The Museum Rodin of Paris!!

And I bring you a museum in Paris. Well , have been to the other in Meudon even before the one in Paris. I was just driving on bd des Invalides when I first notice and got a peek. It is a popular museum and great art inside worth the detour. Let me tell you a bit more on this updated version of my older post on the museum Rodin of Paris!

Ok so again, back to another museum, don’t you love them! I do , even if not seeing them all, working on it, like I said Paris is eternal so I have time ….As long as allowed by the will of nature will continue…. And on bd des Invalides passed by the museum that I have heard about it before  from friends in the know, so got it pinpoint and came back for a closer look. It was very nice indeed ,and love the story of Rodin and Claudel, right! 

The Rodin Museum is located in the hotel Biron, next to Invalides, in the 7éme arrondissement of Paris. The Hotel Biron was built in the early 18C.  At the beginning of the 20C, it was threatened to be destroyed. So many artists settled there, such as Jean Cocteau, Henri Matisse, Isadora Duncan, who created a dance workshop there. Rodin moved in 1908. In the gardens, he places his ancient sculptures; in the hotel, its sculptures, plasters, castings, drawings. In 1911, the State purchased the property. Rodin proposes to give all his works to the State if it turns the hotel into a Rodin museum. The project is accepted and the museum opens in 1919.


Through its two sites, the Hotel Biron on the rue de Varenne, in the 7éme arrondissement in Paris and the Villa des Brillants in Meudon (Hauts-de-Seine dept 92). In Paris ,the museum is served by the metro Varenne line 13. I will deal with the one in Paris here. 

The museum retains collections of great diversity because Rodin was a collector artist. It presents mainly sculptures and some paintings, because old drawings and photographs cannot, for reasons of preservation, be permanently displayed in the dedicated gallery of the first floor.  The sculptures of Rodin are those of an artist who chooses to break with the uses of his time. The artist is also distinguished by the monumental character of his creations.

The graphic production of Rodin concerns nearly 8 000 creations attached to several periods: observation drawings (Landscapes of Belgium and Italy, then architecture), imaginary representations inspired by Dante or Baudelaire, many nudes sometimes Erotic, or even portraits. It is also a collection of drawings by Honoré Daumer, etc., and engravings, including nearly 200 Japanese engravings acquired after 1900.

The approximately 10 000 old photographs kept at the museum (but rarely exhibited for reasons of conservation) are the fruit of Rodin’s great interest in photography, which gained prominence at that time.  The sculptor works with many photographers. The latter exceed the mere photographic reproduction of the works of Rodin to make their photographs of artistic works in their own right.

For the last twenty years of his life, Rodin has been a madly collector, accumulating with frenzy the objects of the past. Fascinated by the ancient, he gets 6 480 pieces, which gradually invade his places of life and work. Mi-2017, the museum’s online catalogues list 1 311, of which 871 came from Egypt, one from Persia, 23 from Greece or greater Greece, 64 from Rome, 7 from the Levant, 103 from China or Japan, 23 from India, Cambodia or Indonesia, 29 from Central or South America or dating from the Middle Ages. Rodin, whose museum also exhibits several sketches, also loves painting and acquires in the course of his life works of great masters.

One aspect I cannot leave out on this homage to Rodin is Camille. Camille Claudel held an important place in the life of Rodin, from an artistic point of view as well as sentimental. Rodin passed on his knowledge, before drawing inspiration for many of his works. The young woman’s talent is such that she becomes a true collaborator of the master(and some darn good work she did too), working with him in the realization of some of his most famous creations, like the Porte de l’Enfer ( door of hell).  It is therefore logical that a room of Camille Claudel is created at the Hotel Biron in 1952. It then received several donations from Paul Claudel, the artist’s brother, especially the L’Âge Mur (mature age), Clotho, and Vertumne and Pomone, among her 45 works preserved at the museum.

The collection also includes works by other friends sculptors or students of Rodin. The Rodin Museum has been open for several years to contemporary art, thus reactivating a business approach from 1949.

And what about the place where the museum is at! Lovely area and great resto across the street Café des Musées, but that is another time or see in my other posts.


The Hotel Biron , located at the corner of the Rue de Peyrenc and the Boulevard des Invalides, in the 7éme arrondissement of Paris. The hotel Biron has experienced several occupants since the completion of its construction in 1730 like the Duchess of Maine, beautiful daughter of Louis XIV; The Marshal  Biron, who gave his name to the hotel; The Duke of Charost; The Pontifical Legation; The Russian embassy; or the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a religious congregation founded by Madeleine-Sophie Barat. The future Empress of the French, Eugénie de Montijo (from Spain and wife of Napoleon III), received her education in the convent between 1835 and 1839.

Several artists were allowed to establish their workshops there; This is how Rodin, Jean Cocteau, and Henri Matisse make their entrance to the former Hotel Biron. In 1911 the State buys the estate while Rodin decides to give up his collections on the condition that a museum be devoted to his work within the hotel; The project ended in 1919, but Rodin, who died two years before, could not attend the opening of the museum. The hotel is surrounded by an exceptional area, in the heart of Paris. The old 19C Chapel, built from the time of the religious congregation and restored in 2005, hosts a completely renovated showroom, a new auditorium, as well as the ticket office and the Museum administration.

The garden, spread over three acres of woodland on the property of the park of the hotel Matignon, reputed to be the largest private green area of Paris, and decorated with a basin and a cafeteria. Visitors walk through the monumental sculptures of Rodin, which are arranged there. Superbe walk, recommended

Some webpages as usual by me to help you plan your visit here and you must come ,are:

The official Rodin museum:

The Paris tourist office on the Rodin museum:

The Grand Palais webpage on the person of Auguste Rodin in French:

And again another dandy in my eternal Paris; so much mon Dieu! Enjoy Paris is sublime, gorgeous and darn good to be at. One more jewel, see the Rodin Museum!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. I visited it in February, one of the few museums open in Paris, more exactly only the garden with many sculptures. I will have to come back for the inside.

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  2. I visited many moons ago. I was impressed by the Porte de l’Enfer! Which is “en fer”. 😛

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