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May 12, 2021

Some news from France, CCCXXXIII

And here I go again with some news from France. The news are coming up fast now in the deconfinement phase just announce by the government of France. The weather has been cloudy and frequent showers in my neck of the woods but now calm. We of course all done at home as usual telling you the latest tidbits of my belle France. Here we go!

Some of my favorite events coming up in France, just need to prepare this year more than ever for the avalanche as tried to rent lodging north of Bretagne all book this month!!

Heritage Days of France or Journées du Patrimoine are coming again on  Sept 18 19 2021 with the theme “Heritage for All – Together, bring heritage to life”  or “Patrimoine pour Tous – Ensemble, faisons vivre le patrimoine”on its 38th edition!!! It was in 1984 that the first Open Doors Day in Historic Monuments was organized by the French Ministry of Culture, on the initiative of Minister Jack Lang. At the second conference of European ministers of culture in 1985, organized by the Council of Europe in Granada (Spain) , the French minister proposed to extend the initiative to European level. Thus in 1991, the Council of Europe formalized the European Heritage Days, in which the EU is associated. Once again Minister of Culture in 1992, Jack Lang extended the event from one to two days. The list is not known officially yet but I know these will be open with special rooms to see : Elysée Palace, Matignon, Musée d’Orsay n  Arc de Triomphe, Philharmonie de Paris, the Louis Vuitton Foundation or the city of Fashion and Design; as well as the . Amphitheater of the Sorbonne. The Min Culture webpage:

Another great event I have participated and looking forward to more is the

Music Festival or Fête de la Musique in Paris Monday June 21, 2021 to Monday June 21, 2021. For 38 years, June 21 has not only marked the beginning of summer, but also the music festival. Created in France in 1982, it has been exported to many countries where it has met with the same success. The recipe is always the same: take advantage of this shortest night of the year to flood the streets with music and leave plenty of room for the expression of amateur groups. In Paris, multiple stages are mounted everywhere, in particular in the large squares and the gardens of the capital. The most emblematic scenes are generally found in the Jardin des Tuileries, the Petit Palais, the Institut du Monde Arabe, the Louvre, the Jardin du Luxembourg, on the Place Denfert-Rochereau or along the banks of the Seine. But amateur groups of all styles are quick to invade the streets and offer surprises at every crossroads. For the occasion, public transport is setting up shuttles that run all night long at advantageous rates ,and many times free. Official webpage:

The Tour de France will be back and Paris will have the arrival of the 21st and last stage Sunday July 18, 2021. Ending as usual on the most beautiful avenue in the world. After more than three weeks of trials, the runners can finally breathe and celebrate the yellow jersey. From the Concorde to the Champs-Élysées, with the Quai des Tuileries, you can applaud the runners several times on the course. Official webpage:

Since May 7, 2021 passengers from Turkey, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, United Arab Emirates and Qatar have been subject to a quarantine obligation, upon their arrival on French soil. Before that, only five countries, India, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and South Africa as well as Guyana were affected by these measures, which could be subject to on-site controls. isolation. Be aware or be square.

The news just came from Mr Castex our glorious Premier Minister of the LR other party. Restaurants and bars with terraces of less than ten tables will not have to apply a gauge! The tables should still be separated by a screen, leaves or plexiglass. For terraces with more than ten tables, restaurateurs must apply a gauge of 50% of its area. Roughly speaking, this means that if a terrace measures 50 m2, the restaurant owner will be able to accommodate a maximum of 25!!

And there is always exceptions. Only 6 countries are totally open to tourists from around the world. No quarantine or test is required on arrival in these territories Mexico (yes my family is sending picture showing off lol!) , Tanzania, Albania, North Macedonia, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic.

