My travels in the Morbihan, LXXXIII

Hello world!! Here I am again, this time a lot quicker turnaround in my series My travels in the Morbihan. These places been before of course, and plenty in my blog on individual posts, however, this was again my Parisian friend coming over to his boat at Port du Crouesty so I got invited again! Life on a boat in a  gorgeous marina can’t be beaten in my beautiful Morbihan.

The unfortunate thing as old age does to you, I took my father Elio on Saturday, but he could not get over the wire fence around the boat to get in, it was too high! He just glance at it from a distance by the wharfs. It is indeed a nice boat but as not mine and invited did not took pictures of the boat.  I did came back alone today Sunday midday!

The port du Crouesty is a gorgeous marina indeed and also written a lot on it in my blog. I have come here since moving into the area back in 2011, and had great family time here over the years. Now coming back missing my dear is sad all nice memories that are worth reliving them again and again. Port du Crouesty belongs to the city of Arzon in the Presqu’Ïle de Rhuys peninsula. You get there on the fast expressway N165 exit/sortie Sarzeau and follow the signs on the D780 until destination. From where I live is about an hour by car.

Here is the webpage passeportescales or passport stops on the Port du Crouesty with a beautiful picture.

The jetty channel at the entrance to the harbor is way back around the left side of the above picture and I took one from inside closest you can get:

port de crouesty exit to ocean mar21

This is a fantastic area with rides , paddle boats, sailing boats of course, and plenty of nice typical stores and restaurants around the harbor. Not to missed the Capitainerie or harbormaster house which has a beautiful restaurant le Cargo.

port de crouesty capitainerie harbormaster mar21

On the other side left of the above picture you have the Feu postérieur or rear beacon to guide the boats into the channel harbor, and this time took a nice picture of it me think.

port de crouesty lighthouse basin mar21

And as close as I can take a picture of the boat hehehe it is there right on aisle T of the marina port du Crouesty, lovely indeed me think. The buildings afar are the business area with shops, restaurants, lodgings etc. It is a wonderful walk with the family indeed, recommended.

port du crouesty marina from OF boat inside mar21

port de crouesty marina basin mar21T

We had a good short time due to needed to bring my father along as my boys were in Vannes hanging out! Well I was invited again Sunday (today) so a nice end to the week….

And here is for now the webpage of the city of Arzon on Port du Crouesty:

And if you have seen too many boats, you can continue past the harbormaster zigzagging with the marina on your right hand side to see the Chapelle Notre Dame de Crouesty ; it is here that on May 11 565 day of rogations, we found the intact body of Saint Gildas in a small boat anchored in the rocks. and the famous megalith stone the cairn de petit mont. Overall a nice day by the ocean in my beautiful Morbihan and gorgeous Port du Crouesty.

Oh yes almost forgot on our way back along the D780 we passed by several nice villages and one of them, Le Hézo has the La Maison du Cidre or Cider house ,also, a museum you can see how it is done with reservation. We always buy and did bottles of cider with the special royal Guillevic and jellies of pears and chocolate oh so good yummy delicious the webpage:

And voilà a nice weekend in my Morbihan and like I said to be continue..Hope you enjoy the tour. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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