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March 21, 2021

Gâvres is a nice peninsula!!!

Ok I have written before and lack of creativity gave it this title to this post, Gâvres is a nice peninsula. Well it is, just hope will do service to it right. We are allow out and easy rides just most eateries are close or only take out so we just rode by car and walk the town and beach; it is a nice way to get out. Gâvres won’t tell much as plenty in my blog, just saying it is in the beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne in my belle France!

These are new pictures just from this weekend and we love to show the beauty around here; hope you enjoy as we! Gâvres is a nice peninsula!

The Presqu’île de Gâvres is a peninsula just south of me. Going easy on the D768 then getting on the D33 crossing the N165 and connecting on the D158 at Nostang to pass by Plouhinec (see post) and continue to the tip of the peninsula .Only exactly 41 minutes from home!! The Gâvres is opposite Port-Louis (see post), at the entrance to the Lorient Harbor and east of the island of Groix.

Some of the things to see here and already written on them ,but these new and different pictures from this morning are:

The Church of Saint Gildas b. 1888, in the form of a Latin cross, replaced the old Romanesque chapel which depended on a Priory located in Plouhinec. In 1971, the Church of Saint Gildas finally had a real  bell tower. Above the porch, a statue of St Gildas in granite, welcome visitors.

The Fort de Porh-Puns located along coast of Pointe de Gâvres, about 400 meters as the crow flies of the Saint-Gildas Church above. The fort is disarmed after WWII and bought in 2007 from the Ministry of Defense by the Syndicat Mixte du Grand Site Gâvres Quiberon.

Gavres Fort de porh puns beach mar21

Fountain of St Gildas. There was a well dating from the 11C. The fishermen (the first port of Gâvres was in this cove) and also the inhabitants came to draw water from it. In the 17C, the well was covered with stone and became the Fountain Saint-Gildas, with 17 steps.down. In a small niche there is a statuette of Saint Gildas. The well has been clogged, only a few steps can be seen but the vaulted architecture is very well visible..Very near the Fort de Porh Puns.

Gavres fountain St Gildas by beach mar21

There is a lovely marina with  60 berths which you see upon entering Gâvres bourg or city center. Around the town you have the dunes that extends for 25 km from the Pointe de Gâvres to the Quiberon peninsula and up to 2 km deep. Open to the ocean, the long stretch of sand is all the more impressive as it seems to extend to the horizon.  It is the largest dune massif in Brittany!

Gavres port de plaisance mar21

You have a nice beach of Porh Puns next to the fort and an even better and bigger Grande Plage or big beach in city center all with nice parking and family picnics. There are other beaches but these are our favorites here and do visit in Summer or when possible now.

Gavres plage porh puns by fort mar21

Gavres Grande plage pl des souvenirs mar21

The plages tv beach webpage I like has more in English:

The city of Gavres on its heritage:

The city of Gavres with a nice map of the town:

The Gavres Quiberon Dunes site with a nice interactive map on the area:

And there you go nice short and in vivid colors for you, the Gâvres peninsula and its town are an excellent way to relax any time of the year, and wild in Summers; my Morbihan treat! You can browse my other posts on Gâvres by doing search in my blog.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!!

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March 21, 2021

Welcome back to Plouhinec!

And here I go out again, going out to defy the times of our lives! We drove and walk, and saw nothing else with most places to eat etc closed. However, we did went out and it was wonderful to see these familiar places again. This is a memorable town for us, just read my blog on Plouhinec! We came back together with mom missing therefore, sentimental. All seems to be nowdays.

This is a place that first was found in my road warrior trips in the area , and we have come back for its natural beauty in nice Plouhinec . This is another jewel that is nice for a day with the family and only about 40 minutes from my house.

The town is situated between the Ria of Étel in the east for 17 km and the small Sea of Gâvres  on 5 km to the west. To the south the 8 km of beach overlooking the ocean are part of the largest dune of Brittany which extends from the Pointe de Gâvres to the Fort of Penthièvre on the town of Saint-Pierre-Quiberon (part of the wild coast of Quiberon) .Plouhinec is located 15 km from Lorient, 35 km from Vannes , the capital of the Morbihan region, and 147 km from Rennes, the capital of Brittany. Access is via the D158 road to the Gâvres Peninsula (see post).