Let’s give you the confinement rules unless they change as our government is prone to do nowdays. I give you a detailed recap of what reopens or not, when, and how. Let’s go ! Bars and restaurants: May 19: Opening of the terraces, at 50% of their capacity, and a maximum of 6 at the table! (see new changes above). June 9: Terraces open at 100% and interior rooms open at 50%. Standing bar service is prohibited! June 30: Total reopening of bars and restaurants, but consumption while standing at the bar remains prohibited. Shops: May 19: Opening of shops, with an imposed gauge of 8 m2 per customer! . Naturally, if the store is 8 m2 or less, only one customer at a time will be accepted. June 9: No more 8m 2, the gauge goes to 4 m2 per person! . June 30: There are no more gauges in the shops. Movies, theaters, performance hall … May 19: The halls reopen at 35% of their capacity, and can accommodate a maximum of 800 people. June 9: The rooms can now accommodate 65% of their capacity, and can accommodate up to 5,000 people. For all events welcoming 1000 people or more, the health pass will be required. June 30: No more gauges, rooms can reopen at 100%, but the health pass remains in effect. Hotel restaurants: May 19: Reopening of hotel restaurant and bar terraces. June 30: Total reopening of hotel restaurants and bars. Markets: May 19: An imposed gauge of 8 m2 per person indoors and 4 m2 outdoors!!!. June 9: The gauge goes to 4 m2 outdoors and disappears indoors. June 30: Gone are the market gauges! Museums and exhibitions: May 19: Opening with a gauge of 8 m2 per visitor. June 9: The gauge increases to 4 m2. June 30: No more gauges in place for museums and exhibitions. Concerts: June 30: Resumption on June 30, with a health pass for events of more than 1000 people. Outdoor festivals: Standing June 30: authorized with a gauge of 4 m2 per person. The health pass is in effect. Seated May 19: 1000 people maximum, and the maximum capacity is set at 35%. June 9: The gauge goes to 65% and the limit is set at 5,000 people. June 30: The prefect decides on the maximum capacity. Oh well and who is going to inspects and enforce this rules, not the property owners!

The Musée de la Chasse or hunting museum is getting a makeover. After 21 months of work, this Marais institution is ready to reopen with 250 square meters of additional exhibition space. Installed in two private mansions in the Marais (Guénégaud and Mongelas) at 60-62, rue des Archives (3éme), is only waiting for the lifting of health restrictions to reopen. Restoration of the furniture and the 2,000 works on display , the collection of the François-Sommer foundation, creator and owner of the premises, counts 5,000 , repair of the 17C parquet, installation of air conditioning in the painting rooms, replacement of the windows, creation of a bookstore and a café, the terrace of which will open onto the paved courtyard. the establishment has also and above all expanded, from 750 to 1000 square meters of exhibition space. The 25% increase in the price of the entrance ticket from 8 to 10 euros. webpage:

The Elysée (Pres Macron) made the announcement yesterday Tuesday. The new site, which will pay tribute to the victims of the last fifty years, on terrorism will be created at Mont-Valérien,(92) near the Memorial of the Combatants for France (see post).

At Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse (78), the former home of Pierre and Marie Curie is on sale for 790,000 euros. The Scientists stayed there during their holidays with their daughters until Pierre Curie died in 1906 in a traffic accident on returning to Paris. Great institut for the fighting of cancer I am in! webpage:

The Racecourse of Maisons-Laffitte managed by France Galop launches a seduction operation with the racing teams. The owner and manager of the Yvelines (78) training center, France Galop, hopes to attract new professionals to its facilities where significant investments have been made. Its objective is to increase the number of racehorses at Maisons-Laffitte from 500 to nearly 800.

What if the travelers don’t come back? According to the latest Mobility Futures study from the Kantar Institute, users who deserted trains, subways and buses during the pandemic will ultimately remain fewer than before the Covid-19. Well you scare them into close quarters so how can you get them back! you pay…

Travel restrictions have been lifted. We take the opportunity to visit houses that have inspired great authors like Maurice Leblanc in Etretat, Normandy for example. Beautiful Anglo-Norman half-timbered house, located in the center of Etretat, the Clos Lupin nestles its two floors in the heart of a pretty garden. Inside, a fun museum around the character, who himself guides the visitor through twelve rooms filled with his “memories”: capes and top hats, objects from the Roaring Twenties, movie posters… Reality has even joins the fiction: certain visitors keen on esotericism, convinced that Maurice Leblanc has hidden traces there allowing to find the famous treasure of the Abbé Saunière, come to look for them at Clos Lupin. Le Clos Lupin, 15, rue Guy-de-Maupassant 76790 Etretat, webpage:

