My travels in the Morbihan XC

And back again to my latest escapades in my beautiful Morbihan, dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne and in my belle France! Under current conditions, hard to move about but we are timing the 10 km right and going out, amazing finding new places!!!yes!!! We took a ride yesterday with the family just to get some air and it was nice again. Sit back and enjoy the story;hoping you like as we did.

I have told you about the town of Baud, very near me, just making the 10 km mark, and we went there again !

Baud has a bit more than 6K inhabitants very near me up the road D768 direction Pontivy. We have come here often as one of my son’s job was routed by here to go/come to/from work. Also, we shop in city center for essentials like the baguette. I have several posts on Baud in my blog so will be brief on this one. One of my latest road warrior side trips.

As with the virus still going around and only now allow to go 10 km from home, we took it nice and easy at Baud. The town is part of the Centre Morbihan Communauté sort of a metro area which combine about 18 towns. I try to give you some history and explanation on this phenomenon below

France has a very large number of towns, over 36,000 of which 10,000 have fewer than 200 inhabitants and 32,000 have fewer than 2,000 inhabitants. From the end of the 19C, the first forms of intermunicipal co-operation were created in the form of inter-municipal unions to enable towns to meet the equipment needs of the territory (electrification, water supply, sanitation, roads, etc.). As of January 1, 2014, there were 12,159 public inter-municipal cooperation establishments (EPCIs) (including 2,145 with their own tax system and 10,014 municipal unions) and 3,182 mixed unions (including 2,216 open mixed unions and 966 closed mixed unions) and 9 metropolitan centers. Promulgated on August 7, 2015, the law on the New Territorial Organization of the French Republic (NOTRe) confers new powers on the regions and clearly redefines the powers attributed to each local authority. This law strengthens intermunicipal co-operation by setting the new demographic threshold at 15,000 inhabitants, forcing certain communities to merge.

The Centre Morbihan Communauté or the Central Morbihan Community towns are Baud, Guénin, Melrand, Pluméliau-Bieuzy, Saint Barthélémy. Locminé Community of the villages of Evellys, La Chapelle Neuve, Plumelin, Locminé, Moustoir-Ac and Saint-Jean Community of the towns of Saint Jean Brévelay, Billio, Bignan, Buléon, Guéhenno, Moréac, Plumelec, and Saint Allouestre.

The Centre Morbihan Communauté tourist board on Baud

I have feature in another post but took a shot from the hill of the below castle for a nice shot of the town of Baud and the belltower of its Church St Peter’s (St Pierre) from the 14C renovated in the 20C.


The city of Baud on culture and heritage:

And one that caught my attention and never had taken pictures here as it is a private property, I dare take some from outside today is the Château de la Villeneuve or new town. I will tell you its history from a panel outside and the Bretagne heritage site.


The Château de la Villeneuve (17C), restored in the 20C. The Lordship of Villeneuve belonged successively to several families. The castle was built on the site of an old building attested in 1448. A first reconstruction probably dates from the 17C. The current castle would have been rebuilt or restored around 1930 by the Le Crom family.

The origins of the Château de la Villeneuve go back to the 15C however, with the Guido family. From this time there are no remains. The castle was rebuilt in the 18C, perhaps under the La Coudrais family, then dismantled in 1930 to be rebuilt set back from the road. A building with a sequenced elevation on the raised ground floor was accessible by a central right outside staircase. Two forward side pavilions framed this central body. The well located to the south of the current castle dates from 1723. In 1907, and for only a few years, this castle was the seat of a beekeeping school which produced melcao, a product made from honey and cocoa.


The Château de la Villeneuve has a double plan in depth and two elevations arranged in five spans: to the north the two lateral spans are protruding and covered with a pavilion roof; to the south, the projection is on the ground floor on the terrace. On each facade, straight exterior stairs lead to the raised ground floor. An in-work staircase turning back, located in the eastern part of the castle, serves the square floor and the attic floor. The pleasure garden to the north is doubled by a vegetable garden to the south arranged in the axis of the castle, extended by an orchard. A retaining wall with stairs and a well mark the boundary between the latter two. A farm attached to the castle is to the east.

It is currently a private property, cannot be visited, visible from the outside, located at the exit of Baud on the edge of the road D724 towards Locminé and Josselin.

Lastly, I leave with the news that the French Republic (France) has voted to allow regional languages as per the constitution a great victory for Brittany and its Breton language. Earlier, I have told you in my Some news from France series, the permission in the Nantes city/town hall to fly the Breton flag, black and white with the hermine symbol of Anne de Bretagne. The flag is raised. And this is former Brittany in what is now since 1961 loire-atlantique dept 44 in pays de la loire region. The decision is known as the Loi Morlac for the congressman of the Morbihan!!! More in French here from France Ouest journal:

And my twin boys have cut the front garden in our house trim all the shrubs and trees and cut the bad grass from the brick trail path to the house. Nice job, appreciated and to worth showing it here with a picture!


And all, hope you enjoy the post , a rather personal one with private property and all. This is my beautiful Morbihan at its best.. Enjoy as we do!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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