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May 19, 2021

Damgan, Penerf and the St Peter’s Church!

And here I continue with a new post and pictures on a wonderful coastal area of my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of the lovely region of Bretagne and in my belle France. I went out again in my road warrior trips with the boys in my gorgeous area and pick up something new to tell from an old town already with posts in my blog. Hope you enjoy the tour of Damgan and its village of Pénerf with its wonderfully cute St Peter’s Church (St Pierre)!

Let me tell you a bit more on the village of Pénerf ok.

Pénerf is a village belonging to the town of Damgan . The first mention of which dates from 1261 during the reign of Duke Jean I of Bretagne, probably means in Breton “the point of the furrow”, in the sense of a coastal barrier or tombolo between Damgan and Penerf. The Penerf oyster is one of the six crus of southern Brittany, along with “Aven Belon”, “Ria d´Étel”, “Quiberon”, “Golfe du Morbihan” and “Croisicaise”. Simply awesome sublime!

The bus line 8 of the Vannes network on Breizhgo takes you to Damgan from Vannes. It has 3 stops but does not reach Pénerf. We come by car of course. Take the N165 from Vannes direction Nantes and get off at exit 21 Damgan, get on the D140 direction Ambon, and then Damgan all the way to the port of Pénerf! In about 50 min from my house.

A bit on the history I like

The 15C and especially the 16C was the golden age for Pénerf, which was then the fourth Breton port. The sailors of the river are specialized in cabotage and have very few fishermen. The name of the port appears on all nautical charts, even those covering the whole of Europe, under various spellings (Pennerff, Penerph, Penhers and even Pencore), the small “bay” being sometimes drawn as big as the Gulf of Morbihan! In the 18C, the salt works in the Penerf river developed, but the abolition of the salt tax in 1848 and the authorization to import mark the beginning of the decline, the exploitation of the salt marshes, however continuing. until around 1930. Today it is the fishermen, the oyster farmers and the birds who share the calm and preserved stalls.Yes very laid back beach village quiet peaceful and nice homes.

And now the main plate of this post on nice quant Pénerf

The Saint-Pierre Church construction dates back to the 17C and probably replaces an older construction. The place having already been inhabited for a long time and formed its own entity, Pénerf obtained the status of parish in 1843 in Damgan. It is enlarged by the addition of a chapel dedicated to the Virgin and a remodeled bell tower. The north and south wings were added in 1853 and 1848 then the church was restored in the 19C. This is an old Friars chapel that belonged to the parish of Ambon in the 16C, and was rebuilt in the 17C. It was unfortunately disfigured in the 19C, when Pénerf became a branch in 1843. A small chapel dedicated to the Virgin was added in 1843. There are stained glass windows offered by families sailors.



Saint Peter is the patron Saint of the fishermen. It preserves ex-votos of models of traditional boats and an ex-voto on paper. The choir was enriched with a mosaic made in 1936 by Louis Barillet thanks to donations from parishioners illustrating the inhabitants praying “Maris Stella”, the star of the sea. Inside, we see two large scale models of boats suspended in the nave .The “Saint-Pierre” is a ship with two masts whose sails can be seen lowered or rolled up. The “Saint-Paul” is a three-masted boat. . It also includes a Stations of the Cross on wood, and a very naive ex-voto painted in 1850. Its original stained-glass windows were destroyed in 1944 by the explosion caused by the explosion of the ammunition stockpile occupant blew up on leaving the country. They are replaced by stained glass, donated by the families of captains to the Long Cours.




The city of Damgan on its history/heritage:

The local Damgan La Roche Bernard tourist office on the St Peter’s Church

The Morbihan dept 56 tourist board on the St Peter’s Church

There you go folks another dandy in a wonderful beach resort village on the Gulf of Morbihan, this is Pénerf in peaceful Damgan. Hope you enjoy the tour and thanks for reading me all these years since 2010.

And remember, happy travels ,good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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May 19, 2021

Damgan and the Gulf!!!

This is a dandy nice monument and wonderful beaches on the coast of my beautiful Morbihan. Let me tell you about it and my updated text with new pictures from yesterday on the lovely Damgan!  And here I am coming back to the coast, the littoral, the beaches of my Morbihan sublime fine sand beaches galore. And one that is not to be missed is the ones at Damgan. Let me tell you briefly on them as already a post on its heritage monument.