We saw again the nice Church of Notre-Dame de Grâce or Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul built from 1870 to 1873. It is an imposing building of néo gothic style where the high silhouette dominates the houses of the village.

The Plage de Lînes or Linès beach is one of the best beaches of Plouhinec,if not the best me think. It is part of the great Dune site which goes from Gâvres to Quiberon. This was now and it is heavens in Summer time.

Plouhinec plage de lines to port louis mar21

Plouhinec plage de lines to end mar21

My fav plages tv webpage on the lines beach of Plouhinec

The city of Plouhinec on its heritage:

The Gavres-Quiberon dunes interactive map :

And once again as said, came back to this wonderful coastal area of my Morbihan, just heavens me think. You too will love it ,even by just coming to Plouhinec, the beaches and the architecture/history I like! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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March 21, 2021

Some news from France, CCCXXVII

And yes is that time again to tell you about my belle France and its ups and downs lately. Of course, in addition to some news that I like ; thank you for reading me along these years, always appreciated. We had a bit cool weather and wet light rain but the sun did came out and we enjoy a ride  on the beaches. Let me tell you what is going on in the French Republic!

The new confinement certificate, necessary since midnight ,this past Friday to be able to travel to the sixteen departments concerned, was posted online overnight from Friday to Saturday by the Interior Ministry. As a reminder, Île-de-France, Hauts-de-France as well as Eure, Seine-Maritime and Alpes-Maritimes are the territories affected by this re confinement. The measure is scheduled to last at least four weeks. To accommodate daylight saving time on March 28, the government has moved to shift the curfew to 19h (7 p.m). From Saturday, March 20. Inter-regional travel is prohibited, except for compelling or professional reasons. Teleworking is strongly recommended: for companies that can, they should spend at least 4 out of 5 days teleworking lol!!!

From this past Saturday, what will be the consequences of the new re confinement on the offer of public transport in Ile-de-France? For the time being, no change in sight according to Ile-de-France Mobilités. The offer of trains, metros, buses and trams in force was modified on March 1, in consultation with user associations. During the day, around 90% of the usual offer is maintained, except on metro lines 7 and 13 or the RER B, the busiest. On the other hand, the frequency of metro and trains drops after 19h30. In the evening, only one in two metro runs. The Transiliens local trains have reduced the service since March 15, with an announced maximum delay of 30 minutes between two trains. Ile-de-France Mobilités will observe next week whether the end of the day peak requires an extension of the normal offer until 20h30 (8:30 p.m) . or not.

Barely a few hours after the Prime Minister’s announcement last Friday on the re confinement of 16 departments in France, trains from Paris were full. The train company already had twice as many bookings by early evening on Thursday and some destinations in the West and South of France are now almost full. The regions most affected by reservations in recent hours are Brittany, the Basque Country, Gironde and Corsica. Train tickets to the cities of Rennes, Nantes, Vannes, Bordeaux, La Rochelle, left in a few minutes. For flights, it is the airports of Toulouse, Montpellier, Biarritz and those of Corsica that have been the most requested. Yeah they are coming home to Bretagne lol!

Nope, the long-awaited reopening date is not yet known. But restos are starting to see more clearly: the reopening will include three phases of 4 weeks each. The 1st phase concerns hotel restaurants. These will once again be able to receive their customers at the table for breakfast. The 2nd phase allows the terraces to reopen (ouiiiii). The interior of cafes and restaurants will also be able to receive people, within a limit of 50% of the usual capacity so that the distance is respected.The 3rd and last phase gives rise to a total opening and without gauge, in the respect of the protocol. The protocol is the same as last summer, and   it is supplemented by a device for tracing customers via a QR code to be flashed at the entrance!. The problem?   The length of these phases. At the rate of 4 weeks each, we cannot hope for a return to normal for at least three months. The clubs, largely forgotten, should know more by the end of March since a “disco plan” is in preparation by the government.

