My travels in the Morbihan LXXXVIIII

And here I am again taken advantage of the freedom in Bretagne to go out, and had to revist my beautiful capital city of Vannes in my Morbihan dept 56. I was out with the whole gang except the dog and it was a memorable if short trip to the city. Let me tell you again about my latest road warrior and walks in my neck of the woods.

I have to start with the temperature, wonderful sunny day with a start at 23C and finish going home at 26C! And plenty of folks out of course wearing the mask. This is the last few days when we will be penalised for the rest of France and all going back to confinement! The sad part they will allow only 10 km radius which is nothing won’t be able to come to Vannes or even Auray because will need a needed almost emergency motive to do so. Some but not all , of these motives are it could be the death of a loved one or the visit of a family member whose prognosis is threatened. Custody of a child, a judicial or administrative summons Students studying abroad are also authorized to travel. In the medical field, it must be a life-threatening emergency. The patient has the right to be accompanied by a person if his presence is essential. In the professional field, level athletes, health professionals participating in the fight against Covid-19 or taking part in cooperation operations of major interest in the field of health. Finally, exceptions are also possible for “missions essential to the pursuit of an economic activity”.This last means businesses that provide for everyday life such as foods etc.The curfew at  19h (7 p.m.) is maintained . The schools will close for 3 weeks, but the curfew will last for 4 weeks. There in a nutshell we never seen the end of this while those who started it all are quiet and enjoying themselves with bs from the WHO as usual.

Well as our trip to Vannes, my boys wanted to take me to Columbus Café a wonderful place we have come to love and come often. Of course, the food was take out but how about enjoying this wonderful place than eating on the lawn in the Garenne garden next to the old ramparts overlooking the old towers! Awesome. Of course, I had my bagel mozzarella cheese tomatoes , a choco filled cookie, and peach ice tea;nice summer combination. Webpage even in English:

I was able to park on the ramparts next to the garden of the Préfecture du Morbihan which have written before as in all.  Right across you can see towering over the houses the Cathédrale Saint Pierre which is awesome even from a distance.

vannes over ramparts to cat st pierre apr21

The boys had the wonderful lunch in the lawn at the Garenne garden alongside the ramparts while I stay with my Dad as he could not sit down there; the garden with the Tour Connétable in back is awesome always!!

vannes garenne gardens and tour connetable apr21

And of course while there why not marvel of the Tour Connétable (constable’s tower) itself, an icon of the city of Vannes on its ramparts!  And the nice tower to the right of the above, Tour Poudrière or powder tower closer to the end of the ramparts; always a nice sight and beautiful monument well preserved by the city of Vannes and al.

And there you go folks, on the way home our always ready baguette tradition and some pastries to help out with the day. Another nice day in my capital city of Vannes! Hope you enjoy the walk and do come when possible again.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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