My travels in the Morbihan LXXXVII

And out we went again ,just for a ride as most is closed or take out only. I have written plenty on Guidel in my blog and have nice memories of family visits here,only about 38-40 mins from home. We were there Saturday with the boys and Dad, and we had a nice outing even with the times. Let me tell you a bit more on Guidel and Guidel Plages. Oh yes this is one of those town that has a bourg or town center site as Guidel ,and a beachside site as Guidel Plages.

We went for a leisure ride back into the N165 direction Guidel and its beaches. Taking exit 45 at Guidel road D306 direction Guidel you are in town in 15 minutes! We pass by the town to see our old hangouts by car and continue to Guidel Plage or beach along the same road D306 on the bay it becomes the road D152 ,and have several restaurants overlooking the shallow waters of the bay of Bas Pouldu coming in from the ocean.

This is another beach town in my beautiful Morbihan, this is a new visit and new pictures of Guidel bourg or town and a Guidel plage or beach. I have several posts in my blog to say the least, one of our favorite spots all with nice memories with the family.

In Guidel bourg or town, you have a nice Church Saint Pierre and Saint Paul in place Polignac ,  surrounded by shops ,restos, and parking ! We took advantage right in front of the church to shop for our traditions baguettes at Lucas boulangerie/pâtisserie and grab a couple!

Guidel ch st pierre et st paul side ent mar21

Guidel Lucas boulangerie cv mar21

We remember one of our fondest memories with my dear late wife Martine where we pick at random a picturesque Italian villa call La Villa Toscane resto grill pizzeria at 15 place Jafffré. It was sublime and we look forward to come back when possible. For the record here is their webpage:

Guidel La villa toscane resto ent mar21

Guidel la villa toscane resto side terrace mar21

Then, we continue to Guidel Plages or beachside at about 3 km away. Guidel Plages or beach is better known to surfers but good for the whole family with shallow water and playground for kiddies; two big section of games and restos ,one by Le Bas Pouldu and the other by plage de la Falaise or cliffs beach.

Guidel plage bas pouldu marina to ocean mar21

Guidel plages falaise to ocean mar21

The Port or Pleasure marina area has excellent gallery of painters and plenty of restos and bars with the bay behind them; there is a walking trail of the Laîta river just alongside the bay , and the Le Bas Pouldu plage/beach.

Guidel port arriv mar21

Guidel port marina mar21

We have tried here Ty Beach a resto pizzeria right at place Bas Pouldu with a plethora of restaurants next to the port and the beach Le Bas Pouldu plage. webpage:

Guidel plages pl du bas pouldu restos court mar21

Right as above we have tried the Brasserie Le Roof  which invites you to a relaxing and refreshing break. On the large terrace, with breathtaking views of the sea and in the shade of the immense maritime pines propose, noon and evening, to enjoy in all conviviality and with the feet in the water. This is closed for now do not know if permanent or the virus break.

Right at the end of le Falaise Plage or cliff’s beach, you have another wonderful section for water sports and kids playground, the dune du Pouldu, the tip with views of Fort Bloqué and the vast beautiful beach.

Guidel plage bay laita to pl du bas pouldu mar21

There is surfing and beach shops as well as ice cream parlor and restos. We have tried for lunch La Moule qui Saoûle, friendly service even late.  There are great views of the ocean, wonderful walks alongside it, and just beach bum style par excellence.

Guidel plage La Moule que Saoule resto mar21

Of course, the history of the town and many other things to see and do are in my older posts in my blog with pictures. This is my latest live trip of last Saturday. Hope you enjoy the brief tour of Guidel and Guidel Plages in my beautiful Morbihan, lovely Bretagne and in my belle France!

Guidel plage falaise carrousel mar21

For the benefit of new readers, some webpage to help you plan your trip here and it is recommended ,especially with kids.

The Ports of the Lorient country as Guidel

The city of Guidel on what to do/see:

The Lorient Bretagne tourist board on Guidel heritage:

The plages tv site on the beaches of Guidel

And there you go another adventure from home in nearby Guidel, the wonderful coastal wonders of my beautiful Morbihan dept 56. Hope you enjoy the post and do read my other posts on the area; you are sure to like it as we do.

And of course on the way back home we got in by Landevant exit/sortie 37 of the free road N165, and stop to shop at one of our favorite delights in our belle France chocolats: Here is the factory and boutique of Maison Le Roux, with branches in Paris and Quiberon here as well. Sublime chocolates!! webpage:

landevant maison le roux chocos mar21

landevant maison le roux choco bars et boite mar21

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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