But mais ouai .. The ban on heated terraces of bars and restaurants postponed to April 2022. If the heated terraces have been declared harmful to the environment, the deputies believe that they could be necessary for a good economic recovery of restaurateurs. Bien sûr no need a brain for that gov politicians!

In the business chic La Défense, more than 60% of employees have already deserted their offices. After a brief upturn after the summer, the larger business district was once again abandoned by a majority of telecommuting employees. The new measures announced by the government should further accentuate the process. But of course, who can work at a distance not in my Finance field we need the terrain!!check check check!

The Stade de France, located in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis dept 93), will soon reopen its doors to the public… Not to see a football/soccer match or a concert, but to get vaccinated. A “vaccinodrome”! a huge vaccination center should indeed take place next month in the stadium which saw the Blues become world football/soccer champions in 1998. It will allow thousands of inhabitants to be vaccinated every week. from Seine-Saint-Denis but also from Île-de-France region. And just to keep the rivalty going even with vaccines at Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône dept 13), the iconic Vélodrome stadium has already been hosting a Covid-19 vaccination center since last Monday. It is installed in the premises of a grandstand, and not on the lawn or in the stands, according to the regional health authorities (ARS).

The employees of TUI France, the French subsidiary of the German tour operator will have 600 dismissals confirmed. The Cergy administrative court dismissed the employees of the tour operator, who challenged the approval of the job protection plan by the regional labor department. Always investments wins even if jobs are lost.

Confinement: in Paris, traders between resignation and catastrophism. Whether in leather goods, ready-to-wear or hairdressing, the owners of small independent businesses do not hide their concern on the eve of this third closure in a year. But of course, the small ones pay more and will be difficult to recuperate unless we will be a completely welfare society! Life goes on….

Already a large majority of restaurateurs, penalized by the closure of their establishments, have adapted by offering take-away sales, there are now a certain number of professionals cooking their dishes directly in the markets. The restaurateurs of Versailles (Yvelines 78 capital) had shown the way to the Saint-Louis market in January with the “Place aux restos” operation, organized by the Metro distributor and professional unions. In Triel-sur-Seine,(Yvelines dept 78) where the market has been welcoming professionals from the city and the surrounding area for several weeks, under particularly favorable conditions. The city, which had bought wooden chalets a few months earlier from the city of Marseille for its Christmas market, decided to leave the shelters available to traders, while reserving a square for restaurants. All new creative minds at work, go to the markets I always said.

With the ski lifts at a standstill due to a health crisis, ski touring has never been so popular. With its ridges and snow-capped domes, the Espiau mountain in the Pyrenees is the ideal place to get started. Above the town of Bagnères-de-Luchon, in Haute-Garonne,(dept 31) once famous for its thermal baths and romantic landscapes including the famous Lake Oô. The Oueil valley is a small valley like there are so many others in the Pyrenees, wild and lost. A dead end that ends in the village of Bourg-d’Oueil and its ski resort (at an altitude of 1,350 meters ), the smallest in the Pyrenees. Three ski lifts, a team of amazing volunteers to welcome you, run the restaurant, rent skis, and a ski patroller “loaned” by neighboring resorts, all giving a family atmosphere and good-natured. The village of Cirès is located almost at the end of the Oueil valley, just before Bourg d’Oueil. Above the church, the Pierrefitte pass. You leave this village at the end of the morning to reach the Pierrefite pass. After conscientiously gluing your skins on, slipping in a shovel and probe, the equipment used to free a person buried in the snow, in your backpacks, and turning on your avalanche victim detectors, you begin by walking up a forest of fir trees. There, you quickly get in the mood. In winter, no more landmarks, no more paths. You have to deal with hollows, bumps, cross streams or avoid fences. The only visible traces are those of chamois and deer. Ok so I guess no masks there oh yes ski sun eyeglasses needed!

The Paris Observatory, a citadel of science with its head in the stars. This historic landmark saw the discovery of Neptune or the invention of the speaking clock. Today, it hosts researchers participating in major astronomical projects and space missions. Built in 1847 on the roof of the Paris Observatory, the Arago dome houses a 9-meter-long telescope, which was once used to study the stars. And we need it open to see it again !

