, going shopping in Vannes!!! We love the fact that we have such a great capital city not big not small just right, next to the Gulf of Morbihan and we live in a small quiet nice town just 30 km or  about 18 miles from it. Let me update for you this older post on shopping in Vannes!!! Hope you enjoy it as I.

I  have written several articles on market shopping especially in my new area of the Morbihan Breton. They never stop amazing my family, we just simply love them. We do most of our food shopping in them, and the misc extra in the supermarket.  We did again some wonderful shopping in our capital city of Vannes; where most of the shopping is located, and I worked just outside in a castle ruins (1504) complex.  We get up and go by 9h and always find parking at the parking République that for less than 3 euros a day will do nicely across the market.  Also, parking by the ramparts as per picture is metered but cheaper. Down across rue Thiers we head to rue Le Hellec into the place du Poids Public , a great space of delicious goodies. Also, many stores like bakeries, butcher, fish market and the wonderful Halle aux Poissons or fish market. Right into the Place de la Poissonnerie/rue de la Poissonnerie. This goes back into rue Saint Vincent, nicely done with brick stones pavement.


However, the best is to go up from Place du Poids Public into the Place des Lices; another wonderful square full of shops even Belgian chocolates, souvenirs of Brittany, and fish canning store,not to mention anything to outfit your family and house.  This continues into the Place Lucien Laroche with stands all over. Here by the confluence of place des Lices and place du poids public you find the open air market where we got our mangos, avocados, raspberries, bananas, red/green peppers, clementine, dates, prunes, and next door to the stand a farmer’s hen roasted to perfection. Salads greens, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. The works!!  In my opinion is the best market in Bretagne and we have been to all if not most of them already. Very well can match our beloved market of Notre Dame in Versailles… and that is saying a lot ::) The market here in Vannes are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8h to 13h30.


The Halles is a wonderful covered market that is open every day with over 30 merchants inside. This is the Halles des Lices as it is right in the Place des Lices; the back street is the ramparts of the old town.  The hours here change with some holidays ,but usually they are open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays (until 19h), and Sundays from  8h- 14h, closed Mondays.  We had here our oysters and shrimp on the Les Viviers des lices in the covered market Halles des Lices, nice folks, the oysters were open for us !!! We, also,got our breads au fournil Breton in the covered market slices to order with sesame seeds! and of course the baguette!


Right behind the Cathedral St Pierre (St Peter) at 4 rue des Chanoines you have a wonderful store for home decorations and furniture  with 300 m2 of space of changing modes according to season, call simply NOX. webpage:

Another nice one we go and long time here is Olivier Desforges at 22 rue Saint Vincent right by the market.  The accessories for the house from towels to linen, all tops.webpage:

Another for home deco we like is L’échoppe at 15 rue des Halles off the place des lices into a laberinth of middle ages wooden houses! lamps, sofas, furniture in general, table décor in an ali baba bazaar (their words). Here for the memories as it is now gone.  We came back on way home to finish our shopping in our favorite hypermarket Carrefour at Avenue de la Marne, where we purchased the misc groceries like papers, cleaners, shampoos etc webpage:

Now ,we do eat most of the time out. We did stop to try a new place here for us. Columbus Café, I figure from the name it had an international feeling for it, but is a complete French chain. The one in Vannes is very nice , right on rue du Mené and right next to a couple usual stores for us , Monoprix department store !, and Bouchara (old eurodif stores) home deco stores. Columbus Café; the service was very nice,and the products of high quality and reasonable price. We had our old time favorite pastrami bagel sandwich, a huge chuck of raspberry cheesecake and coca cola, we each had different menus, we end up with a huge mocha coffee all came to about 12.50€ per person. There are square tables by the counter area and then lounge low tables and seat on a side room all facing the street. We sat on a window facing the back entry of the Monoprix store. webpage:



Some other nice places to eat I can tell you here are the Lecocq & Folks restaurant at 5 rue Saint Vincent ,almost at the foot of the gate or porte Saint Vincent to entered old town. This is a bistronomic style restaurant held by brother and sister! You have the Di’Vin, at 15 bis rue Noé right by the place du poids public in a wooden house  very fesh cuisines and great deco on the old town quant square. The Moulin du Roy at 14 place Gambetta ,just outside the Porte Saint Vincent facing the port marina , the Breton cuisine with burgers and chip and fish and great people watcher place. Next to it is the L’Atlantique, facing the  port marina Le Port, and a seafood lovers heaven !!!

Anna & Paul, 23 place du Général de Gaulle, in the old town section too near the government building prefecture, this is a couple and the name is after their kids. very homey welcome and good food, most is made in house, and good prices for a gourmand dinner or lunch. I have come for get together with collegues from work as well as family. Facebook page has more:

Bibovino at 18 Emile Burgault right up in old town on the way to the Cathedral. Great combination of food and wines!  Wonderful planchas of seafood, and great wines choices. Facebook page tells more:

There you go folks, a wonderful day shopping in Vannes with some resto recomm by yours truly, many of them with other posts in my blog. Hope you enjoy this other post on Vannes. And remember,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

May 22, 2021

The Pepiniére de Penhouët!!!

I had this spot mentioned in several posts briefly and it is so sentimental for us , I need to have a single post on it for the memories of always. This is nursery garden shop in the town of Ploeren call Penhouët. Let me tell you briefly the nice story of this place so dear to us. In French it is the Pepiniére de Penhouët!

The Pepiniére de Penhouët, in Ploeren near Vannes. Right off the expressway N165 Nantes-Brest. It is huge, all along the expressway, and great friendly expert service.  The nursery garden shop we of course always go by car sortie/ exit 29 Arradon on the N165 and go on a small road C5 communal along the expressway until you reach the Pépiniére de  Penhouët in city limits of Plescop. 


We buy all our plants, trees, dirt from them and very good results so used to said my other half, I was just the transport guy lol!  All our plants for the house and lawn accessories, grass, and tools, with the design of Breton stones in our front house garden and lawn grass in the back.. My dear late wife Martine fell in love with it, and as she was an avid gardener; we came here often ever since we purchase our house in 2013 (they opened in 2012). The plants and trees change seasons and we continue to come back. Over  5 hectares and over 120K plants!!!



You have free parking and the nursery is right around you, you walk up the main office and warehouse. You can walk all over the garden and or ask help at any time. The service is nice and well informed; you won’t go wrong here.

The official Pépiniére de Penhouët of Ploeren

The above webpage have a 360 degree video of the nursery garden shop here:

This is a spot we have not been in over 2 years now, my mamie bleu is no longer with us, and we just keep up the plants we have and the lawn ,as well as cutting the beech hedges. Its a labor of love with my sons and plenty of nice memories forever. When time comes to replace them , do not know what will do as I am not a gardener!!! Anyway hope you enjoy it and do stop by the Penhouët nursery garden shop , as it is for garden lovers only.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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