My travels in the Morbihan XCII

And my road warrior mentality cannot keep me at home for long. Today I went back to nice Brandivy and the relaxing Etang de la Forêt with a pretty lake. I went closer to home to see something we always go by and stop a couple times before today. It shows the multitude of choices in my beautiful Morbihan, and  lovely Bretagne

I have mentioned the town of Brandivy on a previous post. However, it has more and after figuring where to go out and still the 10 km confinement rule here we came back to the lake and the forest!!! So will update this one into my black and white series, no pictures. See other post on the lake!

For a reminder the town of Brandivy on heritage/history (bear in mind some of these are private properties) http://The town of Brandivy on its history and heritage

The Gulf of Morbihan tourist board on the étang de la Forêt facility :

The town of Brandivy on the Etang de la Forêt

You need a car to get here the Etang de la Fôret, Brandivy , road D779   just before arriving Bieuzy Lanvaux; a village of Pluvigner. However, if in the area and with small children, early teens this is a nice detour to do me think.

For the real walkers, (not me take the car) this is a trail taken by neighbors and townfolks very popular as walking is very popular here for some…. Distance of 10 km and difficult terrain sometimes I am told.. You will walk into the domaniale forest of Lanvaux, passing by the Chapel Saint Mériadec, the Notre Dame de Fatima aux Granges Retreat, and the tomb of the seven holes as well as the lake or étang de la forêt (as above).

For the pros walkers here is an interactive map of the trail but on site the trail says 9.5 km not 10.03 km. Rando Breizh webpage:

The steps by steps walk is as such. Depart from the ND Retreat 16C,  take the lane on the right, cross the road and go opposite. At the Fontaine Saint-Bieuzy (16C), turn left, go straight ahead. At the City/Town Hall, go down to the right towards Quatre-Chemins road. After the restaurant, take the Chemin des Charbonniers on the left. Take the path on the right, cross the footbridge, go straight ahead. At the road, turn right into the path and follow the road to the left. Follow the path going up to the left. Possibility to descend to the étang de la forêt at 900 meters and walk around it (ruins of an 11C castle). Turn left to shorten the circuit. Turn right for the long route, turn left, pass the stream and go up the path on the left. Follow the path to the right, cross the line of the Vannes barrier. Take the path opposite. Go up on the left by the path, turn right. Go straight on until you reach the stone embankment. Turn left, follow the path along the embankment, cross the road. Take the path opposite. Continue straight onto the burial of a hermit priest, Les Sept Trous. At the crossroads with the road, go straight ahead. Go down to the right by the path, turn right, walk along the stream, cross the footbridge. Turn left to join Chemin des Charbonniers then the starting point. Variation: go right on the GR38, cross the road and take the path opposite to reach Saint-Mériadec and its chapel. To go back. On the road, make a return trip to Notre-Dame de Fatima aux Granges (19C). Return to the starting point. Some sights worth seeing along the route are the Saint-Mériadec Chapel was built by an abbot on the stronghold of the Abbey of Lanvaux. His pilgrimage was very popular with farmers, peasants who came from afar with their animals. The chapel houses, among other things, sculpted sand pits and a statue of Sainte-Noyale holding her head in her hands. Open occasionally (check with the tourist office). And Notre-Dame de Fatima aux Granges is a house of Spiritual Retreats. The chapel, adjoining the house, is open every day. This place of prayer, and the silence of those who follow a retreat route, must be respected. Now go ahead, make my day!!!

So there you go folks a dandy in the countryside of my Morbihan, and close to me so say Hi! This is Brandivy and its wonderful lake, the étang de la forêt. Enjoy the walks and activities within it.

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all !!!

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