Montmartre is angry, This past Thursday morning, the services of the City of Paris cut, destroyed, and finally put under concrete the trunk of the magnificent hundred-year-old wisteria, which covered the terrace of the brasserie le Plumeau. And housed the meals of all the greatest artists of the Butte. André Breton had lunch there… The whole neighborhood is talking about it. Ok so where are the ecolos in Paris!

A 450,000-year-old human bone identified in the Tautavel cave (Pyrénées-Orientales dept 66)), Numerous fragments of several “men of Tautavel” members of the genus Homo who lived 450,000 years ago have already been discovered since more than half a century. This time, it is a piece of fibula a little less than six centimeters in length, found eighteen years ago, as told by  Agence France-Presse (AFP), by archaeologist Christian Perrenoud, responsible for research on this site, which has been systematically excavated since 1964. On the other hand, no DNA research is possible on such ancient fossils. Still not yet able to go beyond 80,000 years maximum with DNA, even if there are examples in Spain where they have managed to go a little further”, explained M Perrenoud. The Caune de l’Arago, or Tautavel cave, about twenty km north-west of Perpignan, has already yielded a very large number of fossils which have made it possible to reconstruct the evolution of faunas, flora, landscapes and Mediterranean climates between 100,000 and 700,000 years ago. Well a little finger will go a long way to tell us who we were lol!

The restoration of the Bayeux tapestry created snags in Franco-British diplomacy. More damaged than it was thought, medieval embroidery will be extensively restored from 2024, calling into question its loan across the Channel. For nearly five months, it has been lying in the dark, isolated from the fury of the world behind its three-centimeter-thick armored glass. Like all museums in France, the one that hosts the Bayeux tapestry in Calvados has not opened since October 30 2020, closed by the government to stem the epidemic due to the covid virus. Embroidered nearly a thousand years ago to celebrate William the Conqueror’s victorious landing in England in 1066, the old linen lady is in pain and in need of emergency care. Exposed vertically since its installation in 1983 in a building built for it, in the heart of the capital of Bessin, the Bayeux tapestry has cracks, despite all the precautions taken to ensure its conservation. A total of 24,204 stains, 16,445 folds and 9,646 gaps in the fabric or embroidery were identified. More worryingly, 30 unstabilized tears were observed. Such a statement had never been made on the embroidered face, It was assure by the regional directorate of cultural affairs (DRAC) of Normandy. We will see delicate yes only the compagnons pros on this one I hope.

A sad news for the arts. Less than two years after its inauguration, will the Montpellier Mo.Co radically change? Its initiator, Nicolas Bourriaud, seems in any case excluded from the game. On March 23, the board of directors met to decide on his successor and the future of this unique structure, which brings together the Ecole supérieure des beaux-arts, the art center La Panacea as well as the Hôtel des Beaux-Arts. collections, created in 2019. We will see if a good management is found.

And to end with good news. The Maison Philippe Conticini has opened its chouquette bar . They are sold individually or by 3, you choose your pastry cream: vanilla, coffee, citrus, lemon or chocolate and an insert of your choice . You will rather opt for the lemon confit, the citrus confit, caramel, speculoos paste or praline? Classic or daring, all combinations are allowed. To devour for breakfast or at snack time, the essential chouquette has never ceased to make us salivate. The opportunity to have a blast. Chouquette bar Maison Philippe Conticini , open Wednesday and Thursday from 12h to 17h at 42 Rue de l’Annéquence 16éme and Friday and Saturday from 11h to 17h at. 31 Rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth 3éme of Paris. Well take out for now but looking forward to try it, we love the chouquettes!!!

And voilà my belle France hanging on as usual in history. We shall overcome and when all is open again, the flocks will be huge!!! better get your reservations with right to cancellation ok! And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

March 21, 2021

Real Madrid forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this a joyful post for me and lots of memories in my beloved Madrid and on the mythical stadium Santiago Bernabeu. I have done several posts on my team Real Madrid CF over the years in my blog, and I take this opportunity to update these old posts condense into one. I am having a thrill and hope you follow me along. Hala Madrid!!!