Damgan is one of the 12 towns of the Arc Sud Bretagne intermunicipal association. It is a peninsula located between the Rhuys peninsula (see post) and the Vilaine estuary. To the west, the Pénerf river marks the limit of the town, the Atlantic Ocean to the south, the town of Ambon (see post) to the north and east. A ria Pénerf stretches between the old salt marines of Ambon to the Pointe du Dibenn in Pénerf; the marshes of Saint-Guérin mark with the pointe du Bil the mouth between the tombolo of Pénerf and the mainland.

From the 15C to the 18C, the port of Pénerf became an important port in Bretagne/Brittany. The 16C was also the golden age for Pénerf, which was then the fourth Breton port. Its boats went to Bordeaux to Rouen, from Cadiz to Norway,etc.  The 19C, however, was marked by a long decline in port activity at Pénerf since transport by rail proved to be more economical than cabotage. The first bathers were reported in 1860 and the first cabins appeared in 1877. A large number of tourists arrived in the second half of the 20C, allowing the town to resume economic growth with its development as a seaside resort. Even today, its economy is mainly oriented towards the tourism sector.

The Port of Pénerf  is located on the Pénerf river, at the western end of Damgan. Formerly a commercial and coastal shipping port, today it is a fishing port and increasingly a marina. Several berthing possibilities are available to mariners arriving at Damgan, in the port of Pénerf . The small port offers multiple navigation possibilities, well located, near the Gulf of Morbihan, the Vilaine estuary and the bay of Quiberon.  The Penerf river is a river that flows between Damgan and Sarzeau, in the bay of Penerf, at the northern limit of Mor Braz,the bay of the Atlantic Ocean in the Morbihan. The Penerf river, or ria de Penerf, stretches for 6 km to the pont de Billion bridge in Ambon, a place which more or less marks the end of the salinity of its waters. However, the salinity of the water varies depending on the tides and the time of year.  It is also at this place that two rivers form the Penerf river ; the Drayac stream, or Drague, measuring approximately 7 km, coming from Berric , and the Penbulzo stream. The estuary is composed of 38% of sea or inlets, 22% of salt marshes or salt meadows and 13% of rivers or estuaries subject to the tides.  There is Fort de Ré bult in 1655, then replace by the Fort Carré aka Fort à la Vauban built in 1845, and now in ruins. You can see it from the Port of Penerf and low tides you can get to it..


There are more popular beaches here but for us peace and quiet are best at Plage Saint Guérin. Its located between Damgan and Pénerf in continuity with the promenade, the beach in the bay of St-Guérin will charm you with its natural shelter. Between the grande plage of Damgan and the pointe de Penerf, the beach of Saint-Guérin is located on an isthmus. It is an urbanized beach backed by polders. A large promenade facilitates smooth travel. The sand is generous there. Admittedly, there are fewer facilities and services than on the large nearby beach, but more tranquility. However, for quant solicitude the beach at Govet is nice, plage de Govet




At Pointe du Lenn , facing the ocean, stands the Tour des Anglais. At 15 meters, it has been welcoming boats at the entrance to the Pénerf river and has been doing so for some 5 centuries. It is also the only fire tower, ancestor of the lighthouse, preserved on the Atlantic coast!


There is a canon of the 18C coming from the vessel Le Juste sunk during the battle of the Cardinals in 1759 and of which we find in the region many cannons from ships sunk during this battle. When Le Juste sank, 130 crew members were rescued by a captain from Pénerf. In 1992, the Naval foundary of Indret offered this gun to the town of Damgan in memory of this episode.


The city of Damgan on its history/heritage

The Damgan-La Roche Bernard tourist office on Damgan

And there you go folks another dandy by the coast in my beautiful Morbihan, tops really you should take a look. And the beach is open with mask and social distancing please, we can all still enjoy it and better at Damgan! Hope you enjoy the post as I do.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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May 19, 2021

Some news from France, CCCXXXIV

And here I am on a most important date in France ; today is May 19 2021 and things are beginning to open up all over and we love it ! The weather has been cloudy and some rain but do not believe that would stop anyone from going out. In fact my small town terraces already brimming at noon! The other season to be merrier is upon us, share it embrace it, enjoy it , la vie est belle!! Let me tell you the latest tidbits from my series, some news from France! Enjoy the opening with moderation and safety first!

The MK2 was the first Parisian cinema to open its doors yesterday Tuesday morning, and the spectators were very numerous at the rendezvous. The MK2 Library in the 13éme arrondissement of Paris and as the cinema opens, the queue spills over to Avenue de France!!

