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March 13, 2021

Church of Saint-Sané of Camors!!

This is an update of an older post of a town very near me. I as a lover of history and architecture need to put up lots of religious buildings, I think they tell the story of a place better than anybody. This will be a series of small towns near me that have wonderful things to see even if for less than a day. Hope you enjoy the story on the Church of Saint Sané in Camors!

The town of Camors itself surrounded by the towns of Baud, Pluvigner and La Chapelle-Neuve. It is covered in its vast majority by two massifs forests, the domaine forest of Camors and the forest of Floranges with maximum altitude of 137 meters. The town, is compose of the village of Lambel-Camors and the village of Locoal-Camors. The town is part of the district of Pluvigner, of the community of towns agglo of Auray Quiberon Terre Atlantique and depends on the sub-prefecture of Lorient.

The territory of the town of Camors was born late and consists of part of the territory of Baud and part of the territory of Pluvigner. The inhabitants of Camors lived mainly in the forest. They were coal-makers, sabotiers, long sawers, broom makers, buglers… There have been up to two hundred buats and ninety saboters (wood shoes and the last one retired end of 2020!). Religion and civil authority had little influence over this population living in the forest. Camors is one of the only towns in France where two sawmills and a sabotier remain (see above).

The Church of Saint-Sané; 17C was built in the form of a Latin cross, without anything remarkable, if not two wooden altarpieces. The sacristy is earlier than the Church and reuses stones from the Chapel of Ste. Suzanne. A cabinet of the sacristy dates from 1660. Inside the Church you can see a fresco. On the wall of the nave is a white marble tombstone; it is the epitaph of Claude de Lannion, Governor of Vannes and Auray, who died on 24 June 1695. The Church houses a statue of St. Margaret. The parish church of Camors is dedicated to Saint Sané, an Irish Bishop, who died in 544. The secondary patron is Saint John the Baptist, whose Nativity is celebrated with great solemnity. The church has in the south transept the altar of Saint John the Baptist, and that of the north the altar of Ste. Susanne; the Chapel of the Baptismal Fonts makes the pendant of the porch. In the Choir was the family vault of the counts of Lannion, barons of Camors.

Camors ch St Sane frt jan20


Two other sites worth stopping by are the alignments of the forest (menhirs dolmen tumulus old stones) and the park and pond of petit bois with sports activities.

The town of Camors on getting there:

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on things to do/see in Camors

And hoping you enjoy this brief introduction to a small town of my beautiful Morbihan, and great forests area of Camors.

And remember , happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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March 13, 2021

Pont de Normandie!!!!

This is worth the update on this older post one of several on Honfleur side Le Havre side and the boat rides we really enjoy coming here. I like to tell you a bit more on the wonderful bridge of Normandy and the boat rides available ; hope you enjoy it as we do.

So in my road warrior trips I have passed many bridges but none so emblematic of the human effort and grandeur as the Normandy bridge or Pont de Normandie. We have criss cross it several times but also by sea to be able to see its grand structure , masterfully built. Not even damage by winds and rain and only once closed to vehicular traffic in its history for prevention. Therefore, this is my humble hommage to my latest passing this month on the Pont de Normandie.


The Pont de Normandie is a cable-stayed bridge spanning the Seine estuary and linking the cities of Le Havre to Honfleur. This bridge is toll paying, except for pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists. The story goes from official sources. Pardon my technical knowledge on bridge construction. In 1994 the main scope of the work beats by more than 250 meters the previous world record of 1993 (Shanghai), but this one will be lost in 1998 by 34 meters on the Tatara bridge in Japan. Its record length of cable-stayed bridge was lost in 2003 with the 2 883 meters of the bridge Rion-Antirion and, if one considers the length of apron suspended by guying (2 252 m), it is the viaduct of Millau (France)  which takes the succession with 2 444 meters.


The structure, which is of concrete, has a total length of 21 415 meters. It has a 856 meters span, with the 624 meters of the center being metal. The concrete pylons of this span reach a height of 215 meters.  The 23.60 meters wide apron accommodates four lanes for motor vehicles, two cycle lanes and two pedestrian-protected lanes.  The apron is made up of two parts. A metal part, long 624 m, overlooks the Seine at 59.12 m. this part consists of 32 segments of 19.65 m, each of them is connected to the joint head of one of the pylons by two shrouds fixed on either side of the segment. The remainder of the apron is in pre-stressed concrete for the two access viaducts as well as for the 58 m of reach attached to each of the two pylons.  Pre-stressed reinforced concrete compounds, Y-inverted pylons measure 214.77 m and weigh 20 000 tons each, of which 11 700 for single metal reinforcement and 150 for pre-stressing cables. Because of the spherical or roundness of the Earth, the pylons are spaced about two to three centimeters higher at their top than at their base.  184 Freyssinet cables or cable stays are composed of several steel strands, between 31 and 53, depending on the effort they must undergo. All are protected against external aggressions by a layer of wax and a polyethylene sheath. They are assembled in bundles and are dressed in a liner whose profile is aerodynamic. The whole length of the bridge these are between 95 and 460 meters long.


Some official webpages to know more details are:

The official chamber of commerce and industry on pont de Normandie webpage:

The Vinci construction company history on building the Pont de Normandie

And of course, you can drive on it and go back and forth between Le Havre and Honfleur but going under ground on a boat is ideal way to see it up close and personal so we have done several times too. There is the one company that takes you out to sea under the bridge handle by the Promenade en Bateau Honfleur.


The Jolie France is a ride of 1h30m which will put you with eyes open all the time. Going by the passage of the locks levies, view on the radar, bridge of Tancarville, Le Havre, the heights of Honfleur, the island of birds, and as a final bouquet: the Pont de Normandie. Boarding: Jetty of the transit about 20 meters from the descent of the bus , 80 meters from the parking of the mole (4€ all day) . The best ride as it goes out to sea and around the Honfleur beach to the Pont de Normandie.  We take as it reminds me of my Mom and Wife who are at sea here. RIP



The official Promenade en Bateau Honfleur on the Jolie France:

The Honfleur tourist office on the Jolie France ride:

In other years we have taken other boats to go under the bridge of Normandy but that is in another post see the vedette Cauchois in my blog. Hope you enjoy the ride!  Of course, I will tell you to ride it by car as well and it is a thrill indeed. However, by boat is best me think. Either way you will have a memorable moment on the Normandy bridge or Pont de Normandie.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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March 13, 2021

Chapelle de Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs!!!

And here once again looking at updating my older posts in my blog I stumbled upon this beauty very little mentioned. And the Chapelle de Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs  is pretty nice but even that is not enough, I have a story. This is the town of Moustoir-AC very near my home in my beautiful Morbihan of my lovely Bretagne and my belle France! Let me tell you in on the story and the chapel.

Moustoir-AC is located on the granitic heights that are the Landes of Lanvaux high point 175 meters. Many megaliths punctuate the territory of the town such as the dolmen de Lacabarede, the Menhir de Kerara or that of Kermark, the highest standing menhir of the Morbihan.  The town is located 26 km north of Vannes and 29 km south of Pontivy; and a side note this is where we got our dog Rex from a dairy farm in town! . It is located at the intersection of the roads Rennes-Lorient and Vannes-Saint-Brieuc. Moustoir-AC has existed since 1387 when it separates from the former primitive parish of Plumelin. During the Chouannerie, the town became a hangout for the Chouans (rebels against the French revolution)  who will be illustrated thanks to the black shepherd dogs  used for intelligence operations. Two important monuments we like to tell you more are the Sainte-Barbe Church (see post) located in the town was built by the first half of the 16C. The Notre-Dame-des-Septs- Douleurs (ND of seven pains) Chapel, located in the hamlet of Kerhéro, was built in 1749.

The Chapelle de Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs is also called Chapelle de Kerhéro  is located in rural area in the town of Moustoir-AC, in the hamlet of Kerhéro. The Chapel of Our Lady of the Seven Pains was built in 1749, then owned by the Langle family. The bell was sponsored by the same family for the first time in 1789, and was replaced in 1874. In 1896, the chapel was completely rebuilt. It was restored for the last time in 1943. Currently, the exterior seals, stained glass windows and roof are completely restored. The chapel affects a rectangular plane, about 20 × 10 meters. It has an arrow on a square-stump steeple adorned with ball pinnacles.  The floor of the Chapel is gone and the walls are in uncoated granite. The altar is white stone. The chapel has several broken arch windows including the stained glass of the choir dedicated to Our Lady of the Seven Pains (Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs ).



The city of Moustoir-AC on its heritage:

The local Central Morbihan tourist board on the Chapel

And there you go a nice quant off the beaten path town of my beautiful Morbihan and this Moustoir-AC is real dairy country plenty of cows around here lol! It is only 19 km from home along the D16 road to the D318 road easy along wooded country nice! An off the beaten path place, we love the area and I think it shows::) Enjoy the post

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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