Of course, this is a club known for its football/soccer (sp. futbol) and basketball/(sp. baloncesto) but it also has several lower level farm teams such as the Cadete B, also, the Juvenil A . The Real Madrid C . The Alevin A ,the Benjamin B , and the Alevin B, the Cadete A , the Benjamín A. The Juvenil B  and the Infantiles A , and B. The team just below the main team is call Real Madrid Castilla . All these teams are collectively known as the Fàbrica or factory teams.

The French sports daily L’Equipe which was an integral part in the creation of the Champions league or as it was call before the Cup of Europe ,has just named the Real Madrid as the best team in the history of the competition. In the overall 56 editions of the Champions, Real Madrid is first ,followed by AC Milan, and Bayern Munich. The much publicize culés only arrives in fourth place. The top ten are Real Madrid 483 points, AC Milan 330, Bayern Munich 288,Barcelona 250,Liverpool 237,Manchester United 229, Ajax Amsterdam 220, Benfica 217, Juventus 215, Inter Milan 184 points. As of November 2017.  The magazine L’Equipe also created an all star selection of those that played in those Champions over the years. In this selection, there are two players that have wore the shirt of Real Madrid are Alfredo Di Stefano and Clarence Seedorf.

In another developement for the first time in 38 years the Real Madrid is wearing red shirts as second uniform or away games. Before it was in 1971 and 1973 my times of living in the city!!!!

The club is trying to improve the facilities in the training grounds at Valdebebas, now even a hotel for the players and staff is envision. This is a reality and the new Sports City is awesome, the stadium name after Alfredo Di Stefano historical in the fabolous history of the Real Madrid CF.

The next big project in union with the above is to renovate the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu  ! There since Dec 14, 1947 and already a FIFA top rated stadium as a five stars rating. One of the improvements will be the enlargement of the trophy room/museum (oh yes it will grow for sure::)) and the tour Bernabeu will be expanded inside facilities to see (already 750 000 persons paid visits per year). It will have a plaza in front of stadium on paseo de la castellana and another one by the current esquina del Bernabeu , which memorable will be demolish. A new underground parking for capacity of 1000 cars and improvement on the current one at padre Damian and concha Espina with 500 places. This is ongoing as I write and will be awesome!!!

The Liga starts, that is football for most ,soccer for some, and calcio for a few of you. This is Spain top division, commonly refere as the Liga Santander as sponsored by the big Spanish bank. The team is the glory of Spain and its history, 34 Liga championships speaks loud and clear in my book. However, a team such as this needs more , a lot more. The European Champions league is made for them, won it 13 times more than any,and its the team ultimate goal.

The official Real Madrid webpage on titles won in English:

Let me stop and tell you a bit about me and my Real Madrid: My first steps into the sports was while living in Madrid as a young boy of 10, there playing around the Elipa, met some young Spaniards who encourage me to try for the team.  At the Elipa played on the sport club of baseball for a club call, Real Madrid that at the time sponsored a team in the Madrid championship with 8 teams. Ins and outs of the politics of the system I end up playing in the formation training group for the Real Madrid at Casa de Campo fields. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship (as Ricky said in Casablanca), actually it had grown stronger over the years, and now its a passion without limits. And I am glad that my sons had shown an interest in the club as well.  Leaving Madrid was of necessary for my parents, but been fortunate enough to come back often,and now living in France, my trips there are frequent. This allows to give me time to stay closer to my love,Real Madrid. It has given me the opportunity to stay closer to other fans with the same love,and to make new friends in Spain that have remain close over the years,sort like a family away from home. When lived here, I started out playing baseball for the Real Madrid at the Parque Municipal de la Elipa complex, remember taking the P13 bus (today is the 113) from Alcalà street to the Elipa. Today baseball is still played there and the seat of the Madrid baseball/softball federation. I am honorary member of five peñas or supporting group of the Real Madrid from Xove (Lugo) ,Albaicin,( Granada), and Malaga Spain with regular visits. The trips to the Santiago Bernabeu StadiumValdebebas Real Madrid Sports City,WiZink etc are annually and sometimes more; some times getting together with similar friends there in groups or individually. Nowdays, the facilities have nothing in common to those of earlier years. The moment I entered the casa de campo training site for the Real Madrid CF change my orientation of sports forever. My love for Real Madrid is huge, even my French dear late wife Martine , who was not into it , became a follower and even came with me to the Santiago Bernabeu and the old  vista alegre basketball arena for the games, it was good for both!!! It has been a wonderful journey with many friends in different parts of the world , just last year finished playing indoor soccer /fooball here in France on a Corporate league.