After long months of closure, bars and restaurants are opening their outdoor terraces today May 19th Wednesday. The Bambini restaurant at the Palais de Tokyo 16éme promises to be an unmissable event for this reopening of the terraces in Paris. Others will be the Cabana Beach, you’ll be at the beach, without the itchy sand in your swimsuit, or the sunburns that burn your face. Cabana Beach, 12 Boulevard de Sébastopol 4éme. Webpage:

We continue on my favorites direction the Seine river for its  500 m2 of terrace and floating rooftop. Fluctuart is an Urban Art Center, where you can sip a cocktail while discovering works of art. It’s a unique experience, almost with your feet in the water! Fluctuart; 2 Port du Gros Caillou ,7éme.webpage:

And even away from Paris things are cooking up in one of favorite work hangouts areas since arriving in France and still going strong. On the banks of the Oise river, La Taverne des Rois is back in operation. The setting is idyllic, the restaurant occupies the end of the Port of Cergy (Val d’Oise 95) .Its terrace overlooks the boats and the river, the parasols and the awning soften the sun and provide shelter from bad weather.

Shops and shopping center malls are also opening!! My favorites over the years in the Paris region are the  Westfield Les Quatre-Temps shopping center in La Défense (92), is delighted with the reopening of the complex, which has 240 stores. The Trois Fontaines shopping center in Cergy (95) reopens completely. At Art de Vivre, in addition to the now classic measures, barrier gesture, flow management and space disinfection, the Éragny (95)  shopping center will pay particular attention to air renewal. It can take place up to five times per hour. The shopping center malls Westfield Vélizy 2, Parly 2, Espace Saint-Quentin, Mon Grand Plaisir all in the Yvelines 78. They are all returning to service with the same objective: to respect health protocols to avoid a new closure.

In Fontainebleau, the Django-Reinhardt festival will host from July 1 to 4, Thomas Dutronc, Catherine Ringer, Kyle Eastwood, Ibrahim Maalouf… Vianney, Julien Clerc and Patrick Bruel will perform at the Grand Parquet, from July 23 to 25. In addition, on July 15 and 21, American art schools, which welcome talented young musicians from all over the world, will perform two concerts in the colors of Napoleon I, free of charge, in the castle grounds.  A prelude to the great Saint-Louis fireworks display on August 28. Also in Fontainebleau, the castle will reopen its doors today May 19, with a reduced rate of 7 euros. On this bicentenary of the death of Napoleon 1st, visitors will be able to discover the life of the Emperor in a new specialized route.

In my dear Meaux, the Museum of the Great War (WWI) will reopen and will be exceptionally open until 20h30 today  Wednesday. Musical entertainment on the theme of jazz is planned in the museum hall from 18h to remind people that this musical genre arrived in Europe with the Americans entering the war in 1917. The museum’s permanent collection will be fully accessible. (with the exception of mediation devices involving manipulation by the public). It will also be possible to discover the two temporary exhibitions currently in progress: the first, “Georges Bruyer, engraver la guerre” will be visible until August 22, 2021; the second, “Henri Landier. Requiem pour les Barthélemy “, presented in the permanent collections, is extended until August 30, 2021. webpage:

In addition, the third edition of the departmental heritage festival “Emmenez-moi” will begin in Nemours on June 25 and will end at the castle of Blandy-les-Tours on July 11. webpage:

Closed since October 29, 2020, the Disneyland Paris theme park will reopen its doors on June 17 to a reduced number of visitors. These happy few will be able to discover a new attraction inspired by “Cars” and, from June 21, a 4-star hotel revamped in the colors of Marvel. We are waiting!!!

The museums, castles and other heritage sites of Yvelines dept 78  will reopen their doors today Wednesday. Much to the delight of the many visitors. Close-up on the Château de Breteuil, located 35 km south of Paris in the Chevreuse valley, built in the 17C and whose park had remained open. Sleeping Beauty went on her honeymoon, she returns today May 19th. 2021!! And of course my dear Domaine de Versailles is cleaning, repairing , renovating the renaissance garden all expected to open today!

Parc Asterix will reopen on June 9 and will be able to accommodate up to 20,000 visitors. All the attractions will be open but it will be imperative to book your ticket to enjoy this Gallic theme park. Our family favorite theme park in France.

How the Château de Chantilly found its stolen Japanese cabinets in 1975. The two small pieces of furniture were found by chance during an auction. They have just been repatriated to the Domaine  and will be on display at the Musée Condé this week for the reopening.!!

