The Place de la Madeleine of Paris!!!

This Place de la Madeleine is a square very close to me as used to walked by it every day to work as always figure better than going underground so walked from the Gare Saint Lazare to my job. I have written bits and pieces in several posts but just notice never a single post which it deserves for its history and mine!

Therefore, here is a brief introduction to this nostalgic spot in Paris for me. The place de la Madeleine is tops.

The Place de la Madeleine is in the 8éme arrondissement of Paris. It is a rectangular shaped square of 218 meters long and 128 meters wide. On this square ends the following streets: rue Chauveau-Lagarde; rue Tronchet; rue de Sèze; boulevard de la Madeleine; rue Duphot; rue Royale; galerie de la Madeleine; boulevard Malesherbes; and passage de la Madeleine. It bears this name because the Church de la Madeleine (see post) is located on this square.

paris ch madeleine sept10

This square is served by the Madeleine metro station with lines 8, 12 and 14.

The Place de la Madeleine was formed in 1815 on land belonging to the old Madeleine church which was probably located on the site of present-day 8, boulevard Malesherbes, at the corner where rue Pasquier meets rue of Ville-l’Évêque.

Some of the remarkable buildings here me think are at No 2 where at the beginning of the 20C housed the famous Durand restaurant, where opposition deputies met in 1848 and which had its heyday at the time of boulangisme from the undone uprising of 1889, which General Georges Boulanger refused and where he celebrated his victory in the legislative elections in the café. This was, also, the favorite gathering place of politicians, artists, and writers, including the authors Anatole France and Émile Zola. Now, a Ralph Lauren store! Also, No 3: remarkable ensemble built in 1842. Stylist Nino Cerruti set up his haute couture house there in 1967. At No 6 The Maille boutique (mustard fame).

At No 9 you see a beautiful building decorated with sculptures by Jean-Baptiste-Jules Klagmann. It houses: the Galerie de la Madeleine, a covered passage connecting the Place de la Madeleine to the rue Boissy-d’Anglas.   Here was one of the homes of Jean Cocteau and Jean Marais. Going back it was here that in in 1732, Robert Lucas opened an English Tavern serving cold meat and pudding. In 1925, the restaurant passed to Francis Carton who renamed it Lucas-Carton. Seven small lounges are created on the first floor, accessible by the passage de la Madeleine. In 2005, the restaurant was renamed Senderens by its owner, chef Alain Senderens, who took over the establishment in 1985. In 2005, Alain Senderens returned his third star to offer more freedom to his cuisine. In 2013, it was only natural that he sold his shares to his partner. They decide together to hand over the Lucas Carton sign. July 2014, after the departure of Alain Senderens, Lucas Carton opens a new page in its history resolutely turned towards the future.

At No 10 lived the philosopher, statesman and academician François-Jules Suisse aka Jules Simon ( born in Lorient Morbihan 56, and died in Paris. At No 21 the passage de la Madeleine: opened in 1815 under the name of “passage de la Ville-l’Évêque”; It starts at 19, place de la Madeleine and ends at 4, rue de l’Arcade, with a length of 53 meters.

At No 21, you have the wonderful Hédiard store. The founder Ferdinand Hédiard took residence on the site of the current store. Another emblematic store of the square is the wonderful Fauchon at No 24/26/30. The store opened here in 1886.

The Paris tourist office on the Place de la Madeleine

There you go folks ,another dandy area of my eternal Paris. It brings back so many memories of my walks, especially the rainy days lol! and getting into the nice Café Madeleine at No 35 Place de la Madeleine!! Hope you enjoy the post and do stop by here  in eternal sublime Paris.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. Quite one of my favourite spots in Paris largely because of the architecture but also the shops!

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