The Bois de Vincennes will be the hottest spot for Parisians and visitors this summer. I am happy to learn that one of our favorite chalets has been transformed into a beach to the delight of our little feet. The good news of summer is called the Beach Club, and it’s a 1000 m2 beach that takes place at Chalet du Lac. 15 beds chairs, deckchairs, a fogger, a shower, an ice cream corner, a barbecue and even a cocktail bar (yes yes yes), all on 200 tons of sand spread over 1000 m2 outdoors. The beach, installed in the old Chalet car park, will be open every day from noon and will offer a catering menu with small onions: on the program, a barbecue first, but also grilled vegetables, fresh salads for the summer , good little products and even a brunch buffet on weekends. Chalet du Lac. Edge of the Bois de Vincennes, Avenue de Bel Air 12éme. More in city of Paris entertainment in French:

Some historians also hypothesize that pain au chocolat was created in the 19C Austria by the baker August Zang under the name schokoladencroissant. According to the few existing figures, more than 80% of pastries that can be bought in traditional brands are of industrial origin nowdays. Yes find out the originals after all we are in France! One does wins awards and not in Paris. This is Louis Tortochot’s pain au chocolat installed in the residential suburb of Dijon. with its puffed up puff pastry (Label rouge flour, yeast, fermented dough, fresh butter and AOP butter), this pain au chocolat fits easily on the podium of its kind. But is it’s unique XXL chocolate bar that makes the difference, the sensation of a big chocolate explosion in the mouth. Louis Tortochot also periodically offers personalized chocolate breads in edible ink. Price: 1.20€ (2.50€ for the personalized). His bakery Du Pain pour Demain webpage:

And there you go folks , some news from France, latest. It should be an exciting summer which by the ways starts celestially on June 21th Be ready or be square, the crowds will be huge so plan plan ahead y’all! And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

May 12, 2021

The ramparts fortifications of Hennebont!

Not far from me and a wonderful town to walk around, beautiful architecture and a history to boot! This is Hennebont and this is my latest update of older posts. Thanks for following me along folks, appreciated. Hope you enjoy this post on beautiful ramparts fortifications of Hennebont!

And I am back at you on lovely close by Hennebont in my beautiful Morbihan of my lovely Bretagne in my belle France. So much beauty to see again no wonder is No 1 visited country in the world (UN-WTO) and since 1949! Let me bring you a bit closer to this nice town and its beauties, you can see my other posts on Hennebont as well in my blog.

You must see the ramparts, placed at the old fortification of the times of Duke Jean I (13C). Overcoming many wars such as the one of the succession of Brittany and the war of the league in 1590. The towers crown the corners at four cardinal points ,now only 3 remained, Tour St Nicolas (at south side), Tour des Carmes,(north east side), and the fortified porte or door at the east side, built before the 14C.  This last one, known as  Porte Broërec’h, the entry door to the enclosed city is flanked by two twins towers link by a bridge conserving the machinary of the raising bridge. A round walkway is seen on top of the towers whre great views of the city can be seen today.

La Porte Broêrec’h ,  is a defensive work to serve tower to tower the guards of the prison that it was  with room for the homeless and finally a museum; one of the richest in the department on the Breton Arts. Most of the rooms were destroyed on the Nazi bombardment of August 7 1944. today, the Tours Broêrec’h house in its ten rooms a museum of arts and traditions. Open from June 1st to 30 September from 10h30 -12h30 and  13h30 to 18h30. webpage:



This urban enclosure is a set of fortification elements built around the fortified town of Hennebont. It is raised from the last third of the 13C. These ramparts know several changes over the centuries: modernizations in the 14C, 16C and in the 20C. Preserved for nearly 900 meters, it is the second largest in the Morbihan.



