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And my road warrior mentality cannot keep me at home for long. Today I cheated a bit and went beyond the allow 10 km rule (unless urgent needs) we have in France until May 3rd. This was on a errand trip to Auray; however, I came back closer to home to see something we always go by and not gone in until now. It shows the multitude of choices in my lovely Bretagne and belle France! 

I have mentioned the town of Camors on a previous post. However, it has more and after figuring where to go out and the fact that my father’s nurse is from there , we decided to ride into the forest!!!

Camors is located in my beautiful Morbihan department 56 . Actually about 8 km from my house! It is surrounded by the towns of Baud, Pluvigner and La Chapelle-Neuve. It is largely covered by two forest areas, the national forest of Camors and the forest of Floranges. The population is mainly distributed around three poles: the town, the village of Lambel-Camors and the village of Locoal-Camors. The town is part of the Canton of Pluvigner, of the community of towns Auray Quiberon Terre Atlantique (as we are). The Breton name of the town is Kamorzh. The main roads here and I take them always is the D768 and then the D24 and finally the D189.

The territory of the town of Camors was born late and consists of part of the territory of Baud and part of the territory of Pluvigner. In Camors there were, in 1936, 77 clog makers (wooden shoes or sabotiers in French) for 623 households. It is in the forest of Camors that the last huts of clog makers of Brittany would have survived, The last clog maker of Camors closed at the end of 2020, for lack of buyer. Sadly!

The national forests of Camors and Floranges and Lanvaux cover 1372 hectares in the north of the territory of Auray and extend over the towns of Camors and Pluvigner. An essential living space, these forests made up of oaks, chestnuts, beeches, scots and maritime pines, firs and spruces, shelter and protect a variety of fauna. Mysterious forests, they hide many strange stones, so-called magic trees, and are said to be populated by korrigans. The legend even says that the forest of Camors was the domain of “Bluebeard”. For centuries, they have fed a multitude of woodworkers. Today, they form a privileged space for many sports and leisure activities: hiking, fishing, horse riding, tree climbing, and fitness trail.

camors domaniale du grenan apr21

The national forest of Camors, the site of the Petit Bois pond, and the megaliths. The Etang des Petit Bois is a pond where it is possible to fish, picnic areas, a sports course and a tree climbing park. You can see the Menhir Braz, or great Menhir over 3 meters high, also called the “Star Menhir”. This stele, erected in the Neolithic, is more than 5,000 years old. Also, the Menhir Bihan about 200 meters on the right meaning the small menhir in Breton.  The megaliths of the forest are the alignments of Cornevec, Bras menhir, Bihan menhir, Crénan line tumulus, Armoirie menhir, as well as the star menhir. The parish Church of Saint-Sané (see post), dating from the 17C, but has undergone many alterations . Also, the Saint-Goal Chapel from the 14C, the Saint-Gobrien Chapel from the 14C.

There is a Lambel – Camors train station located in the village of Lambel on the territory of the town of Camors It was a stopover when it was put into service in 1899 by the Compagnie du chemin de fer de Paris à Orléans (PO). The passenger service closed in 1949 and the freight service towards the end of the 20C. So now is inactive.  However, the main terminal building was bought in 1999 by the town of Camors. The association ATA Lambel (Artistes et Trains Associés – Lambel) which aims to animate the station, its head office is located in the station. The Parb’er association (Espace Rail des Pays d’Auray Rohan Blavet) occasionally runs a tourist train with several outward or return journeys between Auray station and Pontivy station according to a program available on the site of the association . These trains stop at Lambel – Camors station. Webpage:

There is a wonderful outdoor Utopia park which we have walked by but not done activity yet. It was the first tree climbing park to emerge in Brittany! To date, Utopia Parc attracts locals and tourists alike thanks to its entertaining activities such as Laser-tag: An outdoor Laser-Game, with facilities for hiding, and various scenarios to make the games even more fun! Tree climbing: To explore the natural area seen from above by following several routes. A continuous lifeline allows you to enjoy the moment in complete safety. QuickFlight: An attraction for thrill seekers. They will be able to jump into the void from a 22 meters high platform. After 2 meters of free fall, a secure braking system restrains the descent. Webpage:



Right by the above you have the Etang des Petit Bois, or the little wood pond where fishing is allowed and has picnic tables kayak activities etc. I have not tried this yet. The fishing season and al can be found in this webpage:

camors l etang du petit bois panel apr21

camors etang des petits bois apr21

The city of Camors on its heritage/history

The Bay of Quiberon tourist board on Camors

And there you folks, another dandy so close yet not well known until today. Camors is one town I passed almost every week and there are still things to see so close to home. Hope you have enjoy this bit of nature post for all.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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