The end of the obligation to wear a mask in open public places could take place during the summer, but users of the Paris metro will still have to wait. Of course, too much like sardines !!!

The prefect of police took this past Tuesday morning an order prohibiting the movement of pedestrians and vehicles on the square. Lead has resurfaced and worries local residents. The parvis de Notre-Dame 4éme is once again closed. A further rise in the concentration of lead dust was observed at the end of April. This is concerning the reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral. Only a 10 meter wide strip remains accessible, it is positioned on the right side of the facade of the Hôtel-Dieu and on the sidewalk section of the rue de la Cité.

The Rendez-vous aux jardins event pays tribute to the art of the garden and the essential role it plays in our well-being, both in town and in rural areas. For its 18th edition, on June 4, 5 and 6, 2021 more than 200 participants will welcome you in Île-de-France region. Some of these and only my favorites are the national domain of Champs-sur-Marne (Seine-et-Marne 77 ), built at the beginning of the 18C, has an 85 hectare park where the ornaments of a French garden mingle with meadows and large trees of an English park. The astonishing Jardin aux Habitants (Paris 75016), adjacent to the Palais de Tokyo and imagined by the artist Robert Milin, which appeals to amateur gardeners who can cultivate their plot of land there. The City of Paris will organize a conference on the conservation of the Auteuil Greenhouses; the youngest will become explorers of biodiversity at Billancourt Park (Hauts-de-Seine 92 ) with a survey to learn to identify flora and fauna. The Rendez-vous aux jardins are also an opportunity to open the portal to private gardens. Although often unrecognized, they are home to botanical treasures. Sonja will show you around her 3000 m² English garden (Yvelines 78) where a pagoda, water games and more than 2,500 plants provide the backdrop  More info on Sonja:

And the event webpage:

 After more than 6 months of closure, the Paris Zoological Park, site of the National Museum of Natural History, is preparing like everyone else for the reopening which must take place tomorrow. 2,500 animals, including 234 different species, await visitors who will be able to browse the different biozones to discover these animals from 5 regions of the world. Webpage:

Alain Ducasse, the most starred French chef in the world, will leave the restaurant of the Parisian palace Le Plaza Athénée, which he has run since 2000 and where he has imposed the very avant-garde concept of “naturalness”. The Plaza Athénée and Alain Ducasse will not be not renewed when it expires on June 30th.  Even the best are fired. On the other hand, the operator of nine luxury hotels belonging to the Brunei Investment Agency (BIA) will continue its collaboration with Alain Ducasse in Le Meurice, in Paris (2 Michelin stars) and in London The Dorchester,( 3 Michelin stars). The reasons for the ousting of the 21 Michelin star Alain Ducasse remain unknown. It intervenes in the context of the health crisis which has plunged the haute cuisine of luxury hotels into hibernation, emptied of their rich international clientele. It could be that he was serving food in the terrace on a take home basis… thoughts.

A very classic public bench, with double seat and bottle-green cast iron base, that auctioneer Christophe Lucien put on sale on May 18 in Drouot. This type of bench saw the light of day in the wake of the changes made from 1853 to 1870 by the Prefect of the Seine, Baron Haussmann. Charged by the latter to create the new street furniture, the engineer Adolphe Alphand and the architect Gabriel Davioud then designed newsstands, information columns, fountains and benches which end up symbolizing the Eternal City in the eyes of tourists. A sign of his capital sympathy, the seat inspired Georges Brassens to sing the song Les Amoureux des bancs publics. It is because its sale has unleashed the anger of some Parisians, grouped under the hashtag #saccageparis, at war against the policies of Anne Hidalgo. Unconvinced by the “manifesto for a new Parisian aesthetic” by Emmanuel Grégoire, first deputy mayor of Paris, the latter protest, in particular, against the gradual replacement of old street furniture by other seats, supposedly more suited to the new ones. uses. Bravo Parisians! This lady is trouble I keep saying!

“Gabrielle Chanel, fashion manifesto“, at the Palais Galliera, in Paris. So it is extended and allows you to discover the universe of the one that gave women freedom of movement, through her iconic creations. From the sailor to the little black dress to the goose tweed and quilted bags, this rich exhibition highlights the full extent of the talent of the one who has profoundly marked the heritage of French fashion. Until July 18th 2021. webpage:

One nice ride taken and always memorable. The Cirque de Lescun, a green island set in the middle of the Pyrenees mountain. We could really miss it, the road leading to Spain via the Somport pass and its parade of trucks still revealing nothing of the scenery. From Dec de Lhurs to the organs of Camplong, passing by the great needle of Ansabère or the Table of the Three Kings, the mountains of the cirque of Lescun draw a cut-out frieze with in the center the immense Billare, which rises to 2,318 meters. Sublime!