A bit of history I like

In the 6C, the building of the first fortifications to control the passage of the Blavet river.  In the 11C a mound is reinforced by the Lords ofo Kemenet-Héboé on one located on the right bank of the Blavet river. Later in the 13C dismantling of the first feudal mound and construction of the current fortifications as a fortified town  by the order of Jean I Le Roux. In August 1264, mention of “lamote de Henbont” in an Act passed between Hervé de Léon and Pierre de Bretagne. It is on this occasion that prohibition is made for the descendants of the signatories to  do a fort castle at this place. After 1270, the Duke of Brittany Jean Le Roux dismantled the old feudal motte and built fortifications on the left bank of the Blavet river. By 1342 the city is besieged twice but without success, by Charles de Blois during the war of Succession of the Duchy of Brittany. In 1590, the Prince of Dombes tries to seize the city. This was resumed shortly thereafter by his rival, the Duke of Mercoeur. In the 14C  to the 16C, modernizations of the ramparts to adapt to the evolution of the canons.  On August 7, 1944, allied bombardment touches part of the ramparts.


Today, it is a place of walk by locals and visitors alike, very pleasant nice views indeed ,that we enjoy very much, it runs along the rue Trottier, bordered by beautiful landscaped spaces at the foot of the Tour de St. Nicolas. You can go back from the Blavet river to the fortified gate dating from the end of the 14C, the Porte Broërec’h, entrance to the walled city. It is a monumental door backed by two twin towers connected by a courting. There are still traces of the old drawbridge. To the northeast still remains the Tour des Carmes.  These vestiges show that Hennebont had a great military importance at the time.


Very nice pretty and historical ,not to say more of the architecture. This is Hennebont and here are some webpages to help you plan your trip here:

The city of Hennebont on its history in French:

The Lorient south Brittany tourist board on Hennebont

The Bretagne region tourist board on Hennebont

Indeed worth a detour and see my other posts on nice Hennebont. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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May 12, 2021

Saint Philibert and the beaches!!!

So here I am still around my beaches in my Morbihan and updating older posts which as said have been a thrill to say the least. Let me bring you up to date on nice Saint Philibert as we come here for the beaches, the biscuits, oysters , and walk our dog Rex!  However, even if there are others, the main attraction here are the beaches! Pretty Saint Philibert and the beaches!!!

Ok so moving alone in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of the region of Brittany/Bretagne or Breizh (Breton language) I like to show you a bit more of the goodies and lovely beaches we have here now that the season is getting nearer and planning is a virtue!  I have a wonderful choice of beaches that I have briefly mentioned in my other posts but like to tell you a bit more on Saint Philibert.  The town is really, believe me, best known for its megaliths stones that abound in this area going back milleniums without still knowing exactly how they got here. However, seldom the beaches are mention and they are very nice. 

Saint-Philibert, is a  town  created in 1892 on territories that belonged to the town of Locmariaquer.   Here I come for my oysters and mussels.  It is part of the community of towns of the Trois Rivières . Saint-Philibert has a total area of 7 km2! The neighboring towns are La Trinité-sur-Mer, Crac’h, Locmariaquer, Le Bono, and Carnac. The big city closest to it is the capital Vannes at about 20 km away (about 12 miles). The closest train station to Saint-Philibert is in Auray at 11 km( about 7 miles) with direct service to Paris-Montparnasse on TGV.

At Saint Philibert you have more megalith stones, more religious buildings from Chapels to Churches and of course the beaches. These are some of the best in the area; and we love it. The architecture is modern spacious home of the good living of my belle France.

The  beach or plage de men er beleg is really nice ,secluded with nuts trees and good condominiums for rentals behind it.  In French you can see more of it on the plages tv webpage in French here:


And, after further loading here from the real thing, we continue to see the splendid beaches of Kernevest ; these are gorgeous and not far from the first one above. Toilet facilities and parking in the pines in a wild environment. Just what the doctor calls for relax you are in heavens.  The plage de Kernevest are just that, more in French on plages tv here:



It’s the main beach and lovely with families and young crowd as well but quiet and beautifully serene facing the ocean and to your right the entrance to the harbor of La Trinité sur Mer. More on the Bretagne region tourist board on the Kernevest beach

Another activity we enjoy here is oysters! some of the best in the world are right here!!