The city of Madrid on the Elipa

For the historical keeper this was the team in the 2012-13 season for the Real Madrid : Casillas, Adán, and  Jesús as goalies, Defenders: Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Coentrão, Albiol, Arbeloa ,and Varane. Midfielders :Kaká, Özil, Xabi Alonso, Granero, Khedira, Lass, Callejón ,and Di María. Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Higuaín, and Morata.

This we have won 19 times but could be more if more importance is given to the old King’s Cup or Spanish Cup . Last wonderful time was in the Spanish King’s cup, we won again beating archrivals Barcelona (second in the Liga) 1X2 with the winning goal from Welsh international Gareth Bale. It was our 19th King’s Cup in history. Season 2013-2014.  Needless to say,in both football and basketball we are the winningest club both in the Spanish League (Santander)  and European titles( Champions).

And let me tell you a bit on the history of my Real Madrid CF!  The Real Madrid CF was actually born in 1902, and given the title of Real or Royal by King Alfonso XIII in 1920. Juan Padrós was elected the first ever club President and adopted a white uniform Carlos Padrós, the brother and also future President organized a tournament for the crowning of king Alfonso XIII, sort of the first national tournament called Madrid football association tournament and received popular support that made extends the tournament and later named Copa del Rey (King’s Cup) as it is still play today!

The initial club takes over the Moderno FC who was the winner of the first regional championship in 1903 and was renamed the Madrid Moderno FC. The team wins all these regional tournaments from 1905-08 as well as the Copa del Rey or King’s Cup. The management leaders of the club participated in the creation of the first Spanish football federation in 1909. At the same time that the club won the regional championships of 1910, 1913, 1916, 1917, 1918 and 1920, as well as the Copa del Rey in 1917.  Following the initiative of the English league, a national championship appears in 1926 with the approval of the Spanish federation in 1928; the first championship is held in 1929 with the first division teams of Athletic Bilbao, FC Barcelona ,Atlético de Madrid ,and the Real Madrid.

The abolition of the monarchy and the establishement of the Second Republic in 1931 enforced the club of retiring the Royal emblems logos and lose the title of Real becoming simply the Madrid Football Club. Finally, in the 1931-1932 season the club wins the national championship and all due to the amazing goalkeeper Ricardo Zamora, recruited in 1930. Later in 1959 his name is chosen to award the best goalkeeper in the Spanish first division. In 1934 and 1936,Real Madrid wins the Copa del Presidente de la República, ( the president of the republic cup) who replaced the Copa del Rey. The year 1936 was the last year playing of Ricardo Zamora with Madrid, and also, the tragic Spanish Civil War begins.

After the defeat of the Republicans by the Nationalist of Gen Francisco Franco,the club is giving back the title of royal or Real and the crown logo on their shirts. The football championship starts again ,and the club wins the 1943 Copa del Generalísimo (the king’s cup change to the general’s cup). By 1943 entered into the club the legendary figure of our new President Santiago Bernabéu ; he was a player in 1909 and played in first division as captain until 1927 (689 games and more than 340 goals), after passing to the technical team. The club lost a lot during the Spanish Civil War comparing to the Atlético Madrid (taken over by the army air force and renamed Athletico Aviación de Madrid). Bernabéu spent several months trying to rebuilt the Real Madrid.