And last but not least , some personal ideas share by many . If you are tired of the Parisian tumult, and want to take a relaxing break, and who doesn’t. See the 5 most charming villages where you can recharge your batteries just a stone’s throw from Paris. Lovely towns indeed. Enjoy it as I

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the medieval city of Provins (S/M 77)  is a veritable open-air museum to be discovered on the outskirts of Paris. Famous for its medieval fortifications, you can stroll through the village, walk the alleys and discover its ramparts, half-timbered houses and fortified gates. Ideal for a romantic stroll.

The Chevreuse valley is a must for a bucolic trip to Île-de-France region. Natural landscapes and charming villages, the Parc de la Vallée de Chevreuse offers beautiful routes, ideal for hiking enthusiasts. The town of Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse (Yvelines 78) marks the entrance to the park. From May 1, a tourist shuttle offers to discover the listed sites: Museum of the Granges of Port-Royal, the castles of Breteuil, Dampierre, and the abbey of Vaux de Cernay.

Head for Auvers-sur-Oise, (Val d’Oise 95)  the oasis for art lovers: the village has always been a land of inspiration for painters such as Vincent van Gogh, Camille Pissarro, Claude Monet and Charles-François Daubigny. Stone houses, low walls covered with ivy, steep paths leading to wheat fields, forests and on the banks of the Oise river. By escaping industrialization, Auvers-sur-Oise has practically remained the same since the 19C, a time when Van Gogh, Cézanne and Pissarro came to draw their inspiration.

With its 131 bridges and footbridges, Montargis (Loiret 45)  is made up of small islets, canals and streets on the water, hence its nickname “Venice of Gâtinais”. A mecca of gastronomy and traditions, Montargis practices a daily art of living and craftsmanship. You can also venture into the vast forest of more than 4,400 hectares for a good dose of well-deserved green.

In Senlis, (Oise 60) we take a trip back in time, and we go straight back to the Middle Ages. Endowed with a remarkable historical heritage, this medieval city will delight history enthusiasts. You can stroll through the old streets full of charm, and admire the Gothic Notre-Dame-de-Senlis Cathedral erected during the second half of the 12C. If you decide to go there for a heritage day, you will have the chance to discover its Gallo-Roman arena.

And there you go folks, be ready, France is ready and onwards we go. Looking forward to the world to do the same and be back with our daily lives, especially traveling! Stay safe and have fun!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

May 19, 2021

Damgan and Bonne Nouvelle!!

So let me re write update revise this old post almost making it new and new pictures taken just yesterday. The area here is best known for its beaches but now will tell you about the other monuments of Damgan in the beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne.

Just for info , Bretagne/Brittany/Breizh is the third most visited region of the most visited country in the world, France! (UN-WTO) . Let me take you to the coast and take a look at Damgan with lovely beaches and give you the other side of the coins on its prettiest monuments I like.

Damgan is mentioned for the first time with Kervoyal and Pénerf in an act of 1261. This is a donation by Barthélémy of Questembert to the Abbey of Priéres. From the 15C to the 18C, the sailors of the Pénerf River were specialised in trade. During the 16C, Pénerf was the fourth Breton port with a wine, wheat and salt trade. The 18C is that of the Salt farms that disappear from the river at the beginning of the 20C. Damgan was erected as a town in 1820. In fact, in 1820, Damgan, Kervoyal and Pénerf detached themselves from Ambon to create the new parish of Damgan.


It is also part of the 12 communes of the agglomeration Arc Sud Bretagne and the district of Vannes.   After having been for a long time an important place of transit of goods with the port of Pénerf, the town becomes in the first half of the 20C a seaside resort and finds in the tourist activity a new economic breath. Damgan is a peninsula located between the peninsula of Rhuys and the estuary of the Vilaine river. To the west, the Pénerf river marks the boundary of the town, the Atlantic Ocean to the south, the town of Ambon to the north and to the east. Damgan has almost 8 km of beach, including the great Damgan beach, (Grand Plage) and the Kervoyal beach. Great beaches indeed.

The Church of Notre-Dame-de-Bonne-Nouvelle built between 1840-1844, in Neo-Romanesque style and built on the site of an ancient chapel dedicated to Notre Dame de Bonne Nouvelle and dating from the 17C. The latter had become a parish church in 1820. It has a square topped with a granite bell tower. It is in the shape of a Latin cross. Significant work was carried out in 1954 to consolidate parts of the church that threatened to collapse.  Too bad the town of Damgan is very much into the beaches and less info on the heritage monuments.




The town of Damgan on things to see :

The Damgan La Roche Bernard tourist office on the church:

The Morbihan dept 56 Tourist Board on the church:

And now you have another nice ride along pretty coastal beach towns and interesting monuments to visit as well, fun for the whole family. This is Damgan in my beautiful Morbihan, and lovely Bretagne!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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May 19, 2021

The Place de la Madeleine of Paris!!!

This Place de la Madeleine is a square very close to me as used to walked by it every day to work as always figure better than going underground so walked from the Gare Saint Lazare to my job. I have written bits and pieces in several posts but just notice never a single post which it deserves for its history and mine!

Therefore, here is a brief introduction to this nostalgic spot in Paris for me. The place de la Madeleine is tops.

The Place de la Madeleine is in the 8éme arrondissement of Paris. It is a rectangular shaped square of 218 meters long and 128 meters wide. On this square ends the following streets: rue Chauveau-Lagarde; rue Tronchet; rue de Sèze; boulevard de la Madeleine; rue Duphot; rue Royale; galerie de la Madeleine; boulevard Malesherbes; and passage de la Madeleine. It bears this name because the Church de la Madeleine (see post) is located on this square.

paris ch madeleine sept10

This square is served by the Madeleine metro station with lines 8, 12 and 14.

The Place de la Madeleine was formed in 1815 on land belonging to the old Madeleine church which was probably located on the site of present-day 8, boulevard Malesherbes, at the corner where rue Pasquier meets rue of Ville-l’Évêque.

Some of the remarkable buildings here me think are at No 2 where at the beginning of the 20C housed the famous Durand restaurant, where opposition deputies met in 1848 and which had its heyday at the time of boulangisme from the undone uprising of 1889, which General Georges Boulanger refused and where he celebrated his victory in the legislative elections in the café. This was, also, the favorite gathering place of politicians, artists, and writers, including the authors Anatole France and Émile Zola. Now, a Ralph Lauren store! Also, No 3: remarkable ensemble built in 1842. Stylist Nino Cerruti set up his haute couture house there in 1967. At No 6 The Maille boutique (mustard fame).

At No 9 you see a beautiful building decorated with sculptures by Jean-Baptiste-Jules Klagmann. It houses: the Galerie de la Madeleine, a covered passage connecting the Place de la Madeleine to the rue Boissy-d’Anglas.   Here was one of the homes of Jean Cocteau and Jean Marais. Going back it was here that in in 1732, Robert Lucas opened an English Tavern serving cold meat and pudding. In 1925, the restaurant passed to Francis Carton who renamed it Lucas-Carton. Seven small lounges are created on the first floor, accessible by the passage de la Madeleine. In 2005, the restaurant was renamed Senderens by its owner, chef Alain Senderens, who took over the establishment in 1985. In 2005, Alain Senderens returned his third star to offer more freedom to his cuisine. In 2013, it was only natural that he sold his shares to his partner. They decide together to hand over the Lucas Carton sign. July 2014, after the departure of Alain Senderens, Lucas Carton opens a new page in its history resolutely turned towards the future.

At No 10 lived the philosopher, statesman and academician François-Jules Suisse aka Jules Simon ( born in Lorient Morbihan 56, and died in Paris. At No 21 the passage de la Madeleine: opened in 1815 under the name of “passage de la Ville-l’Évêque”; It starts at 19, place de la Madeleine and ends at 4, rue de l’Arcade, with a length of 53 meters.

At No 21, you have the wonderful Hédiard store. The founder Ferdinand Hédiard took residence on the site of the current store. Another emblematic store of the square is the wonderful Fauchon at No 24/26/30. The store opened here in 1886.

The Paris tourist office on the Place de la Madeleine

There you go folks ,another dandy area of my eternal Paris. It brings back so many memories of my walks, especially the rainy days lol! and getting into the nice Café Madeleine at No 35 Place de la Madeleine!! Hope you enjoy the post and do stop by here  in eternal sublime Paris.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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