The City of Saint Philibert on its beaches

The Gulf of Morbihan tourist board on Saint  Philibert

And there you go folks, another nice sublime gem of my lovely Morbihan to share with you.  And of course, pretty Saint Philibert. If in the area let me know; and why not come, this is great living by the sea. Enjoy it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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May 12, 2021

A paradise found, La Trinité sur Mer!!!

Indeed , this is a paradise just south of me and we love it. One of our hangouts and with nice weather even more. I am updating again in these times of our world and bringing back many memorable moments of our trips as a family together. Let me bring you back to you and me the paradise found of La Trinité sur Mer!!!

It never cease to amaze me of the gems we have in my beautiful Bretagne just needs to be seen more. I am always wondering where to go as always a difficult decision to make. However, going to La Trinité sur Mer is sublime. This is heavens for boaters, but a great leisure day can be spend here, more if you decide to partake the wonderful beaches..


I have written about La Trinité sur Mer  before in my posts. So this is a recap with some common information. To start ,I always look up the tourist office ,often overlook but can be a friendly introduction to the place you are visiting; the tourist office in La Trinité sur Mer is nice.  Then for bit more on transports I take a look at the city mayor’s site , let me tell you by bus line 1  Auray-Carnac-Quiberon ,you can connect from Paris Montparnasse to Auray and there take this bus to LTM. Of course, we come by car , off the N165 expressway exit on D28  dir St Philbert, and find easy free parking at Place du Voulien (except market days), Stade de la Vigie, Le Poulbert by rue du Men Du,dir Carnac, and Le Men Du by the beach.   There is a small parking above the main street Kermogat.

The highlights for me here other than seeing the boats, and walking the upper city hilly street all with beautiful views of the bay below is to eat or beach activities.  There is a great bridge over the harbor, pont de Kerister, and a nice resto A l’etage just by the end of the marina with good food and great views; upper floor with a cold one lazy outlook you can spend several hours there lol!!!  The bridge of Kerister the new one from 1956 but was initially conceptualise by Gustave Eiffel (you know him?). 


Plage du Port, is a small sandy beach exposed to the East, located along the side trail with green surroundings. It is the closest to the city center, and the view stretches from the Kerisper bridge to the channel’s exit. It is accessible only from the coastal path sentier des douaniers. See separate posts for the beaches  Port Men Allen, Kerbihan, Kervillen (the best), and Le Men Du, sublime here!

There is a funny petit train or little train ride that takes you into the hilly parts of La Trinité sur Mer and the harbor front up to nearby Carnac. A nice quick way to see the main points,and giving you time to come back to see more in depth later on. You get on it by the cours des quais along the marina. webpage:

You to go to this resto A l’Etage , you can start here for an apéro drink before meal or the whole thing, one of my favorite there, great views and great company. Their Facebook page:

For lunch, you can try another favorite ,the Créperie Le Goeland, just in front of harbor marina on main street, men du, and it is on a second floor, you entered to a stair in beton  up to the upper level by the parking La Vergie and turn left, its just about 25 meters ,and the entrance its there. Very good food, although the portions a bit small, sausages and cheese galettes, ham and cheese galette, with poire hélene and banana split desserts and half a bottle of sauvignon white wine from Touraine (Loire); expresso coffee, just wonderful. The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on the créperie:


Another place I do frequent and buy when I visit really early is the fish market, all fressssh off the boats and very nicely and cleanly done, they can even cook it for you on the spot!!! Yummy seafood from Brittany, the best in France for sure. They are the Halle aux Poissons,open every mornings, from 8h30 to 12h30 and then reopen at 16h30, and another foody ,veggie, clothings type flea market that is on in summers only ,Foodies on Tuesdays and all types on Fridays mornings from 8h to 13h by the Place du Voulien continuing towards the rue du Douet. Right there is the Cruise terminal to outlying islands. City of La Trinité sur Mer on markets:



The Bay of Quiberon tourist office for La Trinité sur Mer:

There you go folks, another gem in my background.  I am only 26 km or about 16 mi from it, and it is a delight at any time. La Trinité sur Mer is really a Trinity!! Enjoy this introduction and my other posts in my blog on this paradise found.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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