Church Saint Malo at Saint-Malo-de-Beignon!!

So bringing you back to my beautiful Morbihan and its small picturesques towns on the off the beaten path. I like to present you with Saint Malo de Beignon. So much for updating older posts which ,also, allows me to find these missing gems. Hope you enjoy the post on the Church of Saint Malo at Saint Malo de Beignon!

Again, this is the beauty of travel me think, going into these small quant towns inland Morbihan and see the beautiful monuments even for a day is a great family outing. Enjoy the tour!

Saint-Malo-de-Beignon is close to Beignon, its name also evokes Saint-Malo because under the Ancien Régime (monarchy) the bishop of Saint-Malo had his summer residence there since 1062.

The Church Saint-Malo is located in Saint-Malo-de-Beignon.  From 1396, Saint-Malo-de-Beignon is an ecclesiastical court of the Bishop of Saint-Malo, whose manor house is adjacent to the Church. The church preserves vestiges of Romanesque construction: portal from the 13C, tall, narrow windows from the 11C In the choir, tombstones of the bishops of Aleth (15-16-17C). The construction began in the 11C. The residence of the bishops was burned in 1958 and in large part demolished in 1977. The west façade is Romanesque, stands out by its polychrome apparatus. It is partly hidden in the north by what remains of the residence of the bishops, which also hides a large part of the north wall of the Church. Framed by two powerful buttresses, it presents in its center a portal consisting of a massive masonry in advance whose top in build extends through a flat counterfort to the top of the gable. In the center of the massif, the door is framed by three broken arch arches falling on. Two full-hanger stained glass windows are  on both sides of the church. The south wall in return, pierced by three small full-sized stained glass windows, is of the same time. At the choir level, two large full-scale stained glass windows date back to the 18C. A polychrome altarpiece of the 17C occupies the background of the choir.


The typical small village with pretty stone houses, flowered, at the top of a small hill.   The 16C Calvary with a twisted column. The Bishops’ Garden, a small French-style garden, ideal for strolling , restored in 1993 according to existing plans and writings, respecting the flora and fauna. Quiet of a peaceful garden. The miniature port: in a rural setting, this miniature port invites you aboard scale models of boats, evolving on a 6 ha pond. Equipped with an electric motor, they can carry 2 to 6 people. On site, visitors will also find City Stade, children’s play areas, picnic areas in a landscaped undergrowth.

The Guer-Coetquidan tourist board on Saint Malo de Beignon heritage:

The Morbihan dept 56 Tourist board on the Church Saint Malo:

And now I feel better to tell you about this wonderful little town in inland Morbihan, another gem of our region. Hope you enjoy the brief introduction on Saint Malo de Beignon and the Church Saint Malo.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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