The march to glory begins. The Real Madrid recruits the Argentine forward Alfredo Di Stéfano and wins the Spanish championship in 1953 and Di Stéfano,finished as best goal scorer with 29 goals together with the young Francisco Gento. The Stadium is enlarged in 1954 to 125 000 persons and the team recruits another Argentine Héctor Rial, and again the championship is won with Di Stéfano scoring 25 goals. During the summer of 1955, the Real Madrid wins the Copa Latina that opposed the champions clubs of Spain, Italy, France, and Portugal beating in the final at the Paris Parc des Princes,the French club Stade de Reims.  In the 1955-1956 season was founded the first edition of the Cup of Europe, and the Real Madrid wins its first European championship beating the same Stade de Reims led by Raymond Kopa 4-3. A few weeks later the Real signs Raymond Kopa making a deadly attack with Di Stefano, Rial, and Gento. In the season 1957-1958,the Real Madrid signed the defender Uruguayan José Santamaría and in 1958 signed the Hungarian Ferenc Puskás that together with Gento, Kopa and Di Stéfano allows the club to win the European championships five times all together during this period.

In 1960, the Real Madrid wins the first Intercontinental Cup beating Peñarol of Uruguay winner of the Copa Libertadores,5×1. In 1966, Real Madrid wins its 6th European Cup!! The era of Santiago Bernabéu comes to an end on June 2,1978 with the passing of Don Santiago at age 82, just before the opening of the World Cup in Argentina . After 35 years as President of the club; the following year the club creates the Trofeo Bernabeu tournament that still is play today.  It begins a drought in European Cups with the Quinta del Buitre group from 1981-1990 with players such as Manolo Sanchís, Martín Vázquez, Míchel, Miguel Pardeza, and Emilio Butragueño (El buitre) and later the Mexicaine Hugo Sánchez blending veterans such as Juanito, Valdano ,and Santillana. The magnificent period includes two Champions of the UEFA Cup,1985-1986, five times the Liga national championship between 1986 and 1990 (a record),and one Cup of Spain in 1989. Only the European Cup escapes them.  The period 1991-2000, saw many dry hands and a period of adjustments to many coaches and presidents. Finally in 1998, under the new name of the competition from European Cup to Champions league (1992) ,and the Real Madrid wins its 7th beating Juventus 1X0 in the final ;later in December they win the Intercontinental Cup beating Vasco da Gama of Brazil.

From 2000 on the new President is Florentino Perez known for his big checks and gallactic players, such as Luís Figo, Zinédine Zidane,Ronaldo, David Beckham, Michael Owen, and Robinho. Winning again the Champions league of 2000 and 2002 as well as the Intercontinental of 2002, and the UEFA Supercup of 2002. Also, in 2006 Florentino Perez resigns first time.  The era 2006-2009 under President Ramon Calderon, on a disastrous period of not winning that caused his resignation and the retunr of Florentino Perez in June 2009. Cristiano Ronaldo is signed in 2009. Various coaches changes of not so good performances continues.  Finally, the era of Zinedine Zidane begins on January 2016. Winning the World Club championship ;also winning the Champions league three years in a row a record never before done, and hard to beat. Also, in 2017, later in August it wins the UEFA SuperCup also two times in a row!!! 6/8 titles for Zidane!!!! again in August they win the SuperCup of Spain , and later in December they win the World Club tournament to bring the total of 5 titles in 2017 out a possible 6, a record for the club.

In December 2000, the club is name by FIFA the best club of the 20C; and also received the order of merit by FIFA in 2004. Also, the IFFHS in Europe name it best club of the 20C in Europe!  Simply the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On April 1st 2017 the Real Madrid CF became the first club with 100 millions fans in their Facebook page!!! My hangout when by the Bernabeu is the Real Cafe Bernabeu restaurant where you can see the field of play sitting in a nice table. webpage:

This is the official Real Madrid CF webpage in English:

And for me since 1972 the best sports daily is AS, and now gladly keep up online and on apps, their official page having English language and versions on several countries now including the USA!

If you want to follow the Liga in Spanish try here which I have in my links below my blog: Foro del Real Madrid

The Spanish La Liga Santander first division webpage:

The RFEF or Real Federacion Española de Fùtbol federation on the first division :

Just last year we have started a women team as Real Madrid CF femenino or female and the team on its first year is doing well rank in 4th place as I write in the Liga Iberdrola, or Spain women’s first division:

Follow the renovation of the best stadium in the world Santiago Bernabeu Madrid of the Real Madrid CF of course:

There you go folks, wants to be the best, start by following the best ever in the history of football/soccer, my Real Madrid CF and join our family, its for life!!! Hala Madrid!!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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