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February 18, 2021

Restaurant Eiscafe am deutschen Eck at Koblenz!

And another memorable spot in our family travels in Europe, this time it was Germany. We like Koblenz, full of history and architecture I Like. I like to update this older post on a quant experience with a resto in the German corner of Koblenz. Hope you enjoy it as I

We came to Germany several times usually for in and out trips to the Trier area for many years. For one, we came to sight see the country as much as possible with our car ,and we rented a house in the south of Trier. From this house in the wine country (have other posts on it) we road warrior Germany into many places. One that I have heard and finally visited was Koblenz,and it was a hit with the family. We walked all over but the most memorabla one was the point of the Moselle and the Eck on a grand beautiful promenade. While there we got hungry!  Where to go already there well we came to discover the Eiscafe am deutschen Eck,  and we love it.


They had good sausages and beers to boot a long afternoon like we did not wanted to leave; and great ice creams as well!! My dear late wife Martine really enjoy the ice cream! Definitely we will look for it again if still open….. The food, the ice cream, cafe and beer were very good. The staff is very friendly and courteous. The restaurant had an outdoor terrace on a very nice spot in the Deutsche Eck or German corner.


I read in Yelp the place has closed, but in German sites that I translated did not read anything about it, pity if it has closed. Perhaps some readers can confirm to me here. Anyway they still have a Facebook page :

So will post it here and put the photos just for the memories of our family. I am sure they have something different there now and the spot is ideal for a walk and the monuments around as written in previous posts.  The spot and resto was very nice and we will keep the memories; in all enjoy Koblenz!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

February 18, 2021

Restaurant: Le Gavroche, Vannes!!!

And I continue this lovely ride into updating revising my old posts in my blog. It has been a wonderful rollercoaster of many nice memories. One of them was this restaurant now ours in Vannes. Let me tell you a bit on the Le Gavroche restaurant!

After all, not others but for me, gastronomy and wines and France is simply the best. And if you read my blog you know where I have been and what credentials I have on wines. Anyway, let me give you a off the beaten path beauty to salivate your best desires.

This is in my capital city of Vannes, and the district of Saint Patern, the oldest part, and less frequented by visitors who usually stay around the Le Port and the Cathedral area of old town. However, you need to come up higher …. best way from the ramparts take rue Francis Decker, that runs alongside them, and take a right at Rue Alain le Grand ,and then left at Rue de la Fontaine go up and just in front of the Church of Saint Patern on your left hand side is the Le Gavroche restaurant! Ok go for it!!!  Exactly ,Le Gavroche,  17 Rue de la Fontaine, Vannes, don’t leave the city without eating here ok.


We walk around looking for a restaurant in the Saint Patern district of Vannes. In our walking tour of a city and this one is our Capital in the Morbihan, we came upon this picturesque restaurant. We went inside and voilà a friendly conversation right away with my dear late wife Martine and the owner of Le Gavroche. We came to know them well and even provided us with some contact to paint our house the same way as the restaurant sort of…. Using the same local painter!! Needless to tell you we have come here several times even for anniversaries of our family. We love it ,and hope you do too! The very warm welcome, which is becoming rare nowadays , the attention of the waitresses and the owner throughout the meal. All the way eaten out in France was meant to be. Highly recommended.


Smiling welcome, aperitifs with or without alcohol (cocktails) very good, a corner apart so as not to disturb other customers. Very good dishes overall. small “shotgun”  digéstif of rum and sweet liquors like vanilla are arranged and offered by the house.  We prefer to warn you, you risk immediately fall in love with this restaurant in which you are warmly welcome Chantal, Francis (the owners)  and a young team of Le Gavroche. It goes without saying that here everything is fresh, traditional cuisine is simmered beautifully .Discover: the superb collection of rum bottles arranged!! The shotgun!!!


Oh yes  , let me tell Le Gavroche is news vendor urchin with a beret like hat.  A fictional character in the 1862 novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. He is a boy who lives on the streets of Paris!

The official Le Gavroche resto webpage:

My blog roll YELP webpage on resto reviews on Le Gavroche:

There you go something off the beaten path in my lovely old Vannes of my Morbihan breton. Hope you enjoy the find and treated kindly! Le Gavroche is really a nice place to be in Vannes.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

February 18, 2021

Toys Museum of Poissy!

This is a quant town very near Paris and very direct public transport-wise. We have passed it many times and visited several times especially when living in Versailles. It has one interesting sight that we enjoyed having young  men with us and that is the  Toys Museum of Poissy! Let me update this post and tell you more of it. Hope you enjoy as I.

So now bring you back to childhood, I think we all have in us forever. I told you this was a nice town easily reach from Paris on the RER A once out of station turn right go up the hilly road past the Collegiale Church ND (see post) and you see the panel indicating the Toy Museum of Poissy or the Musée du Jouet Pierre Pinel de Poissy.

poissy-abbey-tower-toys-museum mars10

This is a magical children place and young adults who remember playing with some of these toys in years past. I brought my boys here and they were eye open all the time at the marvels here. Of course, this is for young children especially I would say less than 14, generally. But,did I said, adults young at heart can enjoy it too, lol; then bring on all the family. It is fun and worth the detour in nice Poissy

The Musée du Jouet Pierre Pinel or the Pierre Pinel Toy Museum, named after the mayor in place at the time, is located in Poissy, Yvelines, dept 78 not far from the Collegiale Church , and dedicated to toys and children’s games. It is housed in the 14C poterie of the old abbey of Poissy, the former Royal Priory of Saint Louis, dismantled after the French revolution. It presents about 800 games and toys dated between 1850 and 1950, demonstrating a way of playing sometimes gone, but mostly timeless, beyond fashion and technology. They are industrial toys, mostly French and German, widely distributed from the middle of the 19C.  Created and opened in 1974 by Pierre Pinel from where the name of the complete museum is the Toy Museum Pierre Pinel, which during the period of construction and inauguration was the mayor of the city of Poissy. In July 2016 the Toy Museum closes its doors for modernization, reopening in May 11, 2019.

poissy-courtyard-ent-toys-museum mars10

On the first floor, a room that reminds the granaries of our grandparents, restores full of treasures: Electric train networks, doll after experiencing a hectic life. We discover, for the joy of the little ones as the greatest:p orcelain dolls, shop, Teddy bear, rocking horses, cars, electric trains and many other surprises. The presentation of the collections is regularly renewed around thematic exhibitions which allow to evoke slices of the history of the city.


Playgrounds are arranged throughout the course for a playful and interactive visit and numerous animations, workshops and shows are offered throughout the year to the family public.  An interactive kiosk shows ancient magic tricks.  Animations and temporary exhibitions with workshops, magic and puppet shows help to animate this already pleasant visit. Games courses are offered according to the ages.  Art workshops and the traditional egg hunt during the Easter holidays. During the summer holidays, open-air workshops. Collections evolve and new objects are regularly presented to the public.

poissy-back-toys-museum mars10

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are:

The city of Poissy on the toys museum:

The Poissy tourist office on the toys museum:

The Yvelines dept 78 tourist board on the toys museum of Poissy:

There you go something light and fun with the whole family and not so far from Paris,  it is not well known to visitors. It should be another shot if coming with young children is a must , I say. The Toy Museum of Poissy!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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