My travels in the Morbihan LXXXVIII

We went again ,just for a ride as most is closed or take out only. I have written plenty on the presqu’île de Conleau or Conleau peninsula of Vannes in my blog and have nice memories of family visits here, only about 30 mins from home. We were there this morning Sunday with the boys my Dad, and our dog Rex, we had a nice outing even with the times. Let me tell you a bit more on the Conleau peninsula. Oh yes this is one of those peculiar things here that is a peninsula but a district of Vannes as well.

vannes conleau harbor to gulf ocean mar21

We went for a leisure ride back into the N165 direction Vannes and Arradon. Taking exit 29 at Plescop road D101 direction Arradon/Vannes! We took this scenic drive rather than the expressway N165 as it is more residential and nicer by car and continue on the Bd de la Résistance and follow signs for Conleau just before the parc du golfe turn right into the peninsula. If no car, you can easily come from the Vannes train station on bus line 7 to Parc du Golfe then line 3 to Conleau. This way in less than 20 minutes, you will be at the Conleau peninsula across from the beach/pool. Free parking at the dike. Paid parking at the end.

vannes conleau parking to bay port mar21

vannes conleau channel to port and pool mar21

Conleau is one of the neighborhoods of the city of Vannes. It includes the Conleau peninsula It is located at the south west of the city of Vannes at the end of the Gulf of Morbihan. The Conleau peninsula is an ideal spot for families, barbecue, and just soak in the tranquil life away from the city and crowds. It has been linked to the mainland since 1879 by a dike road, and in 1919, the City of Vannes acquired the pine forest and the seawater swimming pool.

vannes conleau pool center mar21

vannes conleau pool left to gulf mar21

vannes conleau pool right to port mar21

You can walk around the peninsula along a winding path. You can discover a rich flora and fauna, the Pointe des Émigrés (see post) and Arradon (see post) on the other side of Vincin. In the mudflat, migratory and sedentary birds take advantage of the environment. Little Egret, Chevalier gambette or even Curlew are easily observable.

vannes conleau bay to marina repairs station mar21

vannes conleau harbor to gulf mar21

Swimming is possible in Conleau. Two options: the natural beach or the seawater swimming pool. The quality of the bathing water is excellent. The beach is not very big but you will be seduced by the view. Equipped beach, seawater swimming pool, cabins, restaurants, and grand hotel . The place gained its place as a seaside site in the 1950s, giving way to fishing. The grand hotel Best Wertern Le Roof has received stars like Johnny Hallyday and Renaud ,and even former Prime Minister Michel Rocard.

vannes conleau BW hotel le Roof front mar21

For eating, there is a nice restaurant inside the hotel Best Western at the tip of the islet , Le Roof for a formal dinng or the le Cafe de Conleau for lighter fare , and also a bar area. Then for quant, local and family warm go to my favorite there La Guinguette de Conleau, (closed ,here for the memories) at 3 Allée Frères Cadoret. Now it has been replace by the 1930 Conleau a more modern decor which I have not try yet.

vannes conleau le cafe conleau mar21

vannes conleau 1930 conleau old guinguette mar21

There is ,also, a wonderful looking camping which not stayed but walked all around it many times and if visiting this is an ideal place to stay. The city of Vannes on the Conleau camping:

vannes conleau camping mar21

The Gulf of Morbihan local tourist office on the Conleau pool:

The city of Vannes tourist office:

My fav Plages TV beach site on the beach and pool of Conleau:

The BW Le Roof hotel resto complext at Conleau:

There you go folks, a nice family ride on a Sunday at any time, this is prime heavens on the Conleau peninsula of Vannes. One more jewel of my beautiful Morbihan, and my lovely Bretagne ,and my belle France! Hope you enjoy the ride as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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