My travels in the Morbihan LXXXVI

Well did never occur to me these popular series in my blog when I started back in 2011! thanks for reading me over the years since 2010. This is the 86th post on the series where I write about miscellaneous travels in my Morbihan or petite mer or small sea…oh yes this is Breton language, the only department (56) not in French in France or the French Republic. Mor=sea bihan=small in our local language:Breton!

As it is trying to venture out and escape this virus thingy already geting tired of it; we go out into the wonderful Morbihan even just for a ride and see the things we have missed a picture before or new things to see when possible. This is the case of this week in my capital city of Vannes or Gwened (Breton). Plenty to see there but some spots needs more disclosure lol!! Let me tell you about Vannes with new pictures!

This is a monumental cathedral with a nice Saint resting inside. I have come many times to say the least. The architecture the history and the Saint Vincent Ferrier are just awesome. A bit more on the Saint Peter’s Cathedral! Gothic in style, it is built on the site of the old Romanesque cathedral. Its construction spanned five centuries, from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century, and if we include the lifespan of the Romanesque bell tower preserved from the old building, we arrive at a construction duration of seven centuries. As a whole, the building remains, in spite of everything, faithful to the old Romanesque style and includes a nave accompanied by ten side chapels, a transept with unequal arms, a choir surrounded by an ambulatory and two axial chapels in a row. webpage:

vannes cat St Pierre front mar21

The La Cohue musée des Beaux-Arts or Fine Arts museum La Cohue is right on Place Saint Pierre across from the above Cathedral and it also has an entry on the rue des Halles behind it. 

The street behind the above is rue des Halles, very narrow, cobblestone street very quant we love it. You can see wooden houses here at No 7 and No 27 especially from the 17C and 18C. Other than the museum back entry it is full of shops and restos with a great medieval ambiance at nights. 

vannes rue des Halles back la cohue mus mar21

The Château Gaillard is wonderful architecture, history and a beautiful museum of history and archeology. It is located in the former Hôtel du Parlement de Bretagne (parliament of Brittany), or Château-Gaillard, a former private mansion. 

We have a wonderful Halle aux Poissons or fish market doing wonders every Saturday morning and we love it. Right around is the open air marché or market and not far the halles covered market. Sublime to say the least and we shop plenty here. And of course plenty in my blog. The fish market is located on the Place de la Poissonnerie in the inner city of Vannes, near the bastion of Gréguennic andthe Porte Saint-Vincent. I got a nice picture of it been clean after the wednesday smaller market in Vannes. City of Vannes on the markets:

vannes halle aux poissons empty at end mar21

The covered market or Halle des Lices, also has plenty in my blog. This one is the least visited by us, but a nice monument in a beautiful area. We prefer the open air markets and here at the Place des Lices is the best and name the No 9 best in France! More from the city of Vannes as link above.

vannes halles des lices marche couvert mar21

And you have a view of the ramparts from inside the old town, Rue de la Monnaie to the ramparts and our wonderful tour du Connétable or Constable’s tower. Built in the first half of the 15C is fully integrated into the ramparts. However, despite its fortified appearance, resolutely turned towards the defense of the city, and although the tower has artillery casemates in the lower room, the initial destination of the Constable’s tower was to house the chief of the Duke of Brittany’s armies. His name therefore comes from his function, the most illustrious representative of which was Arthur III of Brittany known as “the Constable of Richemont”, Constable of France and Duke of Brittany.  Arthur fought alongside Joan of Arc during her victory at the Battle of Patay on 18 June 1429!

Vannes Tour Connetable from Pl des LIces mar21

And there you go a nice walk in beautiful medieval Vannes, our capital city of the Morbihan dept 56 in my lovely Bretagne. You will do well to stop by and see the real old in my belle France right here! Hope you enjoy the walking tour and see you soon!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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