My travels in the Morbihan, LXXXII

Hello world! Its been a while not written on my series My Travels in the Morbihan (my dept 56) in my lovely Bretagne and my belle France. I just had a ride today looking at my hunting ground in my area and will like to post these new pictures here on my rainy day tour. Hope you like it as these are from this morning!

I decided to take my boys, Dad ,and my other boy Rex, the dog all on a car ride. Hoping to be able to walk but the day was windy and rainy on the coast beaches south of me. So the ride was done by car only.

I started them by Saint Philibert a nice town not far from me on the coast and beautiful beaches.Of course, I have to tell now all these towns have several posts in my blog on sights and sounds! I went all the way to Pointe de Men et Bellec a tip just land’s end. Here we have a nice beach Plage Kernevest with nice harbor and sailing boat as well.

St Philibert D28 to plage rainy day mar21

I, then, took over the Kerisper bridge to La Trinité sur Mer , a sailings boaters paradise and gorgeous beaches. Here I went by plage Kerbihan and later plage Kervillen both beautiful. I did passed by the main town and saw my favorite marina and restaurant l’etage or the floor with views over the marina,bay and into the ocean. Great for a cold one and food sea-delicious!

la trinite sur mer kerisper bridge over to bay mar21

la trinite sur mer plage de kervillen mar21

la trinite sur mer plage kerbihan mar21

Then, staying in La Trinité sur Mer passed by gorgeous beach of Plage du Men Du bordering the Bay of Quiberon! I continue into Carnac thru the area of the stones or megaliths that are Unesco World Heritage Site. Specifically, the alignment of Menéc and the Maison de Megaliths boutique and museum as well as the entry point to the alignments.

la trinite sur mer plage de men du et isle mar21

carnac megaliths maison mar21

carnac megaliths Menec far mar21

I then took around by the plage St Colomban into the road Avenue des Emigrés to link up with the road D781 direction Auray and the expressway N165 direction Lorient back to my town of Pluvigner.

As usual from me some webpages to help you plan your trip to this area in addition to ask me!

The Bay of Quiberon local tourist office on Saint  Philibert:

The Bay of Quiberon local tourist office on La Trinité sur Mer

The Bay of Quiberon local tourist office on the megaliths of Carnac

A very nice ride with water all around you and beautiful views of that sea that was  agitated with fast waves as the morning was heavy winds and light rain in this area, but fortunately my town was dry! Hope you enjoy the ride and waiting for better